Canon T7i vs Canon T5i Comparison

Looking at the Canon T7i VS Canon T5i comparison, both models have their unique capabilities and attributes that every consumer like you want to learn. This comparison aims to provide the basic information that you need to know about both DSLR cameras so that you can come up with a well-informed buying decision.

Buying a DSLR camera can be a tedious decision to make with the many options available in the market now. Plus, buying a DSLR camera means a not so small chunk of money coming out from your pocket thus you need this comparison between Canon T5i VS Canon T7i.

Canon T7i was released 4 years after the release of Canon T5i. Though, we are comparing a new generation camera to a classic but Canon T5i is still a good contender. Let’s find out by looking at the basic comparison table below and our brief analysis of the advantages of the first model to the second.

Advantages of the Canon T7i

  • Newer version than Canon T5i thus it comes with better specifications
  • Better Max aperture at 4.0 compared to 3.5 of Canon T5i
  • Has extended ISO which can reach up to 51, 200 almost doubled with what Canon T5i can reach
  • Better resolution at 24.2 MP and image resolution which is pretty much have big difference with what the other one has to offer.
  • Lighter than Canon T5i at 747 grams compared to 791 grams this can have a big difference when it comes to mobility.

Advantages of the Canon T5i

  • Cheaper than T7i. Can’t beat Canon T7i’s features though.


It is clear that the newer model Canon T7i is a better option when we talk about features. However, if you are on a tight budget and can’t afford it yet, Canon T5i is still a go to DSLR camera for beginners.

Whichever camera you are buying is worth every penny as they both made a name in the camera industry. Though the features of Canon T7i are better but you cannot clearly see the difference when you are already using them especially if you are a beginner at using a DSLR camera.

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