Both cameras almost do not have any differences between each other. After all, they have the same built and the Canon T6i is as of the same generation as the Canon T6. Nevertheless, you should consider looking carefully into the comparison of the specifications of the two cameras. For example, the Canon T6 has a powerful wireless connectivity feature that can allow you to share your photos in an instant. On the other hand, the Canon T6i has very versatile functionalities because of the DIGIC 6 processor embedded to it.

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Camera Comparison Table

This table will provide a more in-depth study and camera comparison about the functionalities and specifications of both cameras. This will probably help you compare them that may help you decide which of the cameras fit your needs.

Advantages of Canon T6i

The Canon T6i is known for having the highest resolution when it comes to the APS-C dslr camera set of Canon. It boasts a resolution of 24.2 megapixels compared to the 18 megapixels of Canon T6. Moreover, it has a very good dynamic shooting range, especially when compared to its predecessor, the Canon T5i. It has a very fast autofocus and has a built-in Wi-Fi connection that can help you share your photos in an instant. It also has a touchscreen functionality making your experience have an additional professional touch.

One of the most notable advantages of Canon T6i vs Canon T6 is the large jpeg buffer it has in its system. Using this, you can have an almost unlimited number of photos to be stored in it. Furthermore, the Canon T6i has a relatively more AF points allowing a smoother autofocus on the dslr camera.

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Advantages of Canon T6

If you are into a cheaper camera that can fit into your budget, you can consider going with the Canon T5. You will definitely get more at this price since the pixels of the Canon T6 is much bigger than the Canon T6i. It goes around 4.30 microns compared to the 3.72 of the T6i. Furthermore, it is a newer version of a camera than the T6i and it also has a faster startup time compared to the model above.

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If you are looking for a better entry level camera than the ones attached to your smartphone and is very tight on budget, you may consider getting the Canon T6. You will definitely get much more at the price range the T6 is into. Nevertheless, if you are looking for more features and flexibility, you may want to consider buying the Canon T6. It contains much more functionalities but you may expect to pay more for these upgrades.

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