Beginner Landscape Photographers Will Benefit From These 5 Composition Tips

Many newer landscape photographers struggle with composition, owing to the fact that it is not as simply defined as, say, the proper camera settings. If you’re new to landscape photography and want to improve your compositions, this video lesson will provide you with five suggestions that will get you started in the correct direction.

This handy video tutorial from Photo Tom will teach you five methods for generating appealing landscape photography compositions. If I were to provide one bit of advice to a rookie landscape photographer, it would be to keep things simple. While a very wide focal length is certainly acceptable in some situations, it might leave the image feeling too crowded and unfocused, making it difficult for the spectator to determine what they are intended to be looking at. Examine the frame for anything that isn’t adding to the emotion you’re attempting to convey with the photograph. For a complete breakdown, watch the video above.



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