If you want to move light with limited accessories or choose to bring the whole home studio with you, it will make traveling with your gear possible to find the right camera backpack.

In fact, mostly because of the security measures, you’re not getting a camera backpack. You’re purchasing a camera bag to make your gear easy to carry.

The days of wandering around with a camera strapped around your neck are gone. You’ve got a tripod, a compact jib, sound systems, spare lenses, and all manner of odds and ends. A standard backpack won’t do with this sort of equipment.

A backpack made specifically for your camera is required.

The video bag is a personal choice very much. It depends on what kind of camera you have, what kind of lenses you’re traveling with, and what other supplies you choose to have on hand.

There are video bags intended for hiking with your equipment, and there are bags designed for more studio shoots with less durable padding and more partitions to hold extra lighting and lenses.

But before you even start buying (or even searching for a camera backpack, know what you expect from the backpack and what you’re going to use it for.

Do you use it only for a vlogging camera, or do you want your laptop to be stored in a slot?

Are you involved in getting it through screening at the airport?

The more you know about how the camera bag can be used, the easier it will be to pick one.

Of course, you are here for assistance in finding the correct backpack and recommendations about what to really look for. Right here, you’ll have all that, so let’s get started.

1. Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW II Camera Backpack

Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW II Black Pro Modular...
  • Tough eva moulded top armoured section and protective padding all round the bag ensures equipment inside is protected
  • Flexible and adaptive dividers inside allow multiple configurations of camera kit to be positioned with ease
  • Modular Includes two quick lock straps and a slip lock tripod cup to mount a tripod securely also fits multiple...
  • Comfortable carrying with the activzone system technology delivers targeted support at shoulder blades lumbar and waist...

For a whole host of factors, from longevity and comfort to features and aesthetics, we have graded the Lowepro ProTactic camera bag top.

Tough EVA moulding and lining functions run right over the bag as defensive armor and ensuring that the equipment is secure from any possible injuries. To shield against even the most unforgiving downpour, as well as dust, snow, and sand, there’s even an integrated all-weather cover. Depending on the design of your camera pack, you can adjust the camera bag to accommodate your particular camera system, repositioning the adjustable dividers. It also has space for a 15-inch laptop.

There is also a slip lock tripod cup where you can safely install your tripod, plus a spot for your water bottle to be placed. Multiple access points mean that without losing sight of your target, you can catch what you need easily. But in the waist belt that transforms into a utility belt, the true creativity lies in the nifty element that you didn’t know you were lacking in your life.

To provide protection for your shoulder blades, lumbar, and waist, this backpack incorporates ActivZone technology, so you can hold your kit all day and not even know it’s on your back.

2. Billingham Hadley Pro

Billingham 505148-54 Hadley Pro 2020 Camera Bag...
  • Upgraded version of the classic 'Billingham Hadley Pro' Camera bag.
  • Removable padded insert to turn the bag from a camera bag to a casual bag in seconds.
  • Fabric has layer of butyl rubber sandwiched in the middle for the ultimate in weather resistance.
  • Zippered pocket with rainproof zip & luggage trolley retainer strap on back.

The Hadley line is what photographers first think of when they hear the Billingham brand, and with a modern luggage strap, a thicker and more convenient handle, and a weather-resistant zipper on the rear, this current Pro 2020 edition of its iconic style upgrades the Pro version. With a chunky insert and thick dividers, and a pair of large pockets on the front, all of which are very comfortable once the straps are closed, all feels very well made. If you need to you can also wedge through the bag and insert in a laptop, but it’s a shame the strap pad is an extra cost, as some can consider this to be tossed in with this kind of cash.

3. Peak Design Everyday Camera Backpack 20L

Peak Design Everyday Backpack (20L, Ash)
  • The expandable design offers 20L of storage to hold a full-frame DSLR camera body & 3-4 lenses.
  • Protected laptop sleeve/pocket holds laptops up to 16" (See listing for exact measurements).
  • 3 Flexfold Dividers protect cameras, drones, and lenses. Works as a professional camera backpack.
  • Waterproof 400D nylon canvas shell. DWR impregnated and poly-coated. Premium weatherproof zippers.

