Canon T7i vs Canon T6i Comparison

Canon T7i vs Canon T6i camera comparison. These two models descend from the same camera line which is the Rebel Series of Canon and they have been manufactured at exactly two years apart. With this comparison, we will be able to see how Canon has made progress throughout those years.

From the table above, you will be able to easily identify the differences and similarities between the two. For the tables presented below, you will be given a chance to asses further not just their basic specifications but as well as the strengths and weaknesses, and similarities and differences for the Canon T6i vs Canon T7i dslr camera comparison.

Advantages of T7i Vs T6i

  • Its fast startup allows you to catch up and capture unexpected moments
  • The built-in Bluetooth allows you to connect with other wireless devices easily.
  • Longer stills battery life (600 vs 440 shots)
  • More cross-type AF and AF Points for improved autofocus performance
  • Faster JPEG and RAW Shooting in burst mode
  • Bigger buffer for RAW Shots in burst mode
  • Higher extended ISO which gives off better output when shooting in a lowly-lit environment.

Advantage Of T6i Vs T7i

  • Taking more JPEG shots in burst mode before waiting


As expected, since T7i is the newer dslr camera between the two, it has more advantages as compared to T6i. It even shows that there are already certain improvements that have been improved after all those years.

There is no shame even if you choose the T6i camera over T7i, and besides, they have a lot of similarities. Also, since it is an older model, it is expected that its price will be significantly lower than the other. But if you are looking for an upgrade, we would personally recommend that you go for the newly released camera because, again, there surely are improvements that had been made and that would work to your advantage.

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