Best DSLR Cameras for Beginners – Buying Guide

The idea of getting a new camera is always an exciting one, but with this thought comes the responsibility of picking which suits you best, most especially if you’re a newbie to photography. There are a lot of reviews about the best DSLR cameras for beginners which are readily available online but it might only add to your confusion. If you’re already planning to purchase your first digital single reflex lens camera, then you’ve come to the right place. We will help you decide which to get as we list down the best DSLR camera for beginners.

The first step to owning the perfect DSLR camera is by deciding which are you going to pick. DSLR cameras are known for their high definition photos and versatility. While it is true that they may come a little bit pricier than other digital cameras, DSLR cameras are worth the price you pay. It is vital that you know the features of the DSLR camera that you will be chosen so that you are also well aware of what to expect. Below is a list of the best DSLR cameras for beginners, read through and pick which best suit you.

Best DSLR Cameras for Beginners 2019

1) Pentax K-S2 

If you’re looking for a brand known to be a little more conservative than the others, you definitely would love to get this DSLR camera from Pentax. This brand is considered to produce one of the best cameras for a beginner and that is the Pentax K-S2. The Pentax KS-2 DSLR camera for beginners is one of the newest addition to the Pentax family.

Basic features of this camera for beginner includes a swivel screen and a built-in wireless connection. It also has a lens kit that is retractable. However, even if the Pentax K-S2 is considered to be one of the most innovative models from Pentax, it also retains many amazing features from previous Pentax DSLRs and it includes those glass pentaprism viewfinder, weatherproof seals and double dials.

The Pentax K-S2 is a very portable camera for a beginner. The design of this DSLR camera is very user-friendly and easy to grip, plus it comes with an amazing viewfinder. For the image quality processed by the Pentax K-S2, it is no doubt that you’ll be getting professional looking photographs from it.

The Pentax K-S2 is a decent DSLR camera for a beginner. Also, if you’re already keen on experimenting with different compositions, you will surely love the other features that the Pentax K-S2 has which aren’t found on other DSLRs. But like every other camera in the world, the Pentax K-S2 carries an 18-50mm lens kit that quite jams easily when it retracts. There are also reports which state that the Wi-Fi connection is slow and sometimes unresponsive.

If you’re planning to get the Pentax K-S2, you must note that you have two options in buying. One is to get it body-only or two, get it with a one or two lens kit. Should you opt to get a single-lens kit, you will be getting the new SMC Pentax-DA L 18-50 mm lens. This product has been out in the market since 2015 March and may cost from around $700 to $900.

The Pentax K-S2 DSLR camera for beginners also comes in different exciting colors. There are a lot of features that a novice photographer will surely love about the Pentax K-S2 so you definitely should consider this on your list.

2) Nikon D5500

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It is always confusing to look for the best DSLR camera for beginners. It comes with a challenge picking from thousands and thousands of brands available in the market today and the plenty options make it very hard for newbies to decide which one to get. However, one model from one of the world’s trusted camera brand has something great to offer you. The Nikon D5500 features a 24.2 megapixel imaging and can reduce image noises very effectively.

Compared to the previous model of Nikon DSLR, the Nikon D5300 which is followed by the Nikon D5500, it is smaller and extremely lightweight. The Nikon D5500 weighs 60g less than the Nikon D5300. This model also has a better grip compared to the latter and it gives you a better and firm hold. If you’re looking for a DSLR camera that gives your finger a lot of wrap-around space, then you will surely love the Nikon D5500. Compared to other models from the Nikon DSLR line, the new Nikon D5500 is made from carbon fiber composite, reinforced with plastic fibers. It is not made from polycarbonate or magnesium alloy, but the durability of the camera is also just as strong as its predecessors.

And because the materials used for this camera is different from the other models, it gives the user a similar feel but a different look. This is no doubt one of the best DSLR camera for beginners. Two manual control dials come with your camera, and this feature gives you a great sense of accessible balance and control.

However, compared to the other Nikon DSLR models, the display of the Nikon D5300 DSLR camera for beginners is not touchscreen. For beginner photographer, the Nikon D5500 definitely has everything that you would want for a camera. Its manual controls and ergonomic design are really few of the best features of the camera. The screen also can be tilted in different angles making it easy to shoot odd angles.


The Nikon D5500 is a little cheaper than the other models but carries the same image quality. What you lose from paying quite lower compared to the Nikon D5300 model is the GPS that comes with it. The Nikon D5500 DSLR has no GPS. If you’re looking for a dslr camera for beginners, the Nikon D5500 definitely should top your list. It carries a lot of great features that a new photographer would need, and more.