It’s difficult not to like the trendy theme, tactile fabrics, and finely made hardware of this pocket. It is fairly small for a camera backpack at 46 x 30 x 17cm, but it can also accommodate an ungripped DSLR with up to five lenses. No front or rear opening occurs, but rather wide side flaps that provide very good mobile entry. Internal dividers are within which form shelves attached to the front and back. These are a clever concept that can snap into thirds to allow one side to move down a long lens, or can be segmented immediately so that one shelf can be shared by several small lenses. Thanks to a top flap with four latching places, Up Top is a wide multi-use space that can extend by up to 8L. A travel tripod is stowed on the side, there’s space in the back for a 13-inch laptop and tablet, and you can even lash a tiny drone in the front. A standard waist belt tends to carry heavy loads, and it can be fully trucked out but it lacks hip pads.

4. Vanguard Alta SKY 51D

Vanguard Alta Sky 51D Camera Backpack for Sony,...
  • Multi-access quick-action - full rear opening, side and top access and separate opening to individual, spacious lower...
  • Ultimate versatility - 100% gear to 100% personal and anywhere in between. Adapts to perfectly fit photo gear, video...
  • Well organized – numerous dedicated pockets, organizers and connectors for all essentials and stay hydrated - large...
  • Business oriented - holds a 15" laptop and/or tablet and stay steady - optimal balance tripod carrying system

The Vanguard Alta Sky 51D is ideal for carrying camera gear, a drone, or a mixture of both. There is space for a pro DSLR with an associated 70-200mm lens in the main compartment and up to four lenses around it. Padding is fine, and for mobile entry, there’s a hatch on one side, but openings on both sides will be ideal. A wide rear panel that includes a slot for a 15-inch laptop provides primary access to this area. The flap opens wide, but for unobstructed camera entry, you’ll need to bend the shoulder straps out of the way. Good-sized hip covers, dense back padding, and generous shoulder braces provide support.

5. Think Tank StreetWalker Pro V2.0

Think Tank Photo Streetwalker Pro V2.0 Backpack...
  • Fits 2 gripped DSLRs, 4–6 standard zoom lenses, and a 10” tablet; or Fits 1 gripped DSLR, 5–7 standard zoom...
  • Padded shoulder straps comfortable for all day trekking; Tripod mount on front panel (tripod cup for larger tripods...
  • YKK RC Fuse zippers, ballistic nylon, highdensity velex and closed-cell PU foam are the highest quality materials in the...
  • Slim, contoured, body-conforming design with a wide shoulder strap provides a very comfortable fit

The Think Tank Lines StreetWalker is a lightweight, city-friendly alternative. The limited exterior width of 25 cm keeps you streamlined; although this reduces the internal arrangement to two rather than three columns, they are wide and deep, and a pair of full-frame cameras with large-diameter attached lenses can be neatly housed; one faced down, the other up. Extra dividers can fit around extra optics, depending on your lens range. A tripod may also be strapped to the front, and there’s space in a pocket at the rear for a 10-inch phone. Access is through a single front flap of no-nonsense. You don’t have a waist belt, so it’s excellent for shoulder straps and back padding.

6. Lowepro ProTactic BP 350 AW II backpack

Lowepro LP37176 ProTactic Backpack 350 AW II -...
  • 4-point access to gear so you never miss a critical moment
  • Waist belt converts to utility belt with included accessories
  • Lightweight Form Shell construction for superior impact protection
  • SlipLock compatible attachment system for pouches, cases, etc.

Don’t you ever have the right bag for your work? While this unique and rather costly modular design would definitely have niche appeal, since it can be quickly adapted for all sorts of situations, it’s still fantastic value for money. The interior of the Velcro dividers can be relocated to accommodate particular gear (including a drone) or discarded in lieu of open space, while the rear-opening lid features a 13-inch laptop zipped compartment. The true genius, though is the succession of front loops that can be used to attach accessories such as a neoprene flash holder, a tripod toe-cup and straps, and a phone pocket, making this a genuinely portable bag for the camera.

