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Best Memory Cards for Canon PowerShot S200

Best Memory Cards for Canon PowerShot S200 recommendations? The following are the best Canon PowerShot S200 Memory Cards.

Sleek aesthetics, ultra-compact dimensions, and immaculate elegance are all hallmarks of Canon’s popular IXY (rhymes with Dixie) DIGITAL series, and the IXY DIGITAL 200a carries on the tradition.

The Canon PowerShot S200 incorporates cutting-edge optical technology to produce images of exceptional quality and clarity. The 200a is equipped with a 1/2.7-inch CCD sensor with 2 million effective pixels of resolution, an RGB primary color filter, and Canon’s proprietary high-speed Imaging Engine digital signal-processing IC, which allows it to produce images with a high signal-to-noise ratio, high definition, and accurate color reproduction.

The Canon PowerShot S200 achieves an even thinner body than previous IXY DIGITAL versions that were produced.

With the Intelligent Orientation Sensor, Canon’s IXY DIGITAL 200a is the first camera in the IXY DIGITAL or PowerShot compact digital lineup to automatically detect the camera’s orientation while also ensuring optimal Auto-Focus, Auto-Exposure, and Auto-White Balance performance. Canon’s Intelligent Orientation Sensor is found in all IXY DIGITAL and PowerShot compact digital lineups.

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Best Memory Cards for Canon PowerShot S200

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