Best Memory Cards for Canon PowerShot S500

Best Memory Cards for Canon PowerShot S500 recommendations? The following are the best Canon PowerShot S500 Memory Cards.

The Canon PowerShot S500 builds on the great design and performance characteristics of its predecessors – the long-selling IXY DIGITAL 400 and Canon PowerShot S500, which were introduced in March and May 2003, respectively – and introduces new features.

With the addition of a Print/Share button, the models improve the ease and enjoyment of Canon’s Direct Print functionality. Users may make photo prints straight from a compatible printer with a single click of the new Print/Share button, eliminating the need for a computer altogether.

Users will also be able to swiftly and conveniently transfer photographs to a Windows-based computer using this functionality. Additionally, new print-related features include ID Photo Print, which makes it simple to print photo prints that are compatible with all of the major identification-photo sizes in use around the world; and Movie Print, which allows users to print sequences of video files captured on the memory card.

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As the first camera in Canon’s ultra-compact IXY DIGITAL series to integrate a five-megapixel picture sensor, the Canon ixy digital 500 offers more image capture precision than any other camera in the IXY DIGITAL series.

It was introduced in June 2004 as a limited-edition white-bodied version of the Canon IXY DIGITAL 500, which had originally been released in March of that year. The front panel of the new model is coated with a newly designed high-gloss surface finish, which achieves a transparent whiteness and a smooth feel similar to that of porcelain. The IXY DIGITAL 500 White Limited will only be sold in Japan and will be offered in a limited quantity of 10,000 units.

Best Memory Cards for Canon PowerShot S500

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