Capture the Action from Every Angle: Best 360 Action Cameras

You may take pictures and films with the best 360 action cameras that are unique to anything else. A user can move around interactive 360-degree footage using a mouse or a tablet. This is an unrivaled approach to capturing stunning scenery, a brief street scene, or a heart-thumping bike ride. Although it is necessary to become somewhat technical, the outcomes more than justify the effort.


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  • Three Cameras in One: Maximize your creative freedom. With MAX you can shoot traditional Hero-style video and photos or capture immersive 360 footage. Vlog to the max with shotgun-mic performance and a front-facing screen
  • Max HyperSmooth: MAX gives you unbreakable stabilization by using 180-degree capture as the ultimate buffer
  • Live Streaming in 1080p: Shoot in HERO mode and share while you’re there. Live stream in 1080p on social, get Max HyperSmooth stabilization as you broadcast via the GoPro app and save footage to your SD card to check out later
  • Horizon Leveling: In HERO mode, game-changing horizon leveling gives you that silky-smooth cinematic look whether you're getting sideways, flipping through the air or chasing your kids
  • PowerPano: Pano without the pan. Take incredible 270-degree distortion-free panoramic photos without having to scan the horizon. Take PowerPano selfies, action shots and vertical pics—all with a level horizon

The next-generation 360 camera with hypersmooth 2.0, 5.6K video resolution, Hero Mode, and a redesigned software for easy use.

insta360 ONE X2

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  • The Pocket Camera Crew: With just one device, shoot first in every direction with super 5.7K 360 capture and then choose your favorite angle later. Or pick just one lens with Steady Cam mode for ultra-stable wide angle footage.
  • FlowState Stabilization: Better-than-ever stabilization and horizon leveling algorithms keep your shots steady—no gimbal needed.
  • Invisible Selfie Stick: Shoot with the Invisible Selfie Stick and then watch it disappear in your edit. Capture easy drone-like angles and third-person perspectives with the flick of a wrist.
  • IPX8 Waterproof: Insta360 ONE X2 is waterproof to 10 meters (33ft). Take it out in a rainstorm or surfing without a case.
  • In the Box: 1x Insta360 ONE X2, 1x Charge Cable, 1x Battery, 1x Protective Pouch and 1x User Guide.

A 360-degree camera that can also be used as a traditional action camera.

insta360 ONE RS

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  • Ultimate 360 Camera for Construction: A handy camera for construction site documentation and walkthrough. Shoot in high res 6.1K 360 video or capture 21MP photos.
  • FlowState Stabilization: Better-than-ever stabilization algorithms keep your shots perfectly level and stable when walking a site.
  • Easy, In-App Preview: Preview, shoot and transfer your shots via the dedicated Insta360 app.
  • Software Integration: Compatible with various third-party software such as OpenSpace, HoloBuilder, Cupix, StructionSite, Reconstruct, and DroneDeploy.
  • TimeLapse Mode: A construction site walkthrough option to show progress or modifications with ease.

No matter what the action is, you can always count on getting smooth video thanks to technologies like image stabilization and 360-degree horizon leveling.

Ricoh Theta X

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  • 【Large 2.25-inch touch screen display】 A range of operation from capture to viewing can be done without using a smartphone, offering vastly improved shooting efficiency.
  • 【High resolution 360-degree still image】 Incorporating a new sensor with approximately 48MP, it is now possible to capture high-resolution 360-degree still images with a maximum output of approximately 60MP.
  • 【5.7K movie】Enhanced image stabilization realizes vivid and smooth shooting for 360-degree videos to be captured at a 5.7K-equivalent resolution of 5760 × 2880 pixels at 30 frames per second (fps).
  • 【Ability to switch battery and memory card】Even when shooting long hours or capturing many images, users can continue shooting without worrying about remaining battery levels or storage capacity. 
  • 【USB 3.0 (TYPE-C)】Through the USB Type-C port on the side of the main body, power can be supplied to the camera even during tripod use without using the optional extension adapter. 

