Best Compact Cameras Under $1000 – Buying Guide

If you are on a budget and you are looking for the best compact cameras under $1000, then you are in the right place.

The best compact camera can easily outperform almost any smartphone camera, thanks to a larger image sensor, an optical zoom lens, and various manual controls that influence how the image is captured.

Taking pictures has been part of our day to day life. People go around to make their excellent selfies and post it to their Instagram or Facebook accounts. There are those who also keep memories through pictures either from travel, getaways, and essential celebrations in their life. We cannot live and survive without those pictures. It became helpful not just for recreational activities but also in the field of media, communication, and even in other areas of science and research. That is why people have been buying cameras in order to cater to those needs. But that was before.

Because of the advancement of technology and the rise of smartphones, cameras are slowly gaining to lose its limelight on capturing photos. Most people prefer smartphones than the camera because it’s more handy, accessible, and multipurpose than cameras. But as contrast, cameras have been known to produce the highest quality of photos and videos rather than those smartphones.

Thus, it has been a challenge to those camera manufacturers to come with a new outlet to keep people buy cameras.

Best Compact Cameras Under $1000 2019

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1. Sony RX100 V

A globally class compact camera that is designed for bringing reality down through your screens. It is equipped with the technology of the fast hybrid autofocus system and high speed focusing that will make your hundred shots fast without lags and slowdown. The large 1” stacked back-illuminated sensor and stunning 20.1 MP in this under $1000 compact camera will keep your images clear and well-refined. A 3” LED Display is incorporated through this point and shoot camera that is tilted to multi-view angles. Aside from that, a high quality 8 megapixels 4K video is included that allows you to record movie-like quality videos.

This compact camera under $1000 is quite a catch given its promising features on AF performance and speed. With this new system, you’ll guarantee that you’re point and shoot camera will have a quality and fast shooting experience. Also, this camera produces high-quality photos and videos considering its 20.1 MP image resolution and its 4K video with 8 megapixels resolution. This compact camera isn’t any worse for purchase even though it is a bit expensive and it has a limited zooming experience.

2. Fujifilm X100F

This uniquely constructed compact camera incorporates the suit towards the perfection of photography. A specially created X-Trans CMOS III is used to provide an increase in pixel count and preventing distortions and noises from disrupting the picture taking experience. This contains an all-new camera processing engine that will empower and make your shooting memories four times faster than former compact camera models. It adds another feature through the focus lever which eases the movement of focus in this camera. It contains a 24.3 MP sensor resolution to bring high-quality images to every memorable experience. It consists of multi-frame Full HD video quality that lets you record your videos amazingly with advanced filters and modes.

Though this compact camera is really expensive it has a lot of features that most point and shoot cameras don’t have. This includes it’s surprisingly great 24.3 MP sensor resolution and it’s Full HD video quality that will bring you the best videos and photos the way you wanted it. It also brings you a new hybrid viewfinder and camera processing engine that keeps your shooting experience without delay and quick. Aside from that, it also includes a lot of minor features that most of the compact cameras don’t have. Overall, this compact camera under $100 is a totally recommended.

3. Sony RX10

A uniquely blazing ultra-zoom compact camera that gives a different photography experience. It contains a built-in lens that aids in keeping close-up pictures impressive and beautifully done. It incorporates a Direct Drive SSM with the advanced aspherical lens that keeps capturing photos accurate containing less camera movement and prevents from capturing blurry images. It’s phenomenal back-illuminated technology and image processing engine makes your picture taking the best quality and versatile even in darkest conditions. This compact camera shoots also Full HD videos that incorporate multiple shooting modes that keep videos smooth and highly cinematographic.

Every compact camera under $1000 has its own feature that makes it different from the other. This point and shoot camera have incorporated new technologies that improve the resulting image quality during picture taking. Its back-illuminated technology is 4x much effective compared to other compact cameras when it comes to shooting at low sensitive areas. It also has large aperture zoom lens allowing you to capture even on long ranges. It has an optical sensor resolution of 20.4 MP resolution that adds to the improvement of image quality of this camera. Also, this records excellent videos with stereo sound keeping every experience memorable and to its best.

4. PowerShot G7 X Mark II

A combining design of speed and high performance of this compact camera gives life-like photo taking experiences. This incorporates a 1.0 inch 20.1 Megapixel CMOS Sensor that will keep pictures clear and refined even at low lights. This features a high-speed continuous shooting at 8 fps that takes pictures into different formats amazingly. A multi-angle viewed 3” LED display that will tilt into different angles. It records also Full HD Video with stereo sound allowing to maximize every video experience. It has WiFi with NTC connectivity in order to share any photos and videos easily.

This compact camera is basically an upgrade from its predecessor, the G7X. Because of this, there are few features that were altered in order to bring convenience to all its potential users. Its design is improved which is nice and well-built. It has developed its speed in-camera processing and enhanced its battery life making it better and highly recommendable to everyone. It is one of those compact cameras under $1000 that resembles picture quality to DSLR cameras and at the same time, less bulky as the latter.

5. Fujifilm X70

A small and powerful point and shoot camera that brings excellent realistic-like photos to its screen. It has a 16.3 MP AP-C sized X-Trans II Sensor and EXR Processor that takes your photos to different image perspectives. It has a 3 inch LED screen display that is totally tilted able to various angles ensuring the best views on photo capturing. It incorporates a new and high-performance compact wide angled fixed lens that is perfect for capturing casual and for professional photography. It boasts of its film simulation that allows variation of color modes on its photos and videos. It consists of six varying high-speed AF modes ensuring any angle and movement will be captured perfectly.

