Canon has announced the EOS C70, a digital cinema camera with a body that resembles a mirrorless stills digital camera. Notably, the C70 uses Canon’s RF lens mount, making it the first Cinema EOS camera to adopt the company’s newest lens system.

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The EOS C70 features a Super35 sensor using Canon’s next-generation Dual Gain Output (DGO) technology. The DGO sensor reads each pixel at two different gain ranges, with one prioritizing saturation and highlight security and the other suppressing noise in the shadows.

When combined, Canon promises the camera can deliver 16+ stops of dynamic range at up to DCI 4K/60p or 2K/120p (using a Super16 crop). It can also capture 4K/120p and 2K/180p without an extended dynamic range. Recording choices include both All-I and intra-frame options using Canon’s XF-AVC or MP4 (H.265) codecs.

Canon EOS C70 Key Features:
  • Canon Super 35mm Dual Gain Output Sensor
  • 16+ stops of total dynamic range
  • 4K recording at up to 120fps; 2K recording at 180fps
  • Built-in RF mount
  • EF lens compatibility with EF-RF optical adapter
  • Neutral density filter system built-in
  • Equipped with two mini-XLR audio input terminals
  • Dual Pixels CMOS AF technology incorporated
  • EOS iTR AF X for head detection included
  • Built-in electronic image stabilization
  • First Cinema EOS to feature auto ISO and gain control
  • Remote control option with Canon RC-V100
  • Dual SD card slots for simultaneous recording
  • Vertical shooting supported
  • Direct touch control included for ease of use
  • Compact uni-body design
  • Supports Canon Log 2 and 3, PQ, and HLG recording


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