A revolutionary 360 camera that is capable of stitching in real time and stabilizing footage at an unheard-of quality of 5.7K at 30 frames per second.

insta360 ONE RS

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  • Included in Bundle: 1 x Insta360 ONE RS Twin Edition Camera, 1 x 50-in-1 Action Accessory Kit, 1 x Sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB Micro SDXC Card, 1 x Memory Card Reader, 1 x Cleaning Kit
  • Insta360 ONE RS - Total flexibility. No compromises. The only action camera that shoots mind-blowing 360 and wide-angle action shots with just the swap of a lens. 4K Boost Lens Zero in on the action with the 4K Boost Lens. Rugged and durable, with a new 1/2" 48MP image sensor for more detailed 4K 60fps videos and 48MP photos. 48MP Photos - 4x more megapixels. Capture the extra detail those picture-perfect moments deserve, with better colors and lighting.
  • 6K Footage: Shoot ultra-detailed 6K footage that would look right at home in a Hollywood movie, with a classic 2.35:1 ratio for widescreen viewing. 5.7K 360 Lens. Shoot first, point later. Capture the action from all angles, then choose what to focus on after with 360 reframing.
  • Feature Packed: FlowState Stabilization. Buttery smooth image stabilization, no matter what lens you use. The powerful RS Core now delivers FlowState stabilization in camera when paired with the wide-angle lenses. Horizon Lock. Perfectly level shots, no matter how much you tilt your cam. All three lenses support 360 horizon leveling. Active HDR. An innovative new HDR video mode for action sports. Slow Mo. Slow down the action up to 8x with the 4K Boost Lens.
  • Key Features: Modular Action Cam & 360 Camera System - 5.7K30 Video, 18MP Photos with 360 Lens - 4K Lens: 4K60 Video, 48MP Photos - Invisible Selfie Stick Effect - Waterproof to 16' - Active HDR, FlowState Stabilization - 21% More Battery Capacity than ONE R - 3 Mics for Better Audio, Instant Zoom - Battery Base - 3-Prong Mounting Frame

A camera that is modular and can have up to three different lenses attached to it.

Trisio Lite 2

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Color Black

A brand new 360 camera that is capable of taking photographs in 8K resolution with a high level of detail and has superior stitching.

KanDao QooCam

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  • > KANDAO QooCam 8K Enterprise Industry Version for professional live streaming, live event vlogging video with type of full view and live on 8K, 5.7K, 4K. In-Dual Lens F2.0, FOV: 200°, LCD: 2.4 inch. Dot Matrix OLED and wifi: 2.4G/4G/5G with F2.0 1/1.7
  • > Professional and Conveniency. Professional for 5G support and Webcam Software authorized a month for free, one of the most surpriority of Pocket camera in full view application of live streaming, live event, vlogging video and celebration, webcam comply with Skype, WebEx, Zoom, GoToMeeting
  • > Professional digital camera in live prefered to indoor like live streaming, live event, conference and celebration with weight approx. 245g, size approx. 145*57*33 mm, screw: min. ¼ inch standard screw.
  • > Downloads the Phone Apps enriched the various feature and function during sport action, travel, live streaming and celebration event, connected with Wifi & USB & Type-C operated for view 3D
  • > Various Circumstance: Convenience equipped with diffierent occasion such as Conference/Meeting Event, Celebration Party, Travel & Camping, Greeting & Memorie.

A one-of-a-kind 3D stereo camera that is equipped with three fisheye lenses that have a broad field of view and a Sony CMOS picture sensor.


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  • With approximately 2.7 times larger capacity than the previous model. 51gb of internal memory allows for approximately 6350 JPEG still images, 900 RAW plus still images and 110 minutes for 4K video to be captured.
  • Two 1" type back-illuminated CMOS sensor and a newly developed lens unit suppress ghosting, flare and fringing to capture the highest image quality in a Theta series camera.
  • Natural 360° images can be captured at 23MP resolution (approximately, 6720 x 3360, 7K) taking advantage of a high-precision stitching process.
  • Enhanced HDR image processing easily captures varying brightness levels such as interior and exterior scenes such as real estate. These images can be easily incorporated into virtual tours.
  • Impressive 4k 360° video capture with smooth image stabilization and immersive sound via the 4 channel microphone.

