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Nikon Announces Special Edition NIKKOR Z 40mm f/2 SE & New All-Black Version of Z fc

A handful of the devices in Nikon’s Z series of mirrorless cameras have received a sleek update from the company.

Yes, I confess it. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: the style of the Nikon Z fc camera was one of the primary reasons I liked it so much when it was initially introduced, and I’ll continue to say that.

I don’t care if that labels me as a (very old) hipster since I’m fine with it. To my complete and utter satisfaction, the outward appearance of a camera has zero bearing on how well it functions. Not with a camera like the Z fc, which is a fantastic everyday walkabout camera, I can’t help but admire the fact that it brings an air of sophistication to my outfit. Where do I even begin? I take pleasure in acting refined.

This, of course, does not imply that it is incapable of taking images of exceptional quality. Since I purchased the Z fc, I have discovered that I use it for my personal photography quite a bit, and the other day I was reflecting on this realization.

Because I am a professional photographer, I have access to a wide variety of different cameras that are more appealing in terms of their specifications. But for many other jobs that I complete on a daily basis, like snapping pictures when I’m out and about or even conducting Zoom calls, the Z fc is the camera that I pull out of my bag equally as frequently as my other, more powerful cameras. And today, Nikon announced the release of two new items that will appeal to consumers who value having a stylish accessory to complement their gear.

Nikon Announces Special Edition NIKKOR Z 40mm f 2 SE as Well as New All Black Version of Z fc 1

The first one is a Z fc in all-black coloration. The camera, the most basic variant of which is silver and black, already provided a few other color customizations for the user to choose from. But those who wish to preserve an even lower profile, which is something that is highly valued in any equipment for street photography, will be pleased to learn that an all-black version that evokes the spirit of the classic FM2 film camera is now available for purchase.

Internally, the camera is identical to the first-generation Z fc in every respect. Same 20.9-megapixel APS-C sensor. Same 4K 30fps video capture. The same screen with complete articulation. But if you thought the metallic original Z fc was a little bit too dazzling for your liking, the low-profile variation that is all black could be precisely what the doctor ordered.

Nikon is also unveiling a special edition NIKKOR Z 40mm f/2 SE lens, which is in keeping with the theme of superb workmanship that has been going on. I already own the special edition version of the Z 28mm camera. Except for the exterior design and color scheme, it is identical to the one that does not come with the special edition label. The special edition is the ideal complement to my silver and black Z fc thanks to the silver ring that surrounds the item. Again, I’m fancy.

This same option is now available at the 40mm focal length thanks to the newly released Z 40mm f/2 SE lens. Due to the fact that both the 28mm and the 40mm provide coverage for the full frame, I use them on my full-frame Nikons as well as my Z fc. On the Z fc, a cropped sensor translates to around 41 or 42 millimeters when using a 28mm lens.

Because 40 millimeters is my go-to focal length for general-purpose photography, this lens is ideal for me. And despite the fact that I have no knowledge whatsoever on whether or whether Nikon would ever develop a full-frame version of the Z fc, I can imagine that the Z 40mm f/2 SE will be an excellent choice for that purpose. There is no evidence that such a camera has ever existed or will ever exist. But I thought I’d put it out there in the event that my pleading is heard by the appropriate people.

For the time being, the limited edition 40mm lens may serve as the ideal walkaround companion for your Z camera, bringing a touch of flare to your photos.

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