Capture the Action: Hands-Free with the Best Action Camera Head Mounts

You may suggest that selfie sticks are available to produce a travel vlog, but taking the bar with you for the entirety of your trip



You may suggest that selfie sticks are available to produce a travel vlog, but taking the bar with you for the entirety of your trip can be difficult. When this happens, an action camera head mount comes into play. Turning on the camera is the only thing left to do after wrapping the strap over your head to secure it.

There is a vast selection of helmet cameras available on the market. After extensive research, we have narrowed the field to 10 models that pique your interest. You may also be interested in accessories such as protection for your action camera, a lamp for your action camera, or a microphone adapter for your action camera.

Good For
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Adjustable head strap
  • Suitable for any model of Go Pro cameras
Need Improvements
  • It is not ideal for high-impact activities

The ease with which the Same top action camera Head mount Strap may be put to use is one of the most notable characteristics of this accessory. In addition, using nylon fiber in the construction of this head strap results in a product that is quite pleasant to wear when fastened around the user’s head.

In addition, it does not come with an extra helmet that provides adequate air circulation around the forehead, ensuring that it remains dry. Finally, your ability to capture hands-free video for the trip is made possible by the sufficient tightness of the strap.

The performance level of this model is excellent, and it is available in various sizes. Additionally, the strap can be adjusted. So when trekking in the Amazon Rainforest, you won’t need to worry about getting wet if you use this adjustable and comfy head strap since it is waterproof and the nylon fiber is water-resistant.

You can get ideal point-of-view video by positioning the camera in this particular strap, which alallowingshare your journey with others and lets them enjoy it. Furthermore, when riding compatibility, this specific type of strap works exceptionally well with Go Pro cameras such as the Go Pro 8, 9, 10, and even previous models.

Some clients are dissatisfied with the heavyweight head straps, which they say let their head fall forward and hit the ground. Because it weighs only three ounces, the Same top Head Strap should not give you any cause for concern regarding its weight.

Good For
  • It contains a thumb screw for additional support in the camera
  • It comes with a quick-flip feature
  • Adjustable head wrists
Need Improvements
  • Heavyweight model

Even though a significant number of head strap types are appropriate for Go Pro cameras, there are specific head mounts that are solely related to Go Pros. For example, here is a Go Pro Head Strap with a fast flip combination for convenience.

This particular head strap style comes with a function called a rapid flip, which enables the wearer to unfold the strap in under a minute. Most significantly, they have always been made from the beginning with the sole intention of being compatible with Go Pro cameras. However, this does not mean that cameras made by other manufacturers will not operate.

Hero, Hero Black, and Hero Silver are accessories compatible with the Go Pro Head Strap. In addition, this strap is equipped with a thumb screw, which is a convenient added function. Its typical process is to either snug up or loosen the screw that secures the camera in its retaining part.

In addition, this model features an adjustable head strap made of nylon fiber that is included in the package. Because it does not have any construction similar to a helmet, it provides exceptional air circulation around the head.

If the performance standard progressively declines, you always have the option to demand an exchange or repair of the existing strap since the Go Pro firm provides a warranty on its products for one year. The fact of the matter is, however, that nobody has voiced any concerns regarding the functionality of these head-mount camera joints.

Good For
  • Lightweight model
  • Cap design protects UV rays
  • Both horizontal and vertical video shoot orientation
Need Improvements
  • The air circulation feature is not up to the mark

Because of the demand from specific clients for a point-of-view image during a baseball game, the Pellking firm has begun manufacturing baseball hats that incorporate head cameras. You can see in either a horizontal or a vertical orientation thanks to the placement of the camera on the front of the cap head and the fact that its records can be adjusted.

As with other head camera straps, this one comes equipped with a hands-free mode for filming videos; the camera is held in front of the cap head in a highly secure manner. If we discuss the cap’s construction, we should point out that it is made out of a synthetic polymer at its base. This gives the cap head and covering area a great deal of durability.

Pelling is the first firm that attempted to provide certain shadings from the sunshine after taking into consideration the potentially damaging effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation. In addition, the cap mount is quite pleasant to wear, and the tiny pores distributed throughout the cap ensure that the scalps on your head are provided with adequate ventilation.

