Best Point and Shoot Cameras Under $300

Are there any new cameras worth of stacking the claim of the best compact cameras under $300? Let’s find out!

Off late, compact systems haven’t been the focus of manufacturers as they are looking to woo new customers with the power of DSLRs. Plus, with the advent of dual (and now triple) camera systems on smartphones, compact cameras are being pushed to the sideline.

Yet, there is a certain charm with small compact cameras. I mean proper cameras i.e. the smartphone camera is not a proper camera. You don’t have (yet) a zoom lens. Yes, some of you will contradict and say dual lens systems somewhat achieve that ability to zoom. But then, these are dual fixed lenses and not a zoom lens which gives you a range of focal length to choose from.

Enough said. Let’s not delay this any further. So, here are the best compact cameras under $300 in 2020.

Best Point and Shoot Cameras Under $300


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