The camera 80D and T6s may have been born in different years but they sure share a lot of similarities. If you check the table provided, you will be able to see some improvements made throughout the years but as you go along, the comparison of the two will show their similar strengths and weaknesses.

Advantages of Canon 80D over Canon T6s

  • It has a faster startup to allow you to capture moments on your dslr camera. This just specifically means that even though you have the chance to document those moments even though they are just accidental to the event.
  • The Canon 80D vs Canon T6s shows 80D has a wide advantage on its ISO thus taking great photos in low light with less noise.
  • Has greater battery life for taking still photos. A very helpful addition to the features of a dslr camera.
  • More cross-type points that help improve focus points that would make the end-product of a certain thing be at its best.
  • Pentaprism viewfinder
  • With headphone jacks that helps in monitoring audio while shooting videos
  • Faster shutter speed in camera comparison with T6s

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Advantages of Canon T6s over Canon 80D

  • The camera is less expensive in comparison to Canon 80D
  • Takes more JPEG shots in burst mode before waiting

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If you base it on the differences, you can clearly see that the dslr camera for 80D has greater advantages because again, it has been manufactured 3 quarters after T6s thus in the comparison of Canon T6s vs Canon 80D, it is expected that improvements have been made during the duration.

I guess few of the things that they must improve are the built-in Bluetooth and the dual card slots. Having built-in Bluetooth allows ease of transfer of photos and videos to accepted devices. The difference between it and Wi-Fi is that wireless connectivity only allows you to share your photos to social media accounts; it does not really mean that you can transfer photos from camera to your device.

The dual card slot would help a lot in shooting numerous photos without having to change the memory card regularly. Since you will have a dual card slot, it just means that you will be able to expand your memory thus allowing you to take more photos without bothering to replace one card with another.

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