Rumors suggest that the Canon EOS R5S will have a 75MP sensor

In 2022, according to the most recent Canon rumors, the company will produce a high-pixel model that will be fitted with a full-frame picture sensor that will capture 75 megapixels. According to rumors, the camera will be known as the “EOS R5S.” The body would have a similar design to the EOS R5 in terms of shape.

Canon’s high-megapixel full-frame mirrorless camera has been reported for quite some time now, and it is finally official. The Canon EOS R5s are expected to be introduced in conjunction with the TS-R 14mm F4 L and TS-R 24mm F3.5 L lenses, according to previous sources. These will be the world’s first tilt-shift lenses that have autofocus technology.

Canon EOS R5S Rumored Specs

  • An improved 5-axis picture stabilization system integrated into the body of the camera 75-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor Pixel Shift Technology
  • EOS R5 has a higher-resolution electronic viewfinder than the EOS R5.
  • The EOS R5S 12 fps high-speed continuous shooting system is not primarily concerned with video capabilities.
  • The EOS R5 has an almost identical body design as it.
  • The pricing is comparable to that of the EOS R5.

There are 14 new Canon RF mount full-frame mirrorless lenses that might be launched in the future, including the following:

  • RF 14-28mm F2L USM
  • RF 70-135mm F2L USM
  • RF 10-24mm F4L USM
  • RF 18-45mm F4-5.6 IS STM
  • TS-R 14mm F4L Tilt Shift (Autofocus)
  • TS-R 24mm F3.5L Tilt Shift (Autofocus)
  • RF 24mm F1.8 MACRO IS STM
  • RF 25mm F2.8 Biscuit
  • RF 35mm F1.2L USM
  • RF 60mm F1.0L USM
  • RF 135mm F1.4L USM
  • RF 500mm F4L IS USM
  • RF 800mm F5.6L IS USM
  • RF 1200mm F8L IS USM

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