Looking for the best Canon mirrorless camera you can buy right now? Good news: our list below features all of the top Canon models to suit every budget and style of shooting, based on the results of our comprehensive testing.

DSLR might remain the format of choice for traditionalists, but it’s hard to beat mirrorless if you want a combination of cutting-edge features, versatility, portability, and photographic performance.

Ready to join the mirrorless revolution? From entry-level models for APS-C newbies to full-frame cameras that cost more than your monthly salary, this buying guide covers the very best mirrorless equipment you can purchase at this time – whatever your expectation. It also details the benefits and limitations of the mirrorless format, as explaining why you might want to make the switch from DSLR.

Our top overall pick right now is the Canon R. Small and light, it also handles well and features a full-frame sensor. Image quality is excellent, as is the electronic viewfinder, and falling prices mean it’s more accessible than ever. For most people, it’s the perfect mirrorless camera.

1. Canon R

2. Canon RP

3. Canon M6 Mark II

4. Canon M200

5. Canon M6

6. Canon M100

7. Canon M50

8. Canon M5

9. Canon M3

10. Canon M10



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