This article will be a comparison between the Canon T6i vs Canon Rebel SL1. You will be able to have a deeper look at what each camera has to offer and what their major differences are. This can help you a lot when it comes to deciding which camera you should be buying.

Below is a comparison table that you can look into to see what exactly are the differences between the Canon Rebel SL1 vs Canon T6i. It can help you see which model is better for your photography needs. It would also be easier for you to identify what are the key aspects that make one model better or a little less good than the other.

Advantages of the Canon T6i

  • Has a tilt-swivel screen for shooting flexibility
  • Has built-in WiFi
  • Has NFC pairing
  • Has more cross type AF points
  • Has less shutter lag
  • Has higher pixel resolution
  • Has more AF points
  • Has faster JPEG shooting
  • Is faster at RAW shooting

You can find an upgraded type of 19-point F system in this camera. The controls are also very easy to use and the Canon T6i is also a very versatile dslr camera as well as lightweight and pretty much comfortable to use. Even though in terms of camera comparison it doesn’t give anything new to the table, the Canon T6i still is a better option if you want a model which has all the improved features.

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Advantages of the Rebel SL1

  • Is more affordable than the T6i
  • Has bigger pixels
  • Is better at low light ISO
  • Has better dynamic range
  • Has a faster start up at 0.60 seconds

With camera comparison to the Canon Rebel SL1, the former has lower megapixels at 18MP. However, it is also one of the smallest and also the lightest dslr camera on the market. The Canon  Rebel SL1 camera is able to give a good performance and at the same time, image quality, that one can expect from the latest mirrorless camera types. Even though it is smaller compared to the other mirrorless camera models out there, it has its own charms.

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If you are looking for a model that can give you more features and better image quality, then the Canon  T6i should be your choice. It has all the advantages when compared to the Canon SL1 and you can more out of the shots that you take.

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