Want to find out which camera is best for you to use? When you do a comparison with other cameras like the Canon T6s Vs Canon T6 it can actually help you a lot especially when it comes to the investment that you are willing to put in them.

A DSLR camera is no joke because of the cost that you will be spending for each which means that you really have to put a lot of thought into the cameras that you are thinking of getting.

Not every Canon T6 vs Canon T6s camera comparison is the same, which is why it can be helpful if you check one or more review about them. Below are simple facts that can help you get around the models. Try to read through them to see what minor and major differences they could offer.

Advantages Of Canon T6

  • Has a long battery life of 500 shots
  • Is lighter than the T6s
  • Has a better sensor pixel area of 18.54
Last updated on February 14, 2020 5:25 pm

The Canon T6 is considered as an affordable dslr camera when it comes to the entry models. It the Canon T6 has a lot in common with the Canon T5, but it also has its own individual charm. The Canon T6 also has a much better-looking display in comparison with the earlier version. The in-camera has WiFi and also NFC that is great for sharing images. The lens kit will also not let you down as well as the ergonomics of the camera.

Advantages Of Canon T6s

  • Has an articulating screen
  • Has Touchscreen
  • Has a better maximum sensor resolution
  • Has a better maximum ISO
  • Has a higher number of focus points
  • Has a better LCD resolution
  • Is better at continuous shooting at 5.0fps
  • Includes a microphone port
  • Has better flash coverage at 12.0m
  • Includes a top LCD
  • Can be controlled remotely via smartphone
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Last updated on February 14, 2020 5:25 pm

The Canon T6s boasts of an easy and straightforward type of functionality. It an entry level dslr camera but in the camera comparison game, it surely doesn’t get left behind. It has advanced features as well as performance that can be compared with more high-end cameras out there. When in comparison with other models, this camera is one with the highest resolution.


Between the two models, the Canon T6s has a clear advantage. It has higher specifications when compared to the Canon T6. however, if you would like a model that is lighter and easy to carry around then you could go for the Canon T6.


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