Landscape photography is one of the least known genres, even though it is widely popular as a hobby, particularly when it comes to the business side of things. This impressive video explores 10 facets of becoming a landscape photographer that are little known.

Coming to you from Photo Tom, 10 lesser-mentioned facets of becoming a landscape photographer are explored in this informative video, ranging from industry aspects of the genre to learn to temper your aspirations. One factor that I feel is honestly fantastic is that a reasonable degree of physical activity is necessary for landscape photography. I’m one of those individuals who dislike training for the sake of exercise and would rather participate in an endeavor that is a byproduct of physical fitness, which is one of the reasons I enjoy shooting landscapes. It’s like a walk with my camera for me; it gets me out and about and in the end, I get to do something I enjoy. It is also very meditative for me and a very peaceful experience. For the total rundown, check out the video above.


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