You are perhaps doubting on buying this compact camera under $1000 because it’s expensive. But knowing the quality of image and video along with the features incorporating it, then you’ll surely don’t have second thoughts on buying this. This compact camera comes with a 16.3 MP sensor with an amazing lens that gives magnificent and professional-like pictures. This camera has also multiple modes that allow you to choose from its variation. Overall, this compact camera is quite a good shot to try.

6. Panasonic LUMIX LX100

Coming from the one of a kind LUMIX series, this point and shoot camera brings another upgrade that makes capturing photos convenient and easy as ever. It incorporates with 12.8 MP multi-aspect micro four-thirds sensor creating images that are refined and clear with minimum noise and distortion in the background. It has a powerful 24.75 millimeter Leica DC lens to keep your photos stable and beautifully shot. It records 30 p 4K Ultra HD video making every memorable experience worthwhile. It includes a high-resolution live viewfinder to ensure color reproduction and frame quality. This incorporates an external flash that allows you to take photos in dark conditions.

This camera brings a big difference to your photo capturing the experience. This has powerful features that are enough for bringing the picture and video quality that you needed the most. But despite its impressive function, this camera is more expensive than other compact cameras having similar features that are available today. Though still, this compact camera is a great upgrade to the LUMIX series that has improved a lot of features related to it.


An ultra-powerful zooming experience that makes beyond reach closer to your screens. This point and shoot camera include an 83x Optical Zoom and a 166x Dynamic Fine Zoom with 2000 mm focal length that maximizes every capture’s view even those objects invisible to naked eye. This includes a 16 MP CMOS sensor that makes every photo life-like and clear. It shoots full HD 1080/60 p movie-like videos. It has a vari-angle LED Display screen that shifts to different angles to make ease of the photo capturing the experience. It has a built-in electronic viewfinder that automatically turns on when placing it on the eyes. It connects through WIFI with NTC and transferring photos and videos through mobile phones and tablets.

Well, everybody loves zooming. So, if you are a major fan of zooming then, this compact camera under $1000 is absolutely for you. It empowers an83x Optical Zoom, 166x Dynamic Fine Zoom, and 332x DigiZoom that brings everything closer to your screens. Aside from that, it includes a 16 MP sensor producing high-quality photos and Full HD videos that everyone also likes. Overall, with the zoom experience plus the quality of photos and videos it gives, then this camera is a worth it deal despite its high price.

8. Panasonic FZ1000

A glimpse of high-resolution images and videos that will give you a different camera experience. It includes the fast processing LUMIX technology that makes every capture continuous and easy as it could be. This shoots an ultra-high quality 4K QFHD 30 p video with an adjustable Stereo and Shotgun Microphone that records audios with high quality making every video realistic and high quality. It has an alarge1.0-inch10.1-megapixel sensor and bright DC lens that makes possible to capture even the haziest objects making it clear and better than ever. It also incorporates Depth from Defocus technology that helps on shortening of time during focus making every photo shoot fast and precise.

It is important when choosing a camera to know if it produces a high-quality image and video or not. This compact camera under $1000 makes good quality photos with its large 10.1 MP sensor and even very high-quality videos, given that its 4K including Stereo and Shotgun Microphone to aid you in taking videos. This also keeps your photo processing fast through its incorporated defocusing technology that makes capturing as its best with less time and more quality. Overall, this compact camera is best for recording videos. Indeed, this is a versatile camera that is highly recommended for trying.

9. PowerShot G3 X

Every memorable experience anywhere in this world needs to be remembered. This point and shoot camera exhibit high-quality photos through its 20.2 MP 1 inch CMOS sensor and ISO 125-12800. It contains 1080 Full HD videos making every trip and adventures excellent for shooting and recording. It incorporates a 25x 24-600 mm wide range optical zoom lens that allows every little bit of things closer to the screen’s perspective. It is powered by DIGIC 6 Image Processor that gets every photo speedily the way it should be.

Though quality is first, there are some who looks at how much will the camera zooms out before its image quality. Though it satisfies both factors, the highlight of this camera is its zoom range that undeniably is present among other compact cameras under $1000. It also does not include an electronic viewfinder which makes it less to spend than any other compact camera brands. But despite that, this compact camera still is worth due to the fact that it gives still a quality image and an excellent zoom.

10. PowerShot G1 X Mark III 

An impressive performing compact camera under $1000 premiums with its 24.2 MP APS-1 detailed sensor bringing high-resolution images at its best. This Canon’s flagship camera powers through Dual Pixel CMOS AF system and DIGIC 7 Image Processor to ensure a fast track capture of excellent images. It has a built-in electronic viewfinder which comprises a unique Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) technology for comprehensive and powerful picture taking experience. It maximizes shots through its vari-angle LED display taking photos at different angles and perspectives. This versatile camera brand is water and dust proof making captures unlimited and boundless!

This is Canon’s new breakthrough compact camera brand for its G series. As compared to its predecessors, this point and shoot camera have much better image quality with its bigger sensor and faster processor. Though a bigger sensor means more heavy and bulky, this compact camera is excellent for capturing even low lights and night outs. Plus, this has easy sharing WiFi technology with NTC so transferring your photos and videos will be convenient for this camera. Other than that, it is water and dust resistant making it durable, tough, and flexible everywhere you wanted to go. As compared to other brands, this could be somehow expensive but with all its features this compact camera under $1000 is worth a shot to try.


Why is it so?

Well, compact cameras have been one of the booming cameras two decades ago. It is a still camera that does not use films when taking photos. Because of the growth of other camera types and the emergence of phones with cameras, compact cameras had slowly turned out its peak.

But as of today, these compact cameras are gaining interest by a lot of people. Aside from it has more features and gets more quality pictures than smartphones, it is also lightweight and pocket-sized as compared to more known cameras like DSLR.

Still not convinced? Well, here are some of the best compact cameras under $1000 that have as much quality as DSLR and much portable than smartphones that you would really like.

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