3) Nikon D5600

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This next product on our list is again from Nikon. It is the Nikon D5600 model which is ergonomically designed for beginner photographers who are looking for a beginner DSLR camera that carries creative controls and great qualities. The Nikon D5600 is the latest addition to the Nikon DSLR models. It is a birth child of the D5500 which now is pulled-out of the market. The best feature of this Nikon D5600 DSLR camera for beginners is that it already comes with the Nikon SnapBridge technology that makes it easy for photographers to transfer their shots from their camera to their tablets, computers or phones.

The Nikon D5600 comes with better features compared to the Nikon D5500. However, image resolution remains in constant at 24.2 megapixels and the APS-C-sized CMOS sensor also did not change. In comparison to the older Nikon model, the Nikon D5600 comes with similar EXPEED 4 photo processing system that is highly sensitive to light with ISO ranges running from 100 to 25,600. That given, this camera is can easily be used in various lighting situations.

The Nikon D5600 also uses the same EXPEED 4 image processor, with a native sensitivity range running from ISO 100 to 25,600 meaning it should be quite comfortable shooting in a range of lighting conditions. The camera’s optical viewfinder covers almost all of the frame in 95% and so, you should triple-check your photo composition very keenly so that you’re sure of a clean photo output.

What’s great about this product also, is that you can crop the images/videos during playback already. If you’re eyeing on experimenting with videos, you surely will love the timelapse feature of the Nikon D5600.


However, while those others on this list already offer you a 4K video capture, the Nikon D5600 falls short on that as it only caters to 1080p video recording. It has a smaller microphone compared to its predecessors but a 2.5mm microphone port is provided if in case, you will be needing a dedicated microphone to use. Considered to be one of the best DSLR cameras for a beginner, the Nikon D5600 surely is a value for money. You can buy it body only but there are others who sell it in a bundle with a VR lens.

The Nikon D5600 DSLR camera for beginners is compact and very versatile, it is portable and can be carried anywhere without straining your hands because it is lightweight and easy to carry.

4) Canon EOS Rebel T7i

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The Canon T7i is also considered to be a great DSLR for beginners. It is also known as the Canon EOS 800D outside of the US and it is one of the most recent models from Canon. Previous Canon Rebel DSLRs were so yesterday and all the improvements, updates and innovations in this line of DSLR makes the Canon T7i a better version of its predecessors. The closest to this model is the Canon T6i which has proven its name in the market and considered as one of the best entry-level DSLR but this better version makes the Canon T6i a thing of the past.

This DSLR comes with an 18-55mm STM lens and is jampacked with a lot of new updates. Both the 7i and 6i carries the same 24.2MP image resolution and they also use similar technology as to the Canon EOS 80D. This feature produces one of a kind high definition photos that make any newbie shoot like a pro. The Canon 7i DSLR comes with a new sensor also and it is paired with a DIGIC 7 photo processing system. That means you’re getting better ISO noise reduction and extreme autofocus activity.

ISO lighting with the Canon T7i comes from ISO100 to up to ISO25600 which tops the former model, the Canon T6i. If in case it is needed, the Canon 7i DSLR can expand its ISO sensitivity to up to 51,200. The Canon T7i has the same 3.0-inch display that can be swiveled and tilted in various angles. It has a resolution of 1,040,000 dots giving you an ultimately clear touchscreen display. Similar to the Nikon D5600, the Canon 7i does not come with a 4K video capture, it only can go as far as Full HD Video.


That means, it can only camcorder a 60p shoot but don’t fret, the image stabilization system on this camera works really well. What’s really promising about the Canon T7i DSLR camera for beginners is its new autofocus feature. Canon added a Dual Pixel Autofocus for shooting a live view and its interface is really more appealing to a DSLR camera beginner. If you’re looking for a well-spaced DSLR camera which can give you the best value for your money, you should consider getting a Canon T7i.

While It also is undeniable that the video quality for recording is quite disappointing but the Canon T7i will prove to be a well-loved model of DSLR for beginners.

5) Canon EOS 77D ( Best DSLR camera for beginners under $1000) 

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Similar to the Canon T7i, this DSLR model is also known by a different name in other regions. The Canon 77D is also known as the Canon EOS 900D. Feature-wise, this DSLR model carries the same as that of the Canon T7i and that of the EOS 80D. It also has the same 24MP image resolution and the same 45-point autofocus system. The Canon 77D, however, comes in a DIGIC 7 image processor and this is the updated version of those on the Canon T7i.

When it comes to weight and size, the Canon 77D DSLR camera for beginners is a little less bulky than the T7i and 80D and a few pounds lighter too. This model of camera for a beginner is considered to be one of those that gives justice to what you pay for. The Canon 77D gives newbie photographers a greater grip and a more controlled layout in its screen. The LCD screen of the Canon 77D is placed on the upper right plate of the camera.

