What is the best Sony Entry-Level Mirrorless Camera?  That will depend on what kind of photographer you are, so we have provided a selection of cameras that are ideal for beginners, amateur vloggers, filmmakers, photography lovers, and experienced photographers.

To make it easier for various users to find the camera they want, we’ve split our guide into pieces. First of all, we list the best all-rounders a range of mirrorless cameras that are decent options for a wide variety of consumers and will do well in almost every situation you care to throw at them. Next, we list cost-effective and basic cameras, which are the perfect choice if you only want anything to work. These cameras seem to be smaller as well, so they would be a nice travel option.

Best Sony Entry-Level Mirrorless Camera in 2021

Sony a6600

Sony a6400

Sony a6100

Sony a6500

Sony a6300

Sony a7S

Sony a7R

Sony a7R II

Sony a7S II



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