Best Flash for Nikon D3500

Investing in the correct flash for your Nikon D3500 may make a world of difference when it comes to improving the camera’s natural and artificial lighting capabilities, which in turn can help you take better pictures.

Let’s take a look at the faculty of some of the most impressive flashes that are now on the market for the Nikon D3500 so that you can make an educated purchase.

Best Flash for Nikon D3500

1. Nikon SB-700 AF Speedlight

The Nikon SB-700 AF Speedlight is a highly dependable flash that integrates faultlessly with the Nikon D3500. It was developed by Nikon exclusively for use with their line of digital SLR cameras. This multipurpose flash has an ISO 100 guide number of 28 meters, which translates to 92 feet, and it is capable of delivering solid and reliable results. It has a wide variety of functions, such as TTL metering, wireless connectivity, and a revolving head for bounce and swivel capabilities, amongst other things.

It is user-friendly because of the straightforward interface and menu system, which allows you to effortlessly go through the settings and personalize your lighting configuration for a variety of shooting scenarios. The Nikon SB-700 AF Speedlight is a solid option for improving the flash photography capabilities of your Nikon D3500 camera, regardless of whether you are a novice or an experienced photographer.

2. Yongnuo YN-560 IV Speedlight

The Yongnuo YN-560 IV Speedlight is an enticing alternative that is compatible with the Nikon D3500 and may be used by photographers who are concerned about their spending but yet want exceptional performance. This flash has a remarkable amount of strength and range since it has a guide number that extends to 58 meters (or 190 feet) at ISO 100.

You will have complete creative control over your lighting thanks to the manual control that this system provides. Additionally, it supports wireless triggering, which enables you to activate the flash remotely for off-camera lighting setups. This is a valuable feature for photographers who frequently use off-camera lighting. Photographers who wish to enhance the flash capabilities of their Nikon D3500 without breaking the bank will find the Yongnuo YN-560 IV Speedlight to be an excellent investment. It’s solid build quality and dependable performance make it a perfect choice.

3. Metz M400 Flash

Designed specifically for use with the Nikon D3500, the Metz M400 Flash is a flash unit that combines portability and power. This flash has a guide number of 40 meters, which translates to 131 feet (at ISO 100), and provides sufficient light output for a variety of photography conditions. It is compatible with Nikon’s i-TTL technology, which enables accurate and dependable metering to provide exposures that are consistent.

It is simple to walk through the settings and customize the flash output to meet your requirements thanks to the straightforward design of the user interface and the friendliness of the buttons. The Metz M400 Flash, despite its small size, comes equipped with a rotating head, which enables you to bounce and spin the flash in order to achieve various creative lighting effects. Metz M400 Flash is a trustworthy partner for your Nikon D3500, producing consistent and high-quality lighting results, making it ideal for photographing portraits, events, or daily moments.

4. Nissin Di700A Speedlight

Advanced lighting capabilities are offered by the Nissin Di700A Speedlight for the Nikon D3500. This flash comes equipped with wireless TTL technology. Because it offers wireless TTL metering, you’ll find that achieving precise and balanced exposures is a breeze thanks to this feature. This flash has a guide number of 54 meters, which equates to 177 feet when using ISO 100. This gives it sufficient power for a diverse variety of photographic applications.

The Nissin Di700A Speedlight has a user-friendly design that is equipped with an intuitive control panel, which makes it simple to operate and make on-the-fly adjustments to the settings. In addition, it has high-speed sync (HSS), which allows for the capture of subjects that are moving quickly while maintaining excellent illumination, as well as a rotating head, which allows for the capabilities of bounce and swivel. When paired with the Nikon D3500, the Nissin Di700A Speedlight is a flash that is both dependable and filled with features, and it enhances the creative possibilities available to you.

5. Sigma EF-610 DG ST Flash

In addition to being compatible with the Nikon D3500, the Sigma EF-610 DG ST Flash offers a flash choice that is both strong and flexible. Because it supports TTL metering, it ensures that exposures will be accurate and constant regardless of the lighting circumstances. This flash offers a substantial improvement to your illumination capabilities, as it has a guide number that extends to 61 meters (or 200 feet) at an ISO setting of 100.

You have exact control over the direction the light is coming from and the quality of it, thanks to the bounce and swivel head included on the Sigma EF-610 DG ST Flash. Additionally, it features back curtain sync, which enables you to record intriguing light trails and imaginative motion effects in your photographs. Your Nikon D3500 will benefit from the dependable and high-quality illumination performance provided by the Sigma EF-610 DG ST Flash, regardless of whether you are shooting indoors or outdoors.

6. Phottix Mitros+ TTL Transceiver Flash

The Phottix Mitros+ TTL Transceiver Flash is an advanced flash option that provides TTL metering in addition to wireless trigger capabilities. Because of these features, it is an excellent selection for professional photographers who use the Nikon D3500. This flash enables on-camera as well as off-camera wireless triggering thanks to the built-in transceiver it contains. This gives you additional versatility in the way your lighting is set up. It is compatible with high-speed sync (HSS) and provides a guide number that is adaptable to a variety of shooting situations.

The Phottix Mitros+ TTL Transceiver Flash also has a rotating head that has the ability to bounce and swivel, giving you greater control over the quality and direction of the light that is produced by the flash. In addition to this, it provides firmware upgrades, which ensures compatibility with any future generations of the Nikon D3500 and extends the product’s useful lifespan as a helpful tool for meeting your photographic requirements.

7. Godox V860II-N TTL Speedlight

The Godox V860II-N TTL Speedlight is an excellent alternative to the Nikon D3500 for photographers who are looking for a flash that is both strong and flexible and that also features TTL metering. It is equipped with an internal rechargeable battery, which serves as a source of power that is both handy and long-lasting. This flash has a guide number that makes it suited for a variety of shooting scenarios, and it provides illumination performance that is both constant and dependable.

The Godox V860II-N TTL Speedlight is equipped with high-speed sync (HSS) and wireless trigger capabilities. These features make it possible to set up off-camera flash settings and achieve a variety of creative lighting effects. The rotating head allows you to aim the light exactly where it is needed, while the user-friendly interface and controls make it simple to modify the settings and navigate through the menu system. Your Nikon D3500’s flash capabilities will be improved by the addition of the Godox V860II-N TTL Speedlight, which is a flash that is both flexible and dependable.

8. Neewer NW-561 Speedlight

When it comes to flash options for the Nikon D3500, the Neewer NW-561 Speedlight is an affordable alternative that provides dependable performance and a wide range of capabilities. This flash has sufficient illumination output to accommodate a wide range of shooting settings thanks to its guide number of 38 meters (or 125 feet) when used with ISO 100. It provides you with complete creative control over your lighting setup by featuring a manual control that you may manipulate.

You may generate the necessary lighting effects by bouncing and swiveling the flash with the help of the Neewer NW-561 Speedlight, which comes with a revolving head as standard equipment. Because of its user-friendly UI and straightforward control options, it is suitable for photographers of all experience levels. The Neewer NW-561 Speedlight is an excellent option to consider purchasing in the event that you are interested in enhancing the lighting capabilities of your Nikon D3500 with a flash that is both capable and reasonably priced.


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