7. MindShift Gear Backlight 26L Camera Backpack

A issue many picture backpacks have is that in order to reach your camera gear, you need to take them off and lay them down on the ground. In muddy or damp weather, it can be a hassle, since the hand you lie on the field is the one you wear on your back as well. By having the key flap at the back, which also improves stability, this bag solves the issue. You can also swivel the bag around on its waist strap, open the main flap, and keep it lifted by looping the fitted elastic cord around your neck by sliding the main straps off your shoulders. Although getting the open backpack neatly packed at a convenient working height, it makes it easy to grab the package or adjust lenses on your camera. The additional front pockets are surprisingly big, capable of holding tons of extra objects.

8. Tenba DNA 15 Messenger Bag

Tenba Messenger DNA 15 Camera and Laptop Bag -...
  • A new tapered front flap with a sewn hinge ensures easy closure and excellent weather-proof coverage at the corners
  • For additional wet weather protection, the bag includes a removable and reversible WeatherWrap cover that's silver on...
  • To prevent the bag from sliding forward while riding a bicycle or scooter, an adjustable security strap connects to...
  • Fidlock patented magnetic clips allow blind, drop-on attachment and a fast slide release. This is the quickest clip in...

In Tenba’s ‘DNA’ range, there are no less than five messenger bags, plus a backpack. With space for a DSLR plus attached lens, and up to four other lenses, the ’15’ is the largest messenger bag. Two magnetic slide catches that operate silently secure the main front flap, and even the Velcro strips that add security have ‘whisper hooks’ for quiet separation. The main compartment is generously proportioned and has a removable camera insert, and for a 15-inch laptop and a tablet, there are separate sleeves at the rear. On the back of the bag, there’s another document compartment, plus four smaller front pockets, in dual layers. It’s a sturdy yet elegant and beautifully finished bag. Also available is a ‘Slim’ version of the DNA 15 Messenger, if you want something a bit more compact.

9. NOMATIC McKinnon Camera Pack

NOMATIC McKinnon Camera Pack- Travel Camera Bag by...
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR PACKING: We partnered with Peter McKinnon and carefully designed this camera pack to allow you to pack...
  • QUICK ACCESS: Quickly access your camera with a convenient side pocket, or unzip for full access to the entire camera...
  • FOCUS ON COMFORT: We knew that carrying all of your camera equipment could get heavy, so we design internal supports to...
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Carry-on sized to allow you to fit under the seat, or in the overhead bin in airplanes, with a...

One of the best brands for backpacks is Nomatic. In cooperation with Peter McKinnon, a successful photographer and YouTube star whose videos help budding photographers refine their abilities, the Nomatic McKinnon was designed.

McKinnon’s contribution to the design of this camera backpack has made it one of the best available high-end camera backpacks, whether you are a photographer or an eager amateur.

Using the folding dividers, you can customize the inside of the bag, adapting the bag to suit the specific job in hand. Expand the garment section and throw in another outfit if you’re going away on a weekend mission. Plus, with those quick-access side pockets, you will never miss a critical moment again.

You have waist and chest straps to distribute weight for comfort, and shoulder stresses to help lighten the load, leaving you free to concentrate on capturing those perfect shots from no filter.

You can set out to secure mind-blowing snaps with the Nomatic McKinnon, and feel assured that your camera gear is going to survive the outing, whatever happens.

