Best Mirrorless Cameras Under $1000 – Buying Guide

An ultimate guide to camera lovers on finding the most prominent mirrorless professional cameras at this age!

Photography has been a major part of our day to day living. We post photos to favorite social media outfits and create memories with loved ones. Because of this necessity, the innovation of modern smartphones built in with the camera has become known to people for an easy and convenient photo capturing. But nonetheless, if you want to take your photos to another level then you should check out these mirrorless professional cameras.

These handy and quality compact cameras have been fabricated exclusively for photo capturing. It brings out the highest resolution of photos that you’ll never have through your smartphones. These cameras are also not bulky, heavy, and complex layouts with very big sensors that most DSLR has. You don’t need cameras like that especially during travels and adventures. If you are still searching, then this could be the answer to your endless quest.

The good thing about is that you don’t need to spend thousands just to get that professional like photo capture because these are all mirrorless cameras listed here are under $1000. Truly affordable, right? If you are interested, then you could look over this compilation of the best mirrorless cameras that absolutely you will dream of having.

Best Mirrorless Cameras Under $1000

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1. Sony A77 II

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Deliver the world’s fastest shooting experience. This professional mirrorless camera brags about its fast processing engine and auto-focus speed which is three times faster as its predecessor, Sony A77. This allows fast-track capture on moving objects with its continuous camera shuttering taking photos up to 12 frames per second. It adopts a high edging power technology with its latest RGB color filter creating the best quality and lowest distortion photos. This aesthetic mirrorless camera is built in with WiFi and records high-performance videos. It also offers a 24.3 MP resolution and equips with very low sensitivity to light which allows capturing even under the darkest nights.

The long wait is over. This improved version of Sony A77 will blow your mind with its fast focusing and processing system that captures efficiently photos even at the farthest distance. This professional mirrorless camera contains minimal distortions and is highly effective even at low sensitive lights. Additionally, transferring your photos won’t be too hard because this mirrorless camera allows WiFi connectivity.

2. Fujifilm X-T1

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Enjoy your travels and adventures with this SLR style design mirrorless camera. This premium camera incorporates a 16.3 MP APS CMOS-II Sensor and ISO 200-6400 that shoots out images in various RAW and JPEG formats. It contains a fast track shutter that allows continuous shooting up to 8 frames per second. This records 1080p HD videos and has a tiltable 3 inch LCD display to take multi-angled shots and pictures. This durable mirrorless camera is weather resistant and withstands exposure to water, dust, and extreme cold. This classic mirrorless camera could capture photos through your favorite smartphones and tablets. Also, this comes with a powerful WiFi connectivity that keeps photo and video sharing experience fast and convenient.

If you are fond of traveling, then this flexible mirrorless camera would be a perfect companion. It is handy and weather resistant so you’ll never get a problem in times when rain or snow arrives. This best mirrorless camera allows capturing through your smartphones and tablets by installing the application. Though as compared to its competitors, this professional mirrorless camera has bad autofocus system and low resolution. This mirrorless camera is also not ideal to be used by first timers due to its complicated layout and controls. But overall, considering the camera’s price, this is still worth taking a shot at buying.

3. Sony A7

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Bring every photo capture the maximum. This professional mirrorless camera incorporates a 24.3 MP full frame CMOS sensor with ½ inch OLED color electronic viewfinder making realistic imitations through images. This takes every detail of moving objects through its 4fps continuous shooting feature. It powers with high-speed autofocus and processing system to keep every photo clear and sharp as needed. It manages photo and video transfer through its WiFi connectivity with NTC enabling you to keep experiences closer within your reach.

This Sony’s attempt at innovation is absolutely a success.  This professional mirrorless camera is on the edge with its excellent image quality comparable to DSLR bulky cameras. This camera records videos clearly and shoots out even fast track images. Though there are still flaws in this camera, this has price highly reasonable given its unbelievable features and specifications.

4. Fujifilm X-T20

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This versatile mirrorless camera under $1000 transforms every picture majestically. This camera is empowered with a 24.3 MP APS-C sensor with high magnification 2.36 M dot organic El electronic viewfinder bringing real-like images closer to your screens. This premium camera brand comes with a dual photo capturing mode, the auto and capturing modes bringing convenience and easiness, especially to first-time camera users. It comes with a vari-angle 3.0 inch LCD screen that allows taking photos at different perspectives. It has 8fps continuous shooting to catch on fast moving objects. It shoots 4K quality video and comes with an external microphone and HDMI port to view easily recorded videos on your monitors. It incorporates varying film modes and filters to manipulate effects the way you wanted it.

Fujifilm has truly made sacrifices for this brand coming from its predecessor in order to cater to some features that you will like. Nonetheless, its weather resisting characteristic was removed to build a smaller and more robust material structure professional mirrorless camera. The electronic viewfinder is also wasn’t as good and detailed as compared to its predecessor yet still prettily acceptable. But don’t you worry, this camera is affordable and has easy controls fitted for those beginners who wanted to start their careers in photography.

5. Panasonic LUMIX GX8

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Capture the best moments by using this mirrorless camera under $1000. It takes a picture through its 20.3 MP sensor and 20 multi-range lenses rendering crystal clear and realistic images. It contains fast and high-end autofocusing system keeping every subject on target. It features a unique dual image stabilization for efficient photo capturing. It shoots out 4K Ultra HD Videos making sure to not miss every video experience. It includes multiple 4K Photo Modes to enhance creativity and effects. This mirrorless camera made from magnesium alloy is weather and water resistant.

