Adorama Has Cut The Wait Time For The Nikon Z9 To Two Months

You now have to wait only two months to order a Nikon Z9. Is this the right time to jump in?

Nikon Rumors has shown that the Nikon Z9 now takes “only” two months to ship from Adorama after an order is placed.

This could be great news for Nikon fans who want to upgrade to the newest and best mirrorless flagship but were worried they would have to wait longer because of what other reports said.

You can now put your money where your mouth is if you want one of the best Nikon cameras by placing a backorder with Adorama or B&H. We don’t know for sure how long it will take to ship your order.

The Nikon Z9 is made with a new FX-format stacked CMOS sensor with 45.7MP. Its stacked design allows for fast readout speeds and helps to reduce the rolling shutter. Its BSI design makes it possible to work at higher sensitivities with great clarity and little noise.

Check out Nikon Z9 available for $5,496.95

It also has a high-resolution chip with 45.7MP, which is good for landscapes, portraits, and other types of photography that focus on details. It can also record video at up to an 8K resolution. The full-frame BSI design is also known for its beautiful colours and detailed rendering. This sensor has a native ISO range of 64-25600 that can be increased to 32-102400.

These are great specs for taking photos, but wait until you hear what the Z9 can do with videos. UHD 8K 60p video can be recorded for about 2 hours and 5 minutes of continuous shooting with a wide range of resolutions and frame rates up to 8K and full pixel readout.

You can also record in full-frame 4K at up to 120p to playback in slow motion. Oversampled UHD 4K recording can be done at up to 60p using an 8K area to get more detail and sharpness. Also, both 8K and 4K videos can record high-resolution frame grabs that can be used to make 33MP or 11MP stills.

If you’re not sure if you want to order a Nikon Z9 because of the delays, we suggest you do so now to avoid being disappointed. We can’t promise, though, that your order will be sent within 2 months of when you place it.

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