10. Manfrotto Pro Light 3N1-36

Manfrotto Pro Light 3N1-36 Photography Backpack...
  • VERSATILE AND CONVENIENT: Three versatile and convenient carrying modes include: backpack, one shoulder and crossed...
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: This camera bag is suitable for carrying a DSLR camera or a Canon C100 or a DJI Phantom drone and other...
  • PRACTICAL: The Manfrotto backpack includes a practical side opening so you can quickly access your camera or drone
  • SAFE: Comes with an external attachment for a tripod with holding straps to keep your camera equipment safe

The flexible box of Manfrotto Pro Light is ideal for a DSLR kit, a camera rig or a small drone. A body with attached lenses, surrounded by up to five additional lenses, will house the lower two-thirds of the bag in a DSLR format. Flaps on either side allow you to access your camera conveniently on the go but access to lenses stored at the top can be slightly limited by the main front plate. Comfort is appropriate, but the straps for the shoulder sound a little cheap and are not the widest. However they will turn the bag into a sling, and when you need them out of the way, they can stay behind the back wall. We also like the simple, safe tripod attachment for this camera backpack.

11. Altura Photo Camera Sling Camera Backpack Bag

Altura Photo Camera Sling Backpack Bag for DSLR...
  • ADJUSTABLE PADDED DIVIDERS: Main compartment has sturdy, padded, adjustable dividers. Holds DSLR cameras with a standard...
  • QUICK ACCESS SIDE OPENING: Main compartment has convenient zippered side opening.
  • PADDED SLING STRAP ROTATES TO FRONT: The comfort sling design allows for quick rotation from the back to the front of...
  • ACCESSORY STORAGE: Top compartment allows you to fit extra lenses or flash units. Exterior tripod/monopod holder....

Eyes peeled, waiting for the conditions to balance so you can get the great shot, you’re out and about in the city. To pick out your perfect set-up, you need something lightweight and discrete so that you can dash nimbly through the traffic and crowds.

If you’re looking to keep a low profile, the Altura sling backpack is hands-down for the task. With a zip, it has an easy access side opening, so you can grab your camera easily when you come upon a breathtaking scene. In busy areas, you can even swing the bag to your front for extra protection.

Within, you’ve got padded dividers that you can change to neatly and snugly carry your tools. You should fit alternate lenses or a flash unit as well. And there’s also a tripod or monopod holder, considering the small nature of this bag. The best piece of kit to join you on your everyday escapades is this nifty little camera case. Only add a few wireless headsets and you’re all right to go.

12. Lowepro Pro Trekker BP 550 AW II

Lowepro Pro Trekker BP 550 AW II Backpack for Pro...
  • Rugged, Multi-Configuration Backpack
  • Spacious Main Compartment, Floating Lid
  • Carry-On Size for Most Airlines
  • Large, Removable Equipment Pouch

This is the pack to use whenever you need to bring a ton of camera gear for long times and around the ground and air. Most long-haul cabin bag regulations will conform with its 35 x 24 x 62cm exterior dimension, while the all-weather outer materials and additional seam-sealed rain cover will keep your gear well covered, rain or shine. And there’s probably a lot of gear that you should carry here too. For a full-frame DSLR with up to a 600 mm lens attached, the 31 x 17 x 46 cm interior is spacious enough, plus up to 6 extra lenses stored on each side. There’s even a 15-inch laptop slot, and more space for a 10-inch tablet. What’s more, for other items or personal belongings, the bag’s lid provides extra packaging, and this entire portion can be removed and worn separately as a shoulder bag. Straps on the front panel will secure a tripod or hiking sticks, and memory cards, batteries, and other items have several other smaller pockets scattered around the case. Factor in the sumptuous lining inside of the gear, plus the incredibly comfortable shoulder straps, back padding and detachable broad hip belt, and with this top-notch backpack, you truly get what you pay for.

13. Beschoi DSLR Camera Backpack

Beschoi DSLR Camera Backpack Waterproof Camera Bag...
  • 🎄 This dslr backpack holds and protects 1-2 DSLR cameras, 4-6 lenses, flash speedlite, laptop up to 13.3-inches,...
  • 🎄 Exterior dimension: 17.3 x 11 x 5.5 inches, Interior dimension: 16.1 x 10.6 x 5.3 inches
  • 🎄 Water-repellant nylon, heavily reinforced stitching and antitheft zippers. Solid and durable to protect your...
  • 🎄 Padding makes this backpack comfortable to wear. The shoulder straps are designed to distribute the weight well

Travel photographers are aware that never checking your gear is the number one rule of traveling with a camera. That way, disaster lies.

