In landscape photography, the great composition can be tricky and there are so many tips, tricks, and laws that some of the more important values can slip by the wayside. Here are seven suggestions based on one so much overlooked field of composition.

We have some fantastic landscape photographers, and one feature of their work that consistently impresses me is that they find these compositions that are appealing and pleasing, but without being in cliche places and perspectives. It’s quite a challenge to catch everything you want in a picture, in a way that connects it together, but landscape photographer Nigel Danson argues that a crucial aspect is always overlooked.

How you use the sky is the main factor. I’ve never completely found out landscape photography, but it inevitably entails the sky in one way or another if I’m drawn in by its majesty. But it is impossible that merely catching a post-storm, apocalyptic sky would make for an unforgettable, enduring picture. What you ought to do, instead, is to bring it into a scene. One of the tips I hadn’t dreamed of looking for in this video is the mirroring of forms. Capturing a cloud in the atmosphere that reflects the river below it, for instance. This provides a sense of balance in a final picture that can be satisfying.



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