This specific action camera cap mount camera is compatible with all previous iterations of Hero, OSMO, and other action cameras. Even though it offers complete coverage, the cap weighs only 3.3 ounces and boasts an outstandingly lightweight design.

Good For
  • Versatile head mount strap
  • It contains three modes of operation
  • Mounts can help 360-degree rotation in the camera
Need Improvements
  • Heavyweight strap

Moving on to our next topic, which is the best action camera head mounts, we have the CamKix Head and Backpack Mount Bundle, which gives you access to various extra capabilities that are not included in the models that have been discussed previously.

Average, backpack, and rapid hat clip are the three operation modes available with this accessory. In addition, you will have an adjustable head wrist when the device is operating normally. This head wrist fits snugly in your head and provides the most excellent possible point-of-view experiences while hiking, trekking, or mountain climbing.

The backpack flip comes with an extra mount you can put up in your head position or any other place in your bag pack. This allows you to rotate the mountain in a full 360 degrees so that you may record movies with the best point-of-view positioning possible.

Last but not least is the hat fast clip, which makes it possible to secure the camera mountings in a baseball cap or any other cap with a minimum thickness of between three and ten millimeters. In addition, this allows you to utilize a flexible single pair of camera head straps for your camera.

Good For
  • Affordable prices
  • it is compatible with all vehicle helmets
  • The nylon fiber is waterproof and durable
Need Improvements
  • The camera shakes due to heavy-scale driving on the road, which ruins the video quality.

Go Pro offers a vented action camera helmet strap mount that is extremely easy to use and not to mention delivers top-notch performance during high-steep mountain bike riding to those seeking a head camera strap to tie around the helmet of their bicycle.

This strap is suitable for any helmet with an opening large enough to accommodate a head camera. As the name implies, this type is compatible with all the vast varieties of Go Pro cameras.

Nylon is the sort of fabric mentioned, and it possesses both durability and water resistance. You may change the length of the strap to accommodate the size of your helmet, and you can pull it as tightly as you like. Because the hook on the waistband is made of a substantial amount of nylon fiber, this model has one useful feature: it can be used on bikes of any size, and only one dimension is required.

Good For
  • One size fits all.
  • It’s easy to put on and take off.
  • Fits all GoPro cameras.
Need Improvements
  • The mount hides the screen.

While you’re out and about, you may have peace of mind knowing that your GoPro camera is safely attached to you thanks to the Action Camera Head Strap Mount from Amazon Basics. The head strap may be adjusted to accommodate people of varying sizes, and it features rubber inserts that prevent it from slipping out of position. Additionally, the mount is suitable for use with all GoPro cameras, such as the HERO6, the HERO5 Black, the HERO5 Session, the HERO4 Black, the HERO4 Silver, and the HERO Session.

To use this product, in addition to the Action Camera Head Mount, you will also need a GoPro camera.

If you want to utilize the Action Camera Head Mount, all you have to put it on your head or over your helmet and tighten the straps until you have a comfortable and secure fit. The next step is to begin shooting after you have attached your GoPro camera to the mount. The diameter of the mountain is between 6 and 7 inches, and it can stretch to a length of 12 inches, making it suitable for any size of head.

Good For
  • Action Camera Quick Clip.
  • It’s excellent quality, and the hard case
  • The mounting system is flawless.
Need Improvements
  • Difficult to find replacement parts if something breaks.

With the GoPro Camera Accessory Adventure Kit, you can ensure that you are ready for any journey. This crucial package provides a head strap mount, a floating hand grip, and a fast clip, which are ideal for recording the action during extreme sports. If your camera falls into the water, the floating hand grip will keep it afloat, while the head strap is an excellent tool for capturing ultra-immersive photos from your point of view.

Through the GoPro’s fast clip, users can use the camera for a varietvariousries, including belts, baseball hats, and more. The package is delivered in a portable and customizable box and comes with a one-year guarantee from the manufacturer, GoPro.

It doesn’t matter if you’re hitting the slopes or the surf; make sure you have the GoPro Camera Accessory Adventure Kit to record everything that happens.

