When it comes to the Canon T6i versus Canon T5i comparison, there are many things that you should consider before buying any of the two. Even though they may seem the same at first look, they are very much different from one another. A good camera comparison can help you a lot in making a well-informed buying decision.

You can find a lot of camera models in the market, and it will greatly help if you are aware of the specifications that they have. There are also other mirrorless camera models that you can choose from when you are aiming for the effect of that type of model. See the specifications of Canon T5i Vs Canon T6i in the comparison table below.

Advantages of the Canon T6i

  • Has a top LCD
  • Has quick control dial on the rear
  • Has an electronic level
  • Has an eye sensor that can be used with the viewfinder
  • Has a servo AF live view

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The Canon T6i is what they call as the greatest Rebel to be created. Another good thing about the Canon T6i camera is that it makes use of the same 19-point phase detection AF when the mirror is down. In comparison with its previous models, this is basically the same, only with improved features. Knowing the depth of the camera comparison can definitely help you out in knowing which cameras would be the best option.

Advantages of the Canon T5i

  • Offers good image quality
  • Has a display that swings out when you want to capture different angles

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Upon looking at the Canon T5i, it may seem like the T41. you can find everything almost the same, but it has better lenses that you can enjoy. For the image quality, the Canon T5i delivers only the best. This dslr camera is much more available and has its own advantages over its predecessor models, therefore this dslr camera is a good buy.


The Canon T6i would be the better option between the two. It is actually an upgraded version of the Canon T5i. it has more features and better image quality. If you are looking for a new model that can give better features than the previous ones then the T6i should be your choice.

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