Every great moment is to be treasured and one of the ways to do that is by taking a picture. Having a good camera will go a long way and Canon has a broad range of those to choose from. Now, let’s have a focus on Canon T5 and Canon T6.

Both models have the same figures when it comes to APS-C, megapixels, and ISO. They also have common strengths which are the presence eye-level viewfinder, internal flash, HDMI out, Hot Shoe, and bulb shutter. However, they do not possess the attributes tilt-swivel screen, focus peak, in-camera image stabilization, touchscreen, among many others.

Advantages Of Canon T5

  • NFC—the Canon T5 vs Canon T6 has an advantage in camera comparison of NFC connectivity with different and various devices.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi—the availability of the camera to be able to connect to Wi-Fi can open a lot of possibilities to the photographer.
  • Higher Screen Resolution—the screen resolution has 307K resolution comparison to 154K screen resolution.

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The Canon T5 is a better dslr camera with the use of its wireless connections with other devices and to the internet. The T5 can make photograph or image transfers easier from the camera to the computer, your phones, and even to the internet and social media. It is easier and more convenient in comparison with specific dslr camera. Having to be able to connect easily, the possibilities can also become better because the camera can also be operated with phone.

Advantages of Canon T6

  • Cheaper and more affordable – The Canon T6 vs Canon T5 only has a price of $388 compared to the price of $449 from the T5

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The Canon T6 can also be a camera that is good for traveling and handy photography. The camera can be a point and shoot camera that can easily be taken out or hung for immediate picture taking. The camera can be affordable for the cheap traveler or for the person who just wants to take a picture or easy pictures. There is no sweat when it comes to the price because the dslr camera already has 18.0 megapixels for high-quality pictures

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