Always carry cabin baggage with you with your equipment. When you reach the lane, the Beschoi DSLR carry-on camera bag has been created for superior practicality. You have space inside for up to two DSLR cameras, six lenses, a spotlight, a compact yet lightweight tripod, and even a 13.3-inch laptop. For holding lenses and other accessories, the exterior even has zipper pockets.

It’s water-proof and has improved stitching for long-lasting longevity at all big stress points. Most notably, it comes fitted with anti-theft zippers, as a pilot watch is of course necessary for flight.

This rucksack has been built with a dedication to comfort as one of the best travel camera backpacks. Broad and flexible breathable air-mesh shoulder belts avoid any undue pain when you’re on the move. Only add a pair of walking shoes or boots of high quality and you’re off.

14. Lowepro Fastpack BP 250 AW III

Lowepro Fastpack BP 250 AW III Mirrorless DSLR...
  • PROTECTS YOUR ESSENTIAL GEAR: securely carry your mirrorless or DSLR camera and 2-3 extra lenses or DJI folding drone...
  • ACCESS WHAT YOU NEED WHEN YOU NEED IT: QuickDoor 2-stage access allows you to get to your camera in an instant to...
  • SAFEGUARDS AGAINST IMPACT AND THE ELEMENTS: All Weather AW Cover and PU coated fabrics safeguard against abrasion and...
  • BUILT FOR TRAVEL: 3 primary storage zones, molded EVA camera divider system, removable padded waist belt and light...

The Lowepro Fastpack BP 250 AW II’s main camera area, another side-opener, can be opened up all the way across the front, making it easy to arrange. A DSLR with a large zoom lens attached is needed, and there is enough space for at least three other lenses. For a 13-inch laptop and phone, the back panel has a side-zipped pocket, and there are two other areas for carrying accessories and garments. It is meant to be worn out on a shoot for long stretches, so the ergonomically padded shoulder straps and hip belt are handy. There’s also a harness that links the Fastpack 250 to the airport’s moving luggage handles. Huh? Too big? There is also a smaller Fastpack 150 available.

15. Thule Aspect DSLR Backpack

Thule Aspect DSLR Camera Bag Backpack, Black
  • Customizable padded storage to protect your DSLR camera and multiple lenses, flash or other equipment
  • Protects up to a 15.6" laptop plus an iPad in back compartment , Laptop compartment dimensions - 10.2 x 10.2 x 11.4...
  • Store your personal gear in the spacious compartment with multiple pockets
  • Carry comfortably with removable, padded hip belt, shoulder straps and air-mesh back panel

In the hiking-ready Thule Aspect DSLR camera backpack, Thule had thought of everything. A side-opening area with a stretch pocket in the lid for SD card pockets and accessories is wide enough for a DSLR and a few glasses. A wide laptop pocket, which also holds a notebook, is almost concealed from view inside the cushioned back cover, whereas a top compartment is roomy enough for lunch or even a small drone, such as the DJI Mavic Pro. It also has comfy straps and a removable protective hip harness. The only thing we’re not so keen on is that it would be easier to navigate and configure the main DSLR region. This is, overall, a fantastic backpack that deserves its place on our list.

16. Gitzo Adventury 30L camera backpack

Gitzo Adventury 30L Camera Backpack for DSLR
  • Holds pro-sized gear like 1DX with up to 400mm f/4 tele attached
  • Gitzo G-Cushion removable insert for superior protection
  • Multi link strap to carry big tripods
  • Expandable roll top for personals

There are incredible photos of animals anywhere, but it is unusual to see a backpack that meets the needs of those who for long stretches need to get themselves and their vehicles to distant locations. Cue the Manfrotto Gitzo Adventury 30-litre backpack that can accommodate a few pro DSLR cameras, one equipped with a 200 mm telephoto lens, also available as a 45-liter variant. Now that’s rare, but four more lenses (one of them up to 400 mm in size), mirrorless cameras, a DJI Phantom drone, a 15-inch laptop, and a 12.9-inch tablet can all be taken from this durable bag and its adjustable dividers.

