Are Sony’s cameras trash?

Are Sony's cameras trash?

Sony is making significant strides toward reducing its carbon footprint and achieving carbon neutrality. In a recent announcement, the company highlighted its efforts to incorporate recycled plastic into consumer electronics, including its latest cameras. Sony’s proprietary recycled plastic, known as SORPLAS, has proven instrumental in reducing the reliance on virgin plastic materials.

Traditionally, virgin plastic, derived from raw materials sourced from oil, constitutes approximately 70% of all plastics used in consumer electronics. However, Sony’s SORPLAS, produced from recycled PET water bottles, optical disks, and a flame-retardant material, offers a sustainable alternative. Notably, Sony has already implemented 379 tonnes of SORPLAS in its products, many of which may already be present in households worldwide. This includes BRAVIA TVs, wireless earbuds, Xperia phones, and, notably, some of Sony’s top-notch cameras.

Above: watch Sony explain the benefits of SORPLAS.

Sony specifically lauds the Sony A7, Sony ZV-1F, and Sony FX30 cameras in a video showcasing the integration of SORPLAS in both external and internal components. Moreover, recycled PET bottles find purpose in the microphone windscreens of vlogging cameras, providing other eco-conscious solutions. Thanks to SORPLAS, Sony has successfully reduced virgin plastic usage in BRAVIA TVs by 60%.

The environmental impact of SORPLAS is significant, as it can be manufactured with 72% fewer CO2 emissions compared to virgin plastic for the same application while retaining 99% of its strength. Furthermore, SORPLAS can be recycled multiple times, ensuring its continued utilization in future product iterations through the recycling process.

As ardent admirers of Sony’s exceptional photographic and videography capabilities, we at Digital Camera World are thrilled to see the company prioritize environmental sustainability. Sony’s commitment to reducing plastic waste and embracing recycled materials enhances its reputation even further. For a comprehensive overview of Sony’s broader ecological initiatives, please visit Sony’s dedicated Road to Zero website.

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