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Camp Canon Will Get Your Kids Interested In Photography (Canada)

Soon it will be summer! Your kids’ school year will end soon. If you want to keep them busy with something you can talk about with them when they are older, check out Program Canon, an online summer camp that teaches photography and filmmaking. If students don’t have to do schoolwork, whether for a short time or for good, why not get them interested in photography?

When did you realize photography was a skill you could learn and get better at over time? What would have happened if you could have started at least 10 years earlier or more?

Online camps from Canon Canada are open to kids under 16 years old. The classes last for five days, starting in the beginning of July and going through the end of August. Canon Canada will only charge you $99.99 CAD if you sign up during the early bird period. After the early bird discount ends, the courses will cost $149 CAD.

Canon Canada’s summer camp is made up of three main activities that are geared toward kids in two different age groups:

Canon limits the number of students in each session to 10. This is so that highly qualified instructors can teach, give inspiration, give photo assignments, and give feedback all through live zoom.

As a teacher, I’ve always found that creative group study is one of the best ways to get shy kids to put themselves out there, make connections they might not have made otherwise, and boost their confidence. I think this is one of the best ways to do things. Canon is definitely trying to get the summer off to a good start.

When did you first start getting interested in photography?

All of the pictures that were used for advertising were done so with permission from Canon Canada. Photos on Instagram are credited to the photographers who took them.

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