Best Gimbal for Nikon D500

The Nikon D500 is a 21-megapixel APS-C DSLR camera with a frame rate of up to 10 frames per second and autofocus technology that is



The Nikon D500 is a 21-megapixel APS-C DSLR camera with a frame rate of up to 10 frames per second and autofocus technology that is adapted from the one found in the Nikon D5. For want of a better phrase, it’s precisely the type of high-end DX format body that looked to have gone extinct with the introduction of the D300.

While much has changed in the six-and-a-half years since the D300S was introduced, the D500 does much to restore its status as one of the top APS-C cameras available on the market today.

Best gimbal for Nikon D500 recommendations? The following are the best Nikon D500 gimbals.

Best Gimbal for Nikon D500

As you might expect, much of the camera’s enhanced capability is focused on sports and high-speed shooting, with significant improvements to the shooting rate and autofocus system. However, there are also significant improvements to the viewfinder, video capabilities, and connectivity options, which broaden the camera’s application beyond a single niche.

When it comes to Nikon’s DX-format DSLR lineup, the D500 is distinguished by its solid physical construction, strong photography capabilities, and, of course, a more compact and streamlined design than its FX-format counterparts. This camera, which is built around a 20.9MP CMOS sensor and an EXPEED 5 image processor, appeals to both still and video photographers thanks to its quick 10-frames-per-second continuous shooting rate and 4K UHD video recording capabilities.

Aside from that, the sensor and processor work together to provide a natural sensitivity range of up to ISO 51200, which can be further enhanced to ISO 1640000 for working in low-light and harsh lighting circumstances, respectively. Its large Multi-CAM 20K 153-point AF system, which includes 99 cross-type points for rapid performance and precise subject tracking capabilities, contributes to the D500’s quick shooting performance as well. While it may be small in form, the D500 is not lacking in terms of functionality and adaptability.

1. DJI RS 2 Combo 

A versatile and potent gimbal with excellent performance and stability is the DJI RS 2 Combo. One of the top Nikon D500 gimbals for professional videography, this gimbal was made for large camera setups and was intended for filmmakers. It can support extra attachments like external monitors and lenses and has a maximum payload capacity of XX pounds, which will improve your shooting experience.

With the RS 2 Combo, you can easily let your creativity run wild with cutting-edge features like a built-in focus wheel, time-lapse capabilities, and a variety of shooting modes. The long-lasting battery life assures uninterrupted recording sessions, while the sleek and ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip for prolonged shooting sessions.

2. DJI RSC 2 

The DJI RSC 2 is a superb alternative among Nikon D500 gimbals for people looking for a more compact and lightweight option. It doesn’t sacrifice performance despite its small size. The RSC 2 can accommodate several camera setups and has a weight capacity of XX pounds, making it appropriate for mirrorless and DSLR cameras like the Nikon D500.

It is the ideal traveling companion for videographers because of its folding design, which makes it convenient for storage and transportation. The gimbal has a quick-charge system that extends the shooting time, and its simple controls guarantee trouble-free use. Additionally, the gimbal can track subjects precisely thanks to ActiveTrack 3.0 technology, which makes it an excellent option for filming dynamic scenarios.

3. FLYCAM HD-3000 

For those on a tight budget who want to stabilize their Nikon D500 footage, the FLYCAM HD-3000 is an affordable choice. The HD-3000 offers dependable performance and seamless stabilization for smaller camera setups, despite the fact that it might not have as many high-tech capabilities as more expensive models. It can easily fit cameras the same size as the Nikon D500 thanks to its maximum payload capacity of XX lbs.

The gimbal’s dynamic balance system and adjustable base plate enable a quick and simple setup, while the foam-padded handle guarantees a secure grip for protracted shots. The FLYCAM HD-3000 offers an affordable option for enhancing your videography, whether you’re a beginner or an enthusiast on a tight budget.

4. ZHIYUN Crane 3S 

Heavy-duty gimbals like the ZHIYUN Crane 3S are made for professionals who want the utmost stability and control. It can manage even the most challenging camera configurations, including the Nikon D500 with extra attachments, thanks to its enormous payload capacity of XX lbs. The 3S has a revolutionary modular design that lets you adapt the gimbal to your needs.

The big ergonomic handle offers a comfortable grip during prolonged shooting, and its solid motors and sophisticated algorithm produce remarkable smoothness. The Crane 3S is one of the best gimbals for the Nikon D500, especially for professional videographers and filmmakers. The built-in focus and zoom controllers further improve your shooting capabilities.


A portable and feature-rich gimbal, the ZHIYUN WEEBILL 2 Pro is ideal for travel and run-and-gun shooting situations. It can easily manage the Nikon D500 and other cameras of a similar size thanks to its payload capacity of XX lbs. With the WEEBILL 2 Pro’s cutting-edge image stabilization technology, you can record footage that is incredibly smooth, even in difficult lighting conditions.

While the revised motor design ensures less noise and greater efficiency, the gimbal’s intuitive touchscreen interface makes it simple to access the numerous shooting modes and settings. The WEEBILL 2 Pro is a top pick for shooting great footage with your Nikon D500 for content makers who are constantly on the go because of its lightweight, small size, and long-lasting battery.


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