A 360 camera that can capture high-definition photographs in 360 degrees at a resolution of 23 megapixels (6720 by 3360 pixels) for still images. ·

GoPro Fusion

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  • Spherical video plus photos capture incredible 5.2K videos and 18MP photos of everything around you by shooting in every direction at once
  • Over capture : Turn 5.2K spherical videos into traditional 1080P videos from any angle right on your phone; Full compatibility on iPhone 6s, iPad mini 4 and later devices; compatibility varies for earlier devices; See technical specifications below for android compatibility
  • Transform spherical photos into traditional shots crop 18MP spherical photos any way you want to create standard resolution photos that are easier to save and share. Video ISO Range: 400 to 6400 (Manual)
  • Create plus share on your phone preview and play back shots, edit videos and share them on the spot with the GoPro app; Full compatibility on iPhone 6s, iPad mini 4 and later devices; Compatibility varies for earlier devices; See technical specifications below for android compatibility
  • Immersive 360 experiences play back spherical footage in VR to bring everyone into the moment with you

Specially designed to produce regular as well as spherical high-definition films,

The files produced by 360-degree action cameras are typically large and cumbersome. This is because 360-degree cameras commonly combine numerous cameras into a single device, allowing them to capture various angles that can later be combined using the software.

On the other hand, the majority of 360-degree cameras also have the option to zoom in and select a particular “slice” of a scene to convert it into a more conventional “flat” video. Because of this, you have an incredible amount of adaptability when using a 360-degree camera; it doesn’t make a difference where you position it.

Weight: 163g | Waterproof: 5m | 5.6K spherical video: Up to 30fps | 1440p 2D video: up to 60fps | Stills resolution: 16.6MP | Battery life: 108 minutes (1440p), 78 minutes (5.6K)

Good For
  • In-camera stitching
  • degree video
Need Improvements
  • Not the best in low light
  • Low-resolution 2D footage

This action camera captures 360 degrees of scenery and earns our number-one ranking for various reasons. Granted, the image and video quality of the GoPro Max are good enough that they could get it here by themselves. However, the fact that the GoPro Max also offers a slew of intuitive features that mean pretty much anyone can get loads out of it, even if they have little interest in 360-degree imaging, is a significant selling point for the GoPro Max.

Weight: 149g | Dimensions: 462x113x29.8mm | Waterproof: 10m | Stills resolution: 18.5MP | Video resolution: 5.7K | Memory: MicroSD | Mount: Tripod socket | Battery life: 80 minutes

Good For
  • Excellent color and detail
  • Creates great-looking, dynamic clips
  • Endless creativity, easy AI editing
Need Improvements
  • Editing takes time-Overkill for most users
  • Requires the latest phones

Those who wish to go further in-depth with making dynamic and lively 360-degree video material will find the Insta360 One X2 an excellent choice among 360 action cameras. You can jump in and add special effects such as stop motion and clone trail. The latter of these effects enables you to create clones of yourself as you travel through the frame. Gimmicky? Yes, but it’s also a lot of fun because 360-degree photography is all about having fun.

Weight: 239g | Dimensions: 53.2×49.5×129.3mm | Stills resolution: 21MP | Video resolution: 6K | Memory: MicroSD | Battery life: 62 minutes (6K@30fps)

Good For
  • Mobile apps ShotLab and FlashCut
  • Easy to film with
Need Improvements
  • Those 1-inch sensors hike the cost
  • The screen is a bit small for touch control

The Insta360 ONE RS 1-inch 360 edition is designed for the professional videographer looking for the camera’s highest possible picture quality and low-light performance. Even though it costs twice as much as the standard Insta360 One X2, we believe it is justified to get one of these because of the significant improvements it offers in terms of low-light performance, dynamic range, and image quality.

