21 DIY Macro Photography Ideas You Can Try at Home

The beauty of macro photography is that it does not require you to travel somewhere in order to practice it; we are practically surrounded by prospective subjects no matter where we find ourselves. Looking for a fun creative project to complete or an opportunity to extend your portfolio? This fantastic video will show you 21 possibilities for macro photography that you may locate in your own backyard.

This amazing video, which comes to you from Micael Widell, will show you 21 various ideas for macro photography that you can use around your house. Even if macro photography is not your usual genre of choice, it may be a very gratifying experience nonetheless. It is a genre that, beyond the diverse variety of topics accessible to you, necessitates a certain amount of inventiveness and problem-solving to generate attractive results. The lighting and compositional methods you learn will frequently be applied to whatever it is that you photograph on a regular basis. Moreover, although the technical obstacles presented by it will undoubtedly assist you in improving, it will also build your creative eye, as well as being a great deal of joy discovering just how much beauty can be found all around us, including in our own homes and backyards. Check out the video above to get the entire presentation from Widell, then set aside an hour or two this weekend to experiment with some of the concepts.

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