17. Chrome Niko F-stop camera backpack

Chrome Industries Niko Camera Backpack Featured...
  • ADJUSTABLE ORGANIZATION -Removable, modular dividers for varying gear combinations
  • PHOTOGRAPHERS FAVORITE - Camera bag with back panel full-zip entry to access all gear
  • FULLY FEATURED CAMERA CASE - Exterior straps for tripods, skateboards and other large items
  • BUILT FOR ADVENTURE - Protect your gear with our toughest fabric 1050D Ballistic nylon

It’s best not to be explicit about it if you’re flying with a lot of pricey camera gear. The uniqueness of the 23-liter Niko, a largely waterproof and hard-made backpack, is that it doesn’t look like a camera backpack. With a rear opening providing quick access to all equipment simultaneously, the main compartment of the Niko has six lens and equipment zones, but thanks to Velcro dividers, it is entirely adjustable. SD cards are held in three bags, while a zip on the side of the bag unlocks a slip pocket for a 13-inch laptop. There is a side pocket intended to take a foot off a tripod, but there are also two very wide, heavy-duty (and reflective) Velcro straps on the front that can secure almost everything.

18. Bagsmart Camera Backpack

BAGSMART Camera Backpack, Anti-Theft DSLR SLR...
  • MAIN COMPARTMENTS- upper space for organizing clothing; lower camera zone for 1 DSLR camera with 70-200mm lens attached,...
  • DEDICATED POCKETS- 1 separate 15 inch laptop compartment with shock absorbing padding bottom; Tall, large side pockets...
  • 3 ACCESS POINTS- cinch-top closure, quick side access and front full-zip accesses
  • USER FRIENDLY- anti-theft Design (mental hook attach to side and front zippers) + adjustable chest strap + back luggage...

Here’s confirmation that a bag for a camera doesn’t have to cost huge bucks. It is possible to get the Bagmsart Camera Backpack for a rock-bottom price, but it has all the core features of a backpack that costs twice as much.

A camera compartment that covers the bottom two-thirds of the bag is centered on the central configuration. This is wide enough for a full-frame camera with a 70-200mm f/4 lens mounted and can be held alongside up to four additional lenses. A spacious daypack portion is above the camera compartment, accessible at the top of the bag through a drawstring opening. Via a panel on the front, you can opt to enter the camera compartment, or if that’s not quick enough, one side of the bag even opens to allow camera access on-the-go. A separate slot pocket wide enough to accommodate a 15-inch laptop is rounded back, while a travel tripod can be stowed on one side.

19. Neewer Camera Bag Waterproof Shockproof 

Neewer Camera Bag Water Resistant Shockproof...
  • Durable water resistant nylon exterior(black); ample interior storage(gray)
  • Protects your photo gears and other accessories from scratches
  • Fits GoPro camera systems, professional shoe-mount flash units, radio triggers, mirrorless cameras and lenses, battery...
  • Dimensions: 11x6x14 inches/27x15x35 centimeters

You ought to be on the move, roaming and experimenting to get a genuinely magical photograph, providing chances for those lovely chance encounters to emerge. This backpack by Neewer has been optimized for the area. It’s waterproof, first of all, so even the greyest of days won’t put you off finishing your mission. For more comfort, the shoulder straps are padded. On the outside to get those awesome time-lapses, you should secure a tripod.

From DSLRs and mirrorless cameras to a GoPro, flash units, radio triggers, batteries, chargers, and cables, there’s enough room inside to suit anything. This without being heavy at all, making it the perfect lightweight and hard-wearing backpack for your camera and accessories to carry around the area.

As one of the best lightweight camera bags out there this camera backpack offers fierce competition. And all the compartments can be removed and you can use it as a regular EDC backpack anytime you fancy, as if you wanted extra convincing.

