Canon’s Creator Lab And Student Advantage Program Help People Become Photographers Instead Of Just Buyers.

Canon Canada just launched Canon Creator Lab as part of what I call its new “community-building mandate.” Many businesses talk about building community and making a place where people can grow. Most of it seems to be empty words at best.

Canon Canada, on the other hand, is spending time and money on a free hub that will help photographers improve and connect with each other. As a Canadian, I’m proud that Canon Canada wants to be the world leader in this area of photography.
Canon Canada’s Creator Lab works on a few key things.

Canon Canada’s Sail Into Summer.
People will know about events before anyone else does. Photographers, for example, can sign up for live workshops like Sail into Summer: Toronto, which happened last week.

The goal of the workshop on the 165-foot tall ship Kajama at sunset was to bring together creative people from Toronto. During the sunset cruise, Canon Canada let people on the ship privately. This gave them a chance to meet other creators, try out different tools, and work with people who had a certain style.

If you join Creator Lab, you can try out new cameras and lenses before anyone else.

Canon Canada, Frame Lab Creator Lab is also a way to get to Canon Canada’s new Frame Lab, a high-quality printing and framing shop with fair prices.

Canon Canada has a program called “Student Advantage.”

Canon’s Pro Services and a new version of the Student Advantage program for high school and college students will also be available at Creator Lab. Since it is no longer costing money, the Student Advantage program:

  • There are sales on a few cameras, lenses, and printers.
  • 20% off service and repairs
  • Service and repairs were done fast.
  • For repairs that aren’t covered by the warranty, you get free shipping.
  • It’s free to join.
  • Creator Lab also has 24 short workshops led by well-known photographers and Canon Ambassadors.
  • We talked about food photography and styling with Dennis Prescott.
  • “Posing and Direction for Emotional Storytelling” was the name of Nicole Ashley’s class.
  • “Mental Health for Artists” by Ajani Charles.
  • Canon’s history is also told in a show called “Behind the Lens.”
  • It talks about Canada’s Ambassadors, such as Natasha Gershon, and shares some of their tips for success.

How do you feel?

From where I’m sitting, it looks like Canon Canada is the first to offer a way to connect with its products that will make photographers better, not just better customers.

All of the photos were taken by Canon Canada Ambassadors, and credit was given to the person who took them or to Canon Canada.

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