This Panasonic’s flagship mirrorless camera is significantly making waves in the camera industry. It has certainly amazing features like the vari-angle LCD screen, touch screen, and excellent image quality drawn to its 20 wide-ranging lenses. It is also dust and splash proof which means that the professional mirrorless camera under $1000 is weather resistant and is highly ideal for travels and getaways. Though still, this camera has a weak auto-focusing system for which is really inconvenient. But nonetheless, this is a different and completely improved brand camera by Panasonic. This is an excellent buy with a reasonable price given.

6. Olympus PEN-F

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A retro appeal style touched with modern features and quality. This mirrorless camera under $1000 is beautifully crafted with new 20 Megapixel Live Sensor and comprises a 2.36 million-Dot OLED electronic viewfinder to capture real-like clear images. It captures important memories with its 10 fps continuous shooting and 5 axis image stabilization. It is created through the full metal material with its aesthetic leather design to match up the vintage mood and vibe the camera has. Run over ‘until night time because this professional mirrorless camera allows you to capture stunning night images powered by its advanced filters and effects to establish variation and moods with your photos. You’ll always stay connected because this mirrorless camera has built-in WiFi connectivity for instant transferring and sharing of your photos and videos.

This is Olympus first mirrorless camera with micro four-thirds sensors to have a 20 million pixels EVF so you could definitely assure quality images with less distortion coming from this premium camera. This professional mirrorless camera has also robust design with strong material construction that fits through its considerable retro vibe. Its controls are customized though could be quite complicated for beginners to handle on. But overall, this highly optimizable camera is an excellent option especially for enthusiastic photographers who want to experience a different brand of photos.

7. Panasonic LUMIX G85

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Take your shots aesthetic and detailed through this professional mirrorless camera. This camera leads with a 16-Megapixel sensor and 5 axis image stabilization to ensure sharp and quality images. Capture out blistering shots through its high resolution 30 fps recording your 4K videos and photos the way you’d always wanted. It is designed with a powerful lightweight and cutting-edge body that is highly resistant to extreme weather conditions. It tops out with high battery performance and processing engine to keep your photos fast track and on point. It has ultra-speed autofocusing system keeping every shot on target and clear. It records full HD 4K videos giving a movie like quality videos that highly ideal to create perfect memories.

A less bulky option than your typical DSLR camera, this mirrorless camera under $1000 has a broad range of lenses and has great autofocus system for which is really important upon taking photos. Also, it is highly flexible to extreme and challenging situations with its durable design and structure. It records high-quality videos and has an excellent battery efficiency. Though this mirrorless camera is not ideal especially for first timers because of its complex interface and controls. However, you could rest assured a worth taking camera given its features and reasonable price.

8. Olympus OM-D E-M10 MARK III

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Maximize your creativity with perfect shots! This professional mirrorless camera provides clear images from its 2.36 million electronic viewfinders with 0.62x magnification. It comes with the empowering 5-axis image stabilization which prevents capture of distorted and shaky images. It shutters with super-fast and precise auto-focusing system that could be even controlled using your smartphones. It captures fast-tracked images beautifully with its 8.6 frames per second burst shooting experience. It shoots wide-framed ranges and high-quality videos creating modern touches to recording technology. It comes with intricate filters and modes that you’ll surely like on playing out with your pictures. This premium camera connects to WiFi connectivity for easy sharing of selfies and group pictures to various social media outfits.

An affordable and premium mirrorless camera that is handy and generates high-quality videos and images. This has a great auto-focusing system and has 5-axis image stabilization which is quite useful for doing challenging photoshoots. However, this professional mirrorless camera may not be that friendly to amateurs for its complicated interface and controls. Overall, this is all-around mirrorless cameras under $1000 that you’ll truly love on having!

9. Sony A6300

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This professional mirrorless camera boasts over its world’s fastest auto-focusing system with the full advantage of its premium phase detection and 0.05-second duration focusing. It comes with a 2.4 million dot OLED Tru-Finder and a 24.2 MP CMOS sensor enhanced with copper wiring circuit processing to generate minimal noises and high-quality resolution of images and videos. It is equipped with Full HD video shooting with slow-motion options to maximize your movie filming experience. This mirrorless camera incorporates a 3.0-inch tilting LCD screen for brilliant quality imaging.

This appealing mirrorless camera under $1000 has wide range features that you are going to like. From its super-focus system, great viewfinder, high-quality video, and tilting LED screen. Though, this camera is incomparable against its competitors with the same range of price because it’s lacking some features like a touchscreen display and the basic RAW format. Nonetheless, these are just minor discrepancies and does not affect much the quality of photos and videos this camera has given.

10. Canon M5

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This sophisticated and one of a kind mirrorless camera encompasses a 24.2 MP sensor that captures lifelike and detailed images and videos. Its advance Dual Pixel Auto-focusing technology takes track of images clearly and evenly. It captures over moving objects precisely through its 7.0 frames per second continuous shooting without having distortions and noises as needed. It is highly customized with five control dials and an exemplary 180-degree tilt type LCD screen. It records high-quality Full HD videos convenient to be played on wide screens. It connects to WiFi and Bluetooth for easy sharing of photos and videos.

This mirrorless camera under $1000 has been rocking out with brilliant image resolution incorporated with user-friendly touchscreen controls that is what everyone needs to photo capturing. It also comes with multiple sharing options with Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity. As compared to other camera brands, this professional mirrorless camera lacks 4K video and consists of a limited selection of lenses. This is also a bit expensive considering its nearest competitors. But nonetheless, this mirrorless camera is a great buy.


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