20. Think Tank TurnStyle 20 V2.0

Think Tank Photo TurnStyle 20 V2.0 - Charcoal
  • Fits standard DSLR, 24-70mm f/2.8, 70-200mm f/2.8 attached, 10" tablet - Example: D800 attached to 70-200mm f/2.8,...
  • Easy rotation for rapid access to gear and accessories
  • Stabilizer strap holds the bag steady while active or tucks away when not in use
  • Dedicated, padded pocket fits an 10" tablet

The ’20’ has ample space for a full-frame DSLR with a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens attached, plus a 24-70mm f/2.8 lens and a flashgun or other accessory, the larger of three TurnStyle bags from Think Tank. To obtain access to the contents, you can quickly swivel the bag on your back, but the key opening is fairly slim and a bit limited. On the plus side, since it is relatively low in weight and the shoulder strap itself is wide and padded, it’s a very easy bag to carry on one shoulder. It also includes an extra tuck-away stability strap. There is an optional front compartment for accessories, and a 10-inch tablet carrying bag. The inner dividers feel a little flimsy, but the bag feels tough and robust on its own. Accessible in blue or charcoal.

What to Look for in the Best Camera Backpacks?

You ought to keep a few specifics in mind when looking for a camera case. Depending on various modes of transport, you might even want to invest in a few different camera backpacks.

After all, when walking the streets of your hometown, you might not need that much stuff, but for an extended journey, you might want to carry numerous lenses, lamps, and gear.

Whatever your photography style or criteria are before buying it, you would want to ensure that each backpack checks off a few unique boxes.

Many of the things you need to take into account include:

1.Weight Capacity

How much does the camera bag bring with it? It’s a big issue.

Now you have to decide what you are going to take with you. You don’t require much weight if you are using the regular DSLR and maybe a tripod.

However, the weight easily adds up if you have a half-dozen separate lenses, plus tripods, audio devices, a waterproof sandbag for tripod stability, plus your machine and other odds and ends.

You generally won’t run into a situation where the backpack can’t accommodate your gear’s weight, but the weight will increase with it as the equipment range grows. It is relevant to know how much weight it can carry.

2. Extra Space

Extra compartments help improve the bag’s versatility, from added pockets for easy access on the front of the backpack to pouches equipped for sunglasses, batteries, and business cards.

Any bags have a streamlined look built for them. They are designed to fade into a crowd anytime you like and don’t appear like a photographer. These packs, though, also come with a lack of external compartments and simple pouches for entry.

On the other side, you may need to pull something from your pocket fast. It won’t last forever for the ideal photo capture moment, so you need additional compartments to help you hold anything you may need to take the perfect shot.

Normally, to see if there is room for a notebook, you might not glance at a backpack. Camera backpacks are divided into different parts, so it won’t work by putting a long flat unit. There is a secondary pocket built for your laptop in some of these backpacks. The others aren’t. This is what it is important to look for.

Often, know the size of your laptop when searching for laptop compartments. Have a laptop that’s 17 inches? Not all of the backpacks for this are large enough. It’s critical to have measurements for your laptop and backpack.

3. Access

Is it easy to reach the camera gear, or do you need to fumble around and take the backpack off to get your gear?

Will you change the interior to keep the gear you are holding better?

There are quick-access panels in some camera bags, while other bags allow you to change almost every internal compartment. All is about having the best match.

You need to know how the camera bag would be used. Would you want to pull the gear out when you’re on the move? If so, as well as the exterior pockets and added compartments, these quick-access panels are useful.

Often, watch how the bag opens up. Will you need to take off your bag to use the equipment? The access panel is pressed to your back occasionally. Much of this depends on you and how easily your gear needs to be accessed.

Access plays an important part in the bag’s operation, and having it in mind is highly important. To open something, certain bags need you to unzip the whole back compartment. That’s perfect for filming in a makeshift travel studio, but since you like natural lighting, it’s not the ideal place to stop on a street corner.

So when contemplating the access it offers, bear in mind what you are using the camera backpack for.

4. Convenience

Is the bag easy, or is it going to weigh you down and fit around your body awkwardly?

