Let’s us now have a camera comparison and analysis of the Canon T6i and the Canon T5. The T6i is a more entry-level type of camera and has been upgraded to another level compared to its predecessors. It is really in contrast with the Canon T5 which has very few points upgraded compared to its previous version. Nevertheless, the Canon T5 camera has many good points to consider like its 18MP camera feature as well as its HD Display. The comparison table below can almost cover most of the points and differences between the two cameras. You can decide what you need after reading this review.


When Canon T5 vs Canon T6i is compared, you can see that there are almost no differences between them at face value. Nevertheless, you can have a more in-depth comparison so that you will have a better understanding of their specifications. For example, you can see that the Canon T6i has a higher megapixel and ISO number when compared to the Canon T5.

Advantages of Canon T6i

The Canon T6i has a very versatile tilt-swivel screen versus the Canon T5 which has none. Furthermore, it has a very professional touch screen feature that can help you do your photo shooting tasks. It also boasts a very fast Wi-Fi Connectivity capability that can help you share your photos in an instant. The photos you will be taking using this dslr camera will be in superb quality since it has more AF points, allowing the camera to have a smoother autofocus. It has a higher resolution screen compared to the Canon T5 and it also has a faster shutter speed, enabling you to capture photos in an instant.

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Advantages of Canon T5

The Canon T5 is a less expensive dslr camera that boasts an 18 megapixel resolution. Furthermore, it has bigger pixel size compared to the Canon T6i which will enable you to capture better photos even in dim lights. The start-up of the camera is also faster compared to T6i, having a speed of 0.50 seconds vs 0.9 seconds.

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If you are tight on budget and still looking for a better dslr camera in the market, you can probably go with the Canon T5. It can capture great photos and can definitely be used for professional work. Nevertheless, if you have more money to shell out, you can get the Canon T6i for additional functionalities and features.

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