Canon PowerShot SD10 Review

With rigorous attention to design, materials, and function, the Canon PowerShot SD10 is the culmination of years of hard work. Taking one step further than the original IXY DIGITAL vision, which was to create a camera that was enjoyable to handle, it has achieved a new sense of style with a refined elegance that separates it from its predecessors.

Using a newly developed aluminum-magnesium alloy, Canon PowerShot SD10 front and back panels achieve exceptional durability while maintaining a high level of glossiness on the surfaces they touch.

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The front and back panels are joined together by a single U-shaped piece of stainless steel, which forms three sides of the camera and adds to the camera’s remarkable appearance while also providing great structural stability and durability.

It is available in four color variations* – platinum silver, piano black, pearl white, and silky bronze – to appeal to fashion-conscious users. Each color variation* has its own distinct personality, and the surface finishes are perfectly matched to the color and properties of the coating material used to create it.

Featuring a high-resolution 1/2.5-inch 4.0-megapixel CCD sensor and a newly designed, high-resolution 6.4 mm (equal to 39 mm in 35 mm format) f/2.8 single-focal-length auto-focus lens, the IXY DIGITAL L is a clever combination of design and quality with remarkable image performance.

The following features contribute to improved photographic performance: a Super Macro Shooting Mode, which enables auto-focus macro shooting from a distance of 3 cm and a photo-image area of up to 24 mm x 18 mm; a Quick Shooting Function, which achieves an almost lag-free shutter response to ensure that photo opportunities are not missed; and a 5-point AiAF focus system with a single-point center focus that can be selected.

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