Canon EOS Rebel T7i - Review

The Canon T7i is also considered to be a great DSLR for beginners. It is also known as the Canon EOS 800D outside of the US and it is one of the most recent models from Canon. Previous Canon Rebel DSLRs were so yesterday and all the improvements, updates and innovations in this line of DSLR makes the Canon T7i a better version of its predecessors. The closest to this model is the Canon T6i which has proven its name in the market and considered as one of the best entry-level DSLR but this better version makes the Canon T6i a thing of the past.

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This DSLR comes with an 18-55mm STM lens and is jampacked with a lot of new updates. Both the 7i and 6i carries the same 24.2MP image resolution and they also use similar technology as to the Canon EOS 80D. This feature produces one of a kind high definition photos that make any newbie shoot like a pro. The Canon 7i DSLR comes with a new sensor also and it is paired with a DIGIC 7 photo processing system. That means you’re getting better ISO noise reduction and extreme autofocus activity.

ISO lighting with the Canon T7i comes from ISO100 to up to ISO25600 which tops the former model, the Canon T6i. If in case it is needed, the Canon 7i DSLR can expand its ISO sensitivity to up to 51,200. The Canon T7i has the same 3.0-inch display that can be swiveled and tilted in various angles. It has a resolution of 1,040,000 dots giving you an ultimately clear touchscreen display. Similar to the Nikon D5600, the Canon T7i does not come with a 4K video capture, it only can go as far as Full HD Video.

That means, it can only camcorder a 60p shoot but don’t fret, the image stabilization system on this camera works really well. What’s really promising about the Canon T7i DSLR camera for beginners is its new autofocus feature. Canon added a Dual Pixel Autofocus for shooting a live view and its interface is really more appealing to a DSLR camera beginner. If you’re looking for a well-spaced DSLR camera which can give you the best value for your money, you should consider getting a Canon T7i.

While It also is undeniable that the video quality for recording is quite disappointing but the Canon T7i will prove to be a well-loved model of DSLR for beginners.

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