These Canon models both have an APS-C 332.3 mm2, 180 megapixels, and an ISO of 100 up to 12,800. However, the focus peaking feature, in-camera image stabilization, and panoramas, among the many other features aren’t present with either camera models.

Although they have a lot of features in common, the Canon Rebel SL1 is relatively less expensive than the other, having a difference of one hundred dollars. However, before deciding to purchase the least expensive one, here is the comparison of both: Canon T5i vs Canon Rebel SL1.

Canon SL1 VS Canon T5i

Advantages Of Canon T5i

  • This camera has a tilt-swivel screen, which is helpful for maximizing the model’s shooting flexibility.
  • In comparison to the other dslr camera, this has nine cross-type AF points for better autofocus
  • The model can have a faster JPEG shooting in burst mode with 4.8 frames per second.
  • It also has a faster raw shooting in burst mode with 4.8 FPS

Advantages Of Canon Rebel SL1

  • This dslr camera is cheaper—it is sold at around $499(roughly a hundred dollar difference)
  • The model has a more effective 843 ISO even in low light with less noise.
  • With this model, one can take unlimited JPEG shots before waiting in burst mode
  • The speed of raw shooting in burst mode is 4.0 with Canon Rebel SL1.


With the camera comparison, here are some more key points that will help you determine which model would be the best for you: Canon Rebel SL1 vs Canon T5i.For the Canon T5i—this model is entry-level or the dslr camera that’s great for beginners. This can really do the job when you want to take videos for a YouTube video or a short film, as examples. The swiveling screen capability is truly a highlight with the model.

However, don’t expect such a high-end outcome since this is meant as entry-level. The hundred-dollar addition is worth it all especially when the user takes advantage of such features. With all that being said, the Canon T5i will still give you a decent outcome. For the Canon Rebel SL1—this one is noticeably comfortable and light. A lot of settings are present with this, and it’s recommended to use this camera for taking great photos of places (consider this when you travel). The swivel screen may not be present; however, this is still a steal.



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