Weight: 170g | Dimensions: 36.2 x 51.7 x 29mm | Stills resolution: 60.5MP | Video resolution: 5.7K 30fps | Memory: MicroSD, plus ^$GB internal storage | Battery life: 30mins (5.6K)

Good For
  • Low light performance
  • 2.25-inch color touchscreen
  • 60.5-megapixel still images
Need Improvements
  • Visible stitching lines-Very short battery life
  • Can’t capture in RAW

What sort of video maker you are will determine whether or not the Ricoh Theta X will appeal to you as a camera option. Suppose you consider purchasing this 360-degree camera to replace a GoPro action camera. In that case, you should know that its picture stabilization is not quite as effective as a GoPro, even though it can operate with greater resolutions. Vloggers should also cautiously approach the Theta X because it is incompatible with external microphones. This is the primary reason for this.

Weight: 135.3g | Dimensions: 70.1 x 49.1 x 43mm | Stills resolution: up to 48MP | Video resolution: 6K, 4K | Memory: MicroSD | Battery life: 75 / 82 mins

Good For
  • 6K widescreen mode
  • K and 360º lens options+
  • Unique modular design
Need Improvements
  • Editing and exporting take time
  • More expensive than the first version
  • Needs a carry case or bag

The ONE RS is the only product of its kind now available on the market. Its target audience is anyone who ordinarily would consider purchasing a GoPro but secretly wishes they could at least experiment with 360-degree video.

The fact that its 360-degree lens has not been updated since the first generation indicates that the format has settled into a position where it is a pleasant choice for occasional usage but one that does not have much more development, which is in line with our opinion.

However, most users will rely on the 4K Boost Lens instead since it offers a wider variety of creative choices and because the Insta360 app offers templates that can be used to build stylish 360-degree sequences from the footage.

Weight: 157g | Dimensions: 147 x 51 x 23mm | Stills resolution: 32MP | Video resolution: None | Memory: MicroSD | Battery life: 200 mins

Good For
  • No stitching marks
  • Detailed 32MP images
  • Impresses in high-contrast environments
Need Improvements
  • No manual settings
  • No 360º video
  • Can’t capture in RAW

The Tricia Lite2 is a fundamental gadget that is extremely easy to use. It was developed specifically for use in organizations requiring many static virtual tours. Its 360-degree photographs are top-notch and readily meet the requirements for virtual tours and the online promotion of event venues and hotel rooms.

The capacity to generate bright and dynamic spherical pictures that excel not only in high-contrast surroundings but also in low light is made possible by HDR. This feature is more stunning than the 8K resolution boast.

Weight: 245g | Dimensions: 145x57x33mm | Waterproof: No | Stills resolution: 29.5MP | Video resolution: 7.7K | Memory: 64GB internal, SD card slot | Mount: Tripod | Battery life: 90mins (claimed)

Good For
  • 4K 120fps slow-mo
  • Sharp ‘SuperSteady’ video
Need Improvements
  • Expensive, not natively waterproof
  • Loud fan, short battery life

The image quality of the QooCam 8K places it as the most incredible 360 camera currently available. This is ensured by a huge (compared to other 360 action cameras), 1/1.7-inch CMOS sensor, 10-bit color depth, and 8K resolution. Room 8K is unrivaled in the 360-degree photography industry regarding the quality of the photographs and movies it captures. The photos have an incredible amount of color and contrast, beyond anything we’ve ever seen produced by a camera similar to this one.

Weight: 121g | Dimensions: 45.2 x 130.6 x 22.9mm | Waterproof: No | Stills resolution: 14MP | Video resolution: 4K | Memory: 19GB internal | Mount: Tripod: | Battery life: 80mins

Good For
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent 360 Quality
Need Improvements
  • Expensive
  • The battery can drain fast

2019 was the year that saw the announcement and subsequent introduction of the very first Ricoh Theta Z1; this was during a time when a 360-degree action camera was still considered to be at least somewhat of a curiosity. Since then, not much has changed, except a significantly updated version released more recently and boasted 51GB of capacity as opposed to the limited 19GB that the originals offered. Before you go ahead and click the “Buy” button, it is in your best interest to verify that you are purchasing the correct item.

