Best Wide-angle Prime Lenses for Canon EOS 7D Mark II

Sigma 20mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art

This lens is a fine mix of advanced optics and optimized lens power distribution which minimizes spherical aberration, axial chromatic aberration and field curvature, producing outstanding image quality. This lens provides great brightness and a soft bokeh effect. This lens is perfect for event photography, low-light or indoor photography, astrophotography and landscape photography.

Rokinon 16mm f/2.0 ED AS UMC CS

With superior construction and a compact body, this Canon EOS 7D Mark II lens is a tremendous one with an affordable price. It has a fast maximum aperture of f/2.0 which assists the photographer to shoot comfortably in dim-light conditions while offering a shallow depth of field at the same time. It has two aspherical lens elements and one extra-low dispersion element due to which chromatic aberrations are minimized and sharp, color-accurate images are produced.

Best Wide-angle Prime Lenses for Canon EOS 7D Mark II

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