Canon VIXIA HF G26 Review

New from Canon, the LEGRIA HF G26 is a Full HD camcorder that aims to fulfill the creative requirements of video aficionados while instilling confidence



New from Canon, the LEGRIA HF G26 is a Full HD camcorder that aims to fulfill the creative requirements of video aficionados while instilling confidence in their ability to record high-quality material. The lightweight and portable LEGRIA HF G26 has a 28.8mm wide-angle lens with 20x optical zoom, exceptional optics, the ability to operate in low-light conditions, and an 8-blade circular aperture, which can produce stunning circular bokeh effects.

Video Quality

The LEGRIA HF G26 has various innovative features, each ensuring accurate and high-quality shooting in even the most challenging environments. For example, the Intelligent Image Stabilizer (IS) corrects for movement along all five camera axes, which is essential for steady filming even when the subject is moving. Additionally, thanks to the Powered Image Stabilizer, it can record shake-free and smooth footage even when the issue is highly zoomed in.

The LEGRIA HF G26 has Instant Autofocus, allowing quick and accurate detection of the subject’s location and distance. This helps the camera support the clarity of Full HD. There has never been a simpler time to record video in full high definition (Full HD).

Users can switch between the Manual, Auto, and Cinema modes using the three-position switch. This does not need the users to change the various settings. The LEGRIA HF G26 allows for creative video recording from expansive views to extreme close-ups with up to 20x optical zoom. It can even catch distant scenes in beautiful Full HD clarity because of its ability to zoom in so far.

The LEGRIA HF G26 can record high-quality footage in Full HD 50p at 35Mbps by utilizing a Wide Dynamic Range of 600 percent, and Highlight Priority looks. This results in the film having an equitable distribution of tones and the ability to manage brightness regions. This results in stunning video footage that may be taken directly from the camera.

Incredible light sensitivity, contrast, and broad dynamic range are delivered by combining a 2.91-megapixel 1/2.84-type HD CMOS Pro sensor and a DIGIC DV4 CPU. Moreover, these benefits are paid without sacrificing the quality of Full 1080p HD.

This makes it possible for filmmakers to record footage in environments with a light level as low as 0.1 lux, which is perfect for video fans who want to record nocturnal documentaries. Similarly, the built-in ND Filter of the LEGRIA HF G26 helps prevent the camera from overexposing images when used in bright environments by decreasing the amount of light that reaches the sensor.

Canon VIXIA HF G26 Controls

The programmable settings allow video fans to mold the LEGRIA HF G26 to their shooting tastes, making it an ideal choice for individuals dedicated to shooting in a particular manner. In addition, the LEGRIA HF G26 is a hand-held device ideal for recording on-the-go moments due to its small size, ease of use, and controls on par with the most recent technological developments.

The LEGRIA HF G26 gives content producers the most artistic freedom possible when shooting thanks to its bespoke dial, buttons, professional-grade zoom rocker, and lens ring with fingertip light sensitivity.

A capacitive touch screen with a diameter of three inches and a high level of responsiveness means that the image may be framed precisely, along with the capacity to adjust tracking, focus, and exposure for an excellent quality output.

Aspiring filmmakers may tilt the 1.56 million dots electronic viewfinder up to 45 degrees for low-angle filming to eliminate glare and increase visibility while taking footage, particularly in bright situations. This allows for complete visibility when capturing footage, especially in bright conditions.

This is especially helpful for video fans who want to record footage in various lighting settings, such as traveling or filming in outdoor places. Furthermore, because of its straightforward operation and space-saving design, the LEGRIA HF G26 is ideal for situations where mobility and swiftness are paramount.

Canon VIXIA HF G26 Recording

The LEGRIA HF G26 enables choice and workflow freedom, whether delivering the spectacular 1080p/50 footage directly from the video camera or editing it later.

Recording in both AVCHD and MP4 simultaneously allows you to record in Full HD definition at bit rates as high as 35Mbps MP4/28Mbps AVCHD or as low as 3Mbps MP4/5Mbps AVCHD.

The LEGRIA HF G26 gives you the confidence that you will never miss a critical moment by providing several sophisticated recording choices, such as the ability to choose between slow and fast capture at a maximum speed of 1200x.

The LEGRIA HF G26 is a trusty partner for any filming endeavor, and it offers peace of mind by providing twin SD card slots for continuous shooting and complete backups. In addition, the LEGRIA HF G26 has an HDMI terminal that provides access to various advanced interfaces. These interfaces include connectivity to a 3.5mm headphone and 3.5mm mic jack and an input for a Mini Advanced Shoe.

Both the built-in headphone output, which has 16 different volume levels for accuracy, and the microphone input, which supports recording interviews and vlogs, expand the audio capabilities available to video fans. Content makers can satisfy their creative demands in complete privacy thanks to the broad feature set provided.


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