Weight: 220g | Dimensions: 74 x 75 x 40mm | Waterproof: 5m | Stills resolution: 9MP | Video resolution: 5.2K | Memory: MicroSD (2x slots) | Mount: Various, via GoPro | Battery life: 75mins

Good For
  • Prices continue to drop
  • Useful “Over-capture” functionality
Need Improvements
  • Accessories generally discontinued
  • Completely outclassed by Max

Although it has been largely overshadowed by the GoPro Max, a superior 360 action camera in most ways worth mentioning, the GoPro Fusion is still widely available. It can be found at prices significantly lower than they were a couple of years ago. Therefore, it is something to consider if you are looking for a high-quality product that is available at an affordable price.

Its “Over-capture” ability is still helpful, and on the Max, it has been renamed “Reframe.” This functionality allows you to pick areas of the 360-degree film to convert to a high-resolution video that can be viewed more regularly. Even if it wasn’t and still isn’t nearly as smooth as the contemporary marketing literature loved to make it seem, it nevertheless works very well. It broadens the applications for which the Fusion may be used.

When choosing a 360 camera, there are several factors to consider:

  1. Resolution: The higher the resolution, the better the quality of the image.
  2. Stabilization: Look for action cameras with built-in stabilization to reduce blur in your footage.
  3. Field of View (FOV): Some action cameras offer wider FOVs, which can capture more of the environment.
  4. Ease of use: Look for action cameras that are easy to operate, with intuitive controls and a user-friendly app.
  5. Battery life: Consider how long the battery lasts, especially if you plan to use the camera for extended periods.
  6. Durability: If you plan to use the camera in extreme conditions, look for one that is waterproof and dustproof.
  7. Additional features: Some action cameras have features like live streaming, time-lapse, and slow motion.
  8. Budget: Set a budget and find a camera that fits your needs and financial plan.

It’s essential to research and compares different models and read reviews from other users before making a final decision.

Which 360 camera should you buy in 2022?

It depends on your specific needs and budget. Some popular 360 cameras in 2022 include the Insta360 One X2, Ricoh Theta V, and GoPro Max. Consider factors such as resolution, stabilization, and ease of use when making your decision.

Are 360 action cameras worth it?

360 action cameras can be an excellent investment for capturing immersive and unique content. They are handy for virtual tours, real estate photography, and creating interactive experiences. However, they may not be necessary for all types of photography and videography, so it’s essential to consider your specific needs before purchasing.

What is the highest resolution 360 camera?

To my knowledge, cut off in 2021, the highest resolution 360 camera is the Insta360 Pro 2; it offers 8K resolution and has six lenses. It is a professional-grade camera widely used in film and real estate. Other high-resolution options include the GoPro Max and the Samsung Gear 360 Pro.

Which GoPro action camera is the best for 360?

GoPro Max is the best 360 camera GoPro has to offer. To my knowledge, cut off in 2021, it provides 5.6K resolution, advanced stabilization, and a wide range of features for editing and sharing your 360 footage. It also has a built-in microphone, which is excellent for recording audio. The GoPro app allows you to edit and share your 360 footage easily.

What Insta360 action camera should I get?

Insta360 offers a range of 360 action cameras that vary in resolution, features, and price. The Insta360 One X2 is an excellent option for high-resolution, stabilization, and easy-to-use editing features. The Insta360 ONE R is modular and offers 5.3K resolution, while the Insta360 Pro 2 is a professional-grade option with an 8K solution. The Insta360 Go 2 is a tiny, lightweight, portable option with 4K resolution and advanced stabilization features. Consider your budget and intended use when choosing.

How do I make my 360 video 1080p?

To make a 360 video 1080p, you can use video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, or DaVinci Resolve. In the software, you can select the 1080p resolution, adjust the field of view, and export the final video. It is also essential to ensure the tape is appropriately stitched and color graded before export.

Can 360-action cameras be set up in the car?

Yes, 360 action camera can be set up in a car. They can be mounted on the dashboard or the rear-view mirror using a suction cup or clip mount. However, it is essential to ensure the camera is securely mounted and does not obstruct the driver’s view. Some cameras like Insta360 one X2 and Go Pro max also have a “time shift,” which allows you to record 360 views while driving.

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