One of the many great features of this model is its fast controlling dial that is located at the rear end of the camera and can be locked. This feature can only be seen in mid to high-end DSLR from Canon and cannot be seen on the Rebel line of DSLRs. This feature also makes it easy for the photographer to take firm control of exposures. If you’re eyeing on a smaller LCD for your beginner DSLR, then the Canon 77D comes with a smaller 3” 1.04 million-dot resolution compared to other DSLR for beginners.

In video recording mode, the screen on your DSLR can already be touched so you can focus on your subject automatically. The Dual Pixel AF makes the Canon 77D similar to the EOS 80D. The Canon 77D uses the standard user interface from Canon but if you need something that is a little more beginner-friendly and can be used even without a tutorial, you can shift to the UI of the Canon T7i if you wish.


For live viewing, there is a button dedicated to this function, this is not the same as the Canon’s Rebel-class DSLRs. This button can be found on the right corner of the viewfinder. The Canon 77D also offers a great HD video quality which can record 1080p/60p. If you wish to record a better audio quality, you can also use the microphone port on the side of the camera. The Canon 77D DSLR camera for beginners is a great choice for photography beginner looking for a camera that might be able to help them explore different techniques without needing professional help.

What to Look for in the Best DSLR Cameras for Beginners?

Purchasing a DSLR is no joke. You will be shedding some cash for this gadget and the least you would want to get is something that you won’t be using so you must be familiar with the things you need to look for in choosing the best DSLR cameras for beginners. First, you should look into the pros and cons of buying a DSLR camera with a kit or camera only.

Kits include the lenses and the body, and the most common lens that comes with the DSLR camera is an 18-55mm lens. If you choose to get the body only, then you’re getting the body of the camera and you will purchase a separate lens to go with it.

Secondly, you must look into the sensor. Are you getting a full frame sensor or an APS-C sensor? A full frame sensor is popular among professional photographers but it may be too much for those who are just beginning to learn the art of photography. APS-C sensors are on the other hand is more capable of capturing extraordinary images that are like taken by a professional even when a newbie took it.

Next thing to look for is the megapixels that come with the camera you wish to purchase. Megapixels are the resolution of images taken by your camera, the higher the resolution, the better the image composition. Lastly, you should look at image processors because these are considered as the brain of your DSLR camera. It is kind of difficult to compare image processors from one company to the other but essentially, a good image processor paired with a great software works wonders in the production of images.

There are a lot of trusted brands when it comes to camera production and if you’re familiar with them, you definitely should know already which suits your preference best.

Most Important Features of DSLR Cameras for Beginners

There are a lot of important features that you need to check before you purchase your first DSLR but in here, you will be finding out the most basic things that a beginner photographer must look with a DSLR camera for beginners. Apart from the usual resolutions, image processors and sensors, more basic things should be considered. First, you must check if the DSLR fits your grip properly.

You must be able to determine how you can access the different dials and controls that come with your DSLR camera because you need to check if it will be easy for you. Feel how heavy or how light it is, and look at the texture so you can avoid slipping your camera off your hands. Secondly, check the flash control so you can easily switch from one to another. One of the most important features of a DSLR that you should also consider is the materials used for the body of the camera. You wouldn’t want to spend a lot of cash on something that isn’t even at part of industry standards.

And lastly, you may want to consider modes and editing features. All DSLR cameras, be it for beginners or not comes with various modes, of which, the most popular are night, portrait, landscape, and sports. There is another beginner DSLR camera that comes with other unique modes like panorama and food, so you might want to consider those that carry those modes.

Apertures and shutter-priority mode are also as important as the manual mode. It will allow you to switch from learning focus on your own and allowing your device to do autofocusing for you.

Which Best DSLR Camera for Beginners is Right For You?

Different people of different ages and different preferences may have different choices when it comes to the best DSLR Camera for beginners that is right for them. If you have not decided which to pick yet, then you must remember that the best DSLR camera for you may not be similar as with your friend, that is why you should be able to decide from your own preference and not from the preference of others.

If ever that you’ve been familiar with using your smartphone or smaller digital camera in doing your photography, DSLR cameras for beginners will surely amaze you better. These cameras give you more freedom with creativity and you will be taking better photos that you used to.

The best DSLR camera for beginners that is just right for you depends on your needs and wants. If you’re looking into a DSLR that comes with a kit, then you should get the ones that come with a normal lens and a prime lens like a 50-mm or F1.8 because this kind of lenses will help you learn the basics of DSLR photography better.

The final decision is always yours to make, you should think about your choice thrice or more so that you won’t regret your purchase in the future.

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