Canon EOS 100D/Rebel SL1 Review

Canon bills the EOS Rebel SL1 to be the world’s smallest beginner DSLR. There is no arguing about that. It is impressively small, making Canon’s standard 18-55mm zoom lens look positively huge in comparison. The 18-megapixel camera uses the same size APS-C image sensor as the EOS Rebel T5i.

However, Rebel SL1 sacrifices the hinged screen and some physical controls. It’s a top option if you want a really compact entry-level DSLR.

Canon SL1 Design and Build

The Rebel SL1 comes measures 3.6 by 4.6 by 2.7 inches and weighs just 14.4 ounces. But you might still like more of a handgrip. It extends only to the exact depth like the lens mount. The front of the pop-up flash bursts out another half-inch or so

On the contrary, shooters with smaller hands will likely feel right at home. Despite its size, the Rebel SL1 uses the same image sensor as the Rebel T5i. If you opt for a mirrorless beginner camera, you can get the same sensor size in a smaller package.

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Performance of Canon Rebel SL1

You get a surprising amount of physical controls crammed into the svelte body. You’ll be enjoying using the touch screen to adjust individual settings on Canon Rebel SL1. On the top panel, you will find a three-stage power switch. It has settings for off, on, and video recording.

This entry-level DSLR comes integrated with a mode dial. It has scene settings in addition to more advanced shooting modes. In front of that a dedicated ISO button, the lone control wheel, and the shutter release.

Canon Rebel SL1 Menu

The Menu and Info buttons are found around back, to the left of the eyepiece. To the right of Rebel SL1, there’s the button that enables Live View for stills. Or start video recording when the camera is set to video mode. On the far right, you’ll find an AF point selection button and the exposure lock button.

EV compensation gets its own button including image playback and delete. You don’t get the four directional controls like you do on most DSLRs. Instead, the 4-way pad on this best beginner DSLR is only used to navigate through menus.

Canon Rebel SL1 Images

Its 3-inch rear LCD is just as sharp as a 1,040k-dot screen on the Canon T5i. Canon Rebel SL1 supports a touch input. But it is not hinged like the T5i’s screen. The fixed display helps to minimize the Rebel SL1’s size. You can use it for adjusting the focus point or even focus and fire the camera when working in live view mode. It is a feature that Canon offers in its DSLRs that competing brands haven’t yet been able to match.

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