Best Wide-angle Prime Lenses for Canon EOS 77D

If you are picking the right lens for your Canon EOS 77D, there are several things that you need to think about. You should be aware of the basic terms and ideas about the lenses so that you understand what they are and why you should buy them. There are various types of lenses that you can get for the Canon EOS 77D and two of the most loved ones would be the zoom lenses and the prime lenses.

The zoom lenses are those that zoom in and out the subject. You can magnify it as much as you wish. The prime lens, on the other hand, could not zoom, you will need to manually move closer to the subject if you need a close-up shot. You may ask why would you want a prime lens for your Canon 77D? basically, a prime lens is cheaper and they also give you sharper results. They contain wider apertures and take in more light.

Prime lenses also handle themselves better than the zoom. If you love the high resolution and crisp pictures, then the prime lens would be the best fit for your Canon EOS 77D. Zoom lenses are also versatile themselves since they allow you to change the lens, unlike prime lenses. Both lenses are designed for the focal length that they have. Lower mm for the focal length means that it has a wider view and the bigger numbers mean that it has a close view.

Best Wide-angle Prime Lenses for Canon EOS 77D

When you’re using your Canon 77D in a small room inside a house, you should be using a 18mm lens to capture everything in the room, while an 85mm lens will only give you a small amount to see in the room. Prime lenses only have one focal length which is 35mm and 50mm and more. When you want range you can go for the zoom.

Below, you can find various prime lenses that you can pick out from for your Canon 77D. bear in mind what these lenses can and cannot do so that you will also know which one would be the best choice for you.

Sigma 20mm F1.4 ART DG HSM

Sigma 412954 20mm F1.4 Art DG HSM Lens for Canon, Black
  • Optical designs is highly resistant to strong incidental light sources such as backlight
  • Minimized Chromatic aberration, distortion, and ghosting. Weight is 2.1 pounds
  • This lens delivers excellent brightness and bokeh and is ideal high speed lens for snapshots.

The Sigma 20mm F1.4 ART DG HSM Lens boasts a design that is very resistant when it comes to incidental light sources, like backlights. This means you don’t have to worry about the backlight having to cause trouble with your shots. Then it also has a minimized chromatic aberration, ghosting and distortion feature, which helps you in only taking high-quality photos with the most minimum interference from the environment. The lens also gives great brightness and carries ideal speed lens for quick snapshots. When you are looking for good enough Canon EOS 77D lenses, this should be the option to consider.

This is one of the best Prime Lenses that are sold out there and if you are into photographing things with a flair of art into them, you are choosing the right item. This product is also under the Wide-angle Lenses category which means that you should expect the design to be suited for full frame cameras. However, they will also work with APS-C sensors too. This lens isn’t joking around especially when it comes to Wide-angle Prime Lenses that you need. The newest optical design for Canon 77D lenses available out there is dedicated to capturing the best image quality and at the same time giving careful attention to performance and edge.

Samyang SY14M-C 14mm F2.8 Ultra Wide

Samyang SY14M-C 14mm F2.8 Ultra Wide Fixed Angle Lens for Canon
  • Ultra-wide angle of view on both full frame and APS-C cameras
  • Minimum focusing distance of only 0. 9 ft. Focal Length -14 mm
  • Excellent construction and superior build quality for razor sharp images

Another product that you can add to your list of Canon 77D lenses to buy would be the Samyang SY14M-C 14mm F2.8 Ultra Wide Fixed Angle Lens for Canon. It is part of the Wide-angle Lenses category in the market and you will surely love it when you love the ultra wide angle view on both the full frame and the APS-C cameras. A lot of Wide-angle Prime Lenses offer you a lot of features that you can definitely make use of as well as Prime Lenses. The Samyang SY14M-C 14mm F2.8 Ultra Wide Fixed Angle Lens has an amazing construction of its build, it also has a great quality shell and most of all can take very sharp images.

The features are well built into the petal-type hood and there is also a super Super multilayer coating that reduces the flares and ghost images. The only trouble would be that the lens is not able to zoom in and out. You will, however, be very surprised at how its lens is able to take amazing shots despite not be able to zoom like other lenses. There are so many Canon EOS 77D lenses that are for sale in the market, but what you need to know is that you should get the one which can give you the most advantage while shooting.

Canon EF 20mm f/2.8 USM Wide-Angle

Canon EF 20mm f/2.8 USM Wide-Angle Fixed Lens
  • Focal length and maximum aperture: 20mm 1:2.8
  • Lens construction: 11 elements in 9 groups
  • Diagonal angle of view: 94 Degree

It would be wise to buy the Canon EF 20mm f/2.8 USM Wide-Angle Fixed Lens when you are looking for Canon EOS 77D lenses that are great to use. The product has a rear focusing system along with USM focus adjustments. It also carries Wide-angle Lenses and has a floating system and you are able to control the inner focusing and the full-time manual focus when needed. You can always look for more Prime Lenses online for more options or even Wide-angle Prime Lenses if you need to, but what you have to look into carefully would be the specifications of the lens that you are planning to buy.

For the Canon EF 20mm f/2.8 USM Wide-Angle Fixed Lens, you need to know that they are only compatible with APS-C sensor DSLR cameras. It is always a treat to use the Canon EF 20mm f/2.8 USM because of the impressive features that it has and also because it is one of the best Canon 77D lenses on the list.

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There is so much to learn when it comes to the variety of lenses of the Canon 77D. this doesn’t only apply to this kind of camera, but to a majority of them. Many lenses have their own designations when it comes to the focal length that they have. If you want to get various effects with your photographs, the best thing you can do would be to change the lenses that you use.

Wide angle lenses for the Canon EOS 77D are usually around 18-30mm and they are able to create amazing depth. If you want to capture everything in your picture, then wide angle lenses are the lenses to go to. The downside of this is that sometimes, wide angle lenses causes distortion, however, there are also some expensive wide angle lenses that attempt to take care of this problem.

After shooting with your Canon 77D, you can even use editing programs to handle the unwanted distortion for you. It’s not the worst effect that you can get from a lens since when you use wide angle lenses, you should expect that images will be distorted at some point and the depth is also exaggerated. The best way to handle this is to use the distortion to your advantage.


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