Best Flash for Sony a7s

Looking for flashes for the Sony a7S? Here is the finest Flash/Speedlite for Sony a7S, based on our testing of the latest top beats.

In addition to the new multi-interface hot-shoe, the Sony a7 cameras also feature an array of new accessories for both stills and video production that are compatible with the camera. Sony currently manufactures four flashes that are designed to fit directly into the multi-interface shoe of digital cameras.

Best Flash for Sony a7S

1. Sony HVLF20M, MI Shoe External Flash

A portable and lightweight external flash for the Sony a7s, the Sony HVLF20M was explicitly created for use with the Sony a7s. This flash is compatible with the MI Shoe, allowing for smooth integration with the camera. This integration ensures reliable communication as well as precise control over the illumination. It has a guide number of 20, which translates to an ISO 100 equivalent of meters, and it gives enough light for use in ordinary photography scenarios.

You may create lighting effects that are more natural and attractive with the help of the HVLF20M’s bounce flash capabilities. These capabilities enable you to modify the angle and direction of the flash. When used with Sony cameras that are compatible, it also offers wireless control, which gives you the option to experiment with different lighting settings that are off-camera. Users of the Sony a7s who value portability and convenience of use but don’t want to sacrifice performance will benefit from the HVLF20M, which is a flash alternative that is easy and adaptable.

2. Sony External Flash with Wireless Remote Control

The Sony External Flash with Wireless Remote Control is a flexible flash solution that extends the Sony a7s’s capabilities in terms of sophisticated illumination. This flash has a reference number that is appropriate for a variety of shooting settings, which ensures that there is sufficient light output for proper exposure. The flash can be easily controlled and triggered from a distance, thanks to its built-in wireless remote control feature. This enables more creative lighting setups and provides greater versatility.

Because it utilizes TTL (through-the-lens) metering, the flash is capable of producing exposures that are precise and constant regardless of the surrounding light. Additionally, it offers high-speed sync, which enables you to record action that is happening at a rapid rate and efficiently manage the ambient light. For Sony a7s photographers who want superior lighting control as well as versatility in their photography activities, the Sony External Flash with Wireless Remote Control is a fantastic solution.

3. Sony HVL-F32M TTL External Flash

The Sony HVL-F32M TTL External Flash is a high-performance flash that was created exclusively for the Sony a7s. It features TTL (through-the-lens) capabilities. This flash, with its TTL metering capabilities, ensures precise and consistent exposures in a wide range of lighting circumstances, resulting in high-quality images of the highest possible standard. It has a firm guide number that makes it suited for a wide variety of shooting events, and it provides sufficient illumination even in lighting conditions that are difficult to work with.

The HVL-F32M is equipped with a bounce head that enables users to change the flash angle and direction, resulting in a variety of lighting effects that appear to be occurring naturally. Additionally, it allows high-speed sync, which gives you the ability to regulate ambient light as well as freeze action efficiently. The Sony HVL-F32M TTL External Flash is a reliable and adaptable lighting option for Sony a7s photographers who want to achieve high-quality photographs. It’s dependable performance, and sophisticated features make it an ideal choice for these photographers.

4. Sony HVLF43M High Power Flash

The Sony HVLF43M High Power Flash is a flash of professional quality that was designed specifically for use with the Sony a7s and has remarkable lighting capabilities. This flash has a high guide number, which allows it to provide intense and uniform light over a broad range of shooting circumstances. It has a motorized bounce head that gives you fine control over the illumination, allowing you to modify the flash angle and direction in whatever direction you want.

TTL (through-the-lens) metering is supported by the HVLF43M, which ensures precise exposures and smooth integration with the camera’s system. In addition to this, it enables wireless control and triggering, which opens up the possibility of experimenting with off-camera lighting setups. Because it is built to give dependable and consistent performance, the HVLF43M is a perfect solution for professional Sony a7s photographers who want sophisticated lighting capabilities.

5. Sony External Flash HVLF60RM

The Sony External Flash HVLF60RM is a top-of-the-line flash solution that is designed to offer the Sony a7s illumination that is both powerful and adaptable. This flash has a high guide number, which gives it excellent light output. You may use it in a wide variety of photography conditions without worrying about getting poor exposure. The HVLF60RM is equipped with an internal wireless radio system, which enables it to seamlessly integrate and exercise wireless control over Sony cameras that are compatible with the system.

Because it supports TTL metering, it ensures that the exposures are correct and that the results are consistent. You are able to experiment with many creative lighting approaches and create dynamic photographs thanks to the flash’s array of sophisticated features, which include high-speed sync, stroboscopic mode, and multi-flash capabilities.

The Sony External Flash HVLF60RM is the ideal option for Sony a7s photographers who want precise control over their lighting as well as a high degree of versatility thanks to its performance that is on par with that of a professional as well as its sophisticated wireless capabilities.


In conclusion, the lights that were discussed before offer outstanding lighting choices for photographers using the Sony a7s, which in turn boosts the photographers’ creativity and yields spectacular results. These flashes, which are intended to complement the Sony a7s and give powerful lighting capabilities precisely, range from alternatives that are tiny and lightweight, such as the Sony HVLF20M, to flashes that offer high performance, such as the Sony External Flash HVLF60RM.

These flashes provide adaptability, sophisticated capabilities, and consistent performance to fulfill your creative lighting needs with the Sony a7s. Whether you are an amateur photographer or a professional, the Sony a7s is the ideal camera to use with these flashes.


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