A look at the lining and how it fits the body is the easiest way to decide if a backpack is comfortable.

Must it follow the back’s contour naturally? Sometimes more comfortable bags carry weight to the bottom of the bag and taper off at the end.

In the braces and the lumbar of the back, did it incorporate padding?

Will it have secondary braces to help spread the camera’s weight evenly?

You will need to focus on feedback (if the camera backpack is not comfortable, this will be noted by the customer in their reports) and on the construction content, but to remember it is a vital feature of a bag. You don’t want a painful bag to wear.

5. Price

Have the price still in sight.

Backpacks will range from under 50 dollars to well over 200 dollars.

This also comes down to the material being constructed. Any video backpacks may be waterproof, while others may have extra insulation to withstand shock.

And then there are other occasions when you pay more for a brand name rather than for consistency. For a video backpack, you don’t need to look at the brand name directly. The brand name is important when purchasing an individual camera.

Not as much as in a backpack. You need to reflect on the structure, compartments, and how it suits your needs.

6. Material and Construction

Your camera bag will be subjected not only to the weather very much if you’re like me and fly a lot, but will also be subject to all sorts of scenarios on trains, buses, hostels, and more where it could get banged, brushed, scratched, etc.

That’s why, with sturdy fabrics and high-quality craftsmanship and seams, you need to get a solid pack. Ideally, to safeguard your gear from rain or the odd water mishap, it should be weather/water-resistant.

Canvas and its variations due to its toughness, water-resistance, and low cost are among the most common fabrics in travel camera bags. Newer synthetic materials do the same, but they appear to be a little more costly.

7. Protection

The foam inserts that cover your gear inside it separate a camera bag from a standard bag. Ideally, have these foam paddings around your pack, and many foam dividers prevent your equipment from banging within each other when on the route.

8. Discreteness

One thing is clear: whether you’re in a peaceful destination or one with several minor criminals, cameras are still a trap for robbers.

“Ideally, your bag is not meant to yell, “I’m holding a camera! But does it have, even though it does, steps to prevent pickpocketing? Can it come with latches, locking zippers, and other features and fabrics that will make it more difficult for anyone to steal your gear?

9. Customizability

The versatility to adjust the interior layout to fit your equipment exactly as you need it is one of a good camera pack’s best characteristics. With padded dividers that can be conveniently accommodated to snuggle your equipment inside your pack comfortably, this can be achieved.

Even how flexible can it be? Will you rearrange the backpack to hold a couple of lenses for one or two cameras? Or a camera with a drone, perhaps? Yeah, add a lens and a few hard drives?

Type of Bag

Depending on how you use your camera equipment, the kind of bag you can buy will decide how open you want it to be, how well secured, how much gear you have, and how you want to handle it.

Although there are hundreds of different bags out there under these six categories, they are commonly classified:

  • Backpacks – These are the most popular and seem to have plenty of cameras and lens interior space, making them the best DSLR travel camera bags. Sometimes, they also have a laptop and tablet compartment. Backpacks can spread your gear’s weight between your hips and shoulders if correctly built, so you don’t have all the weight on your shoulders.
  • Rolling Bags – In terms of size, equivalent to backpacks, these are placed on the ground rather than being held on the back. Within urban areas, these bags are perfect, but not as great to bring in rough and harsh terrain.
  • Shoulder Bags – Shoulder bags are usually smaller bags held across one shoulder or over the chest. Shoulder bags tend to be very light and simple to reach, but in-room, they are limited. These are identical to shoulder bags but are slightly bigger and have a longer handle.
  • Messenger Bags – Usually, the land across the waist may be strung across or across both sides of the torso.
  • Holster Bags – A bag designed to be attached, like a chest strap or strong belt, to any clothes. Usually, they are much smaller than messenger bags and are designed to accommodate only a camera and a mirror. These are often accessory bags designed to fit into another bigger backpack.
  • Backpack Inserts – When you already have a sturdy large travel bag that can accommodate an insert to cover your camera gear, these are handy.


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