Good For
  • Fits directly on the head or over most helmets.
  • Decent quality and fits well.
  • Compatible with Action Cameras.
Need Improvements
  • None

Using this product is the best way to record all the excitement without getting your hands dirty! This head strap mount is designed to work with Action Cameras and may be worn directly on the head or over the top of most helmets. A pleasant and secure fit is provided by the nylon straps that can be adjusted as needed and the rubber inserts that do not slip. The polycarbonate buckles make it simple to fasten and remove the action camera from its carrying case. With the help of the SABRENT Action Cam Head Strap Camera Mount, you can capture every thrilling moment from the ideal vantage position!

On the other hand, if you want to record footage from the first person’s perspective, you should use the action camera head strap. This mount is designed to attach straight to your head or helmet, providing an unmatched vantage point of whatever you’re engaged in. The head strap for the action camera may also be adjusted to offer a comfortable and secure fit for the user.

Good For
  • Durable and comfortable.
  • Extremely affordable and well-made.
  • High-quality material.
Need Improvements
  • Some people found the mounting problems.

There is no need to go any farther than the TEKCAM Action Camera Head Mount Strap if you are searching for a head mount strap for your action camera that is compatible with your GoPro Hero 10 camera. This strap is constructed from high-quality material, which is long-lasting and quite pleasant to wear. In addition, it is adjustable, allowing you to choose the position most comfortable for your head.

The TEKCAM Action Camera Head Mount Strap is also compatible with various other action cameras, including the AKASO, Brave 4, V50, V50X, Brave 7LE, and many other models. So if you are searching for a strap that will enable you to record point-of-view footage without needing to use your hands, then this is the choice that you should go with.

Good For
  • It can be used on a helmet or ski goggles.
  • Includes chin mount and J-Hook mount.
  • Mount can swivel 180º
Need Improvements
  • It may be challenging to keep the camera in place.

The multi-function helmet mount kit is an attachment for the GoPro camera that every rider should have. It comes with a J-Hook mount in addition to a chin mount. So you can attach your GoPro camera to the chin of your helmet, the side of your helmet or the top of your helmet to record video while you are riding.

You can change the helmet chin mount to various angles, including forward view, rearward visibility, and blind region, since it has an extension arm that can rotate through an angle of 180 degrees.

The J-Hook mount may be paired with a curved peak to make it suitable for use on the helmet. Alternatively, it can be connected with a flat support to make it ideal for ski goggles, caps, and other headgear use.

After going through all of the goods covered in part before this one, it may be difficult to choose the best head mounts for your upcoming trip. However, there are specific concrete criteria that you may base your choice on to reach it more quickly.


Be sure to pick a strap length appropriate for your head size to ensure a comfortable fit. Most helmet camera mounts come with a strap length between 8 and 10 inches, and many also come with an adjustable function. If you buy one for the whole family, cover the most significant possible inches so that it will still fit snugly on your child’s head.


You can see for yourself that specific head camera mounts come with a cap that raises the temperature of the scalp of your head. This is something that is included with some of the mountains. In addition, some customers want a head strap that is open to promote more excellent air circulation, while other customers favor a hat to protect from the sun. Our recommendation will be to pre-plan your complete trip and then make purchases determined by the weather in the location of your tour.


If you do not go hiking regularly, there is no reason for you to spend a considerable amount of money on a head strap that has a lot of different functions. Considering that you will only utilize it on a seasonal basis, selecting a relatively inexpensive price range will be to your advantage.

Can we consider all action camera head mounts the same in shape and size?

No, various head mount manufacturers use different sizing standards when creating their head straps for their respective products. However, the silver lining is that every one of them is modifiable.

Are all action camera head straps compatible with Go Pro Cameras?

Most head strap models now available on the market are compatible with the camera gadget known as Go Pro. In addition, several models of Go Pro devices come with their specialized straps.

Are all action camera head mounts waterproof?

If the fiber is synthetic nylon, we can confidently say that this specific model is waterproof. In that case, the makers will do more research and development.

Should I buy a cap with action camera head camera mounts?

If you are passionate about a particular activity, you should consider buying a head strap with a cap. On the other hand, we recommend purchasing a regular strap head camera if you want greater air circulation.

What is the most extended recording hour of an action camera?

An action camera can continuously record video for at least three hours if its battery has been charged to its maximum capacity.


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