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How To Choose DSLR Camera For Beginners in 2021?

Buying a new DSLR camera these days is an exciting experience, especially if it is a DSLR camera for beginners. The reason it is exciting as there’s a wide variety of models you can choose from. Each manufacturer has a mid-range DSLR camera model that will fit the beginners’ budget.

It should bear in mind what you need your beginner DSLR camera to do before buying anyone. So, now we’ve added information and facts that you will find helpful for choosing the best DSLR camera for beginners. The details are taken from my experience while shopping for the perfect beginner DSLR camera to buy.

What is a DSLR Camera?

A large number of photography enthusiasts desire a DSLR. The truth is that they lack ideas on what it is exactly. On my way to describe a DSLR, it would be ‘All-Round.’

You can use the DSLR camera for almost anything. A DSLR camera comes in handy, from beautiful animals to beautiful landscapes or amazing astronomy. You can also record bright, high-quality video clips.

And there is a significant difference in the price too. How much are you planning to invest in a decent best DSLR camera for beginners that fits your needs? I will recommend several cameras with an affordable budget!

Why is a DSLR Camera for Beginners Better than a Compact Camera?

Owning a DSLR Camera, you will benefit from:

  • Interchangeable lens based on the kind of photography you desire. You can buy lenses optimized for the task instead of the one-size-fits-all lens of a compact camera.
  • Optical viewfinder, which goes past the lens via a mirror or prism. You can search throughout the DSLR camera for beginners lens to get a perfect framing. It also allows you to find out far more detail than using the LCD screen.
  • Faster autofocus, the best DSLR camera for beginners focuses considerably faster and with better accuracy.
  • No shutter lag, when pressing the shutter release button and taking the actual photos, there’s no lag time in between them. You won’t miss any memorable moment.
  • No delay in between pictures. You’ll shoot no less than three fps making it an ideal DSLR camera for beginners to take action shots. However, this is the DSLR camera model. It maybe even to 12 fps.
  • With less noise in low light, it is possible to shoot in low light while still get a usable image.

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How to select the Best DSLR Cameras for Beginners in 2021?

Think economy

Here, it refers to giving deep consideration to a camera brand. Think about things like the DSLR camera bodies, accessories, lenses, or third-party lenses.

All manufacturers brag about their cameras being stuffed with lots of features. Most times, they provide the same thing under a different name.

I do not recommend buying a high-end and regular advanced camera as your first one. The amount you spend on the most advanced camera cannot automatically complete the incredible masterpiece. The miracle operator is behind the DSLR camera – you.

On the other hand, multiple options will confuse you. Finally, you only work with the “fully-automatic mode”, which your “Compact Camera” could realize. An entry-level DSLR camera could produce better images. Of course, when coupled with a good lens, then a combination of an advanced camera and crappy lens.

Which is the Best Brand of DSLR Cameras?

No doubt, Canon and Nikon are the most competitive. These are likely to remain so for the foreseeable future.

The brand is not the most important matter, while its market share does. It determines your selection process. It is for a single reason. If you only need a DSLR camera plus a kit lens, the market share will not affect you.

However, if you intend to invest and upgrade the hardware, choosing a more popular brand saves you money and time. It is simply because you can easily find all sorts of accessories for it. Meanwhile, for a small brand, you’ll have to hunt to find what you need. Most times, with much more time and money.

High Resolution for DSLR Camera Is Always Necessary?

When choosing a DSLR camera for beginners, there are various important specs to take into account. It’s ‘not only from which color to pick. Years back, the way you’d approach this was to have the DSLR camera armed with the highest resolution.

Everyone prefers a bigger one. It seems a bigger one means all-around, multifunction, and more powerful. The fact under the best DSLR camera for beginners is not that simple. Greater resolution is fantastic. Do not forget the critical aspect; the final image quality depends on a lot of the sensor size.

Most DSLR cameras come equipped with about 24X16mm Advanced Photo System sensors. As resolution increases, noise increases too. The right balance is 16Mp for them.

If you prefer a “Full-Frame” sensor, you will get a large and expensive lens just like those equipped in high-end cameras. You will get a resolution of 24Mp by 36X24mm sensor. Being the first DSLR camera for beginners, it is a bit earlier to talk about those details.

Moreover, you can crop large parts of images shot via higher resolutions. But why not learn to frame the object with much more effectiveness?

DSLR Camera Live View

The live view LCD of a DSLR camera lets you preview the images you’re about to capture. It is possible using the large LCD on the rear of the beginner DSLR camera. A live view LCD is a fantastic feature for people who hate to view the real world through a “Hole”.

The continual image viewable on the LCD enables you to make sure you have the composition right. This is regardless of whether or not your eye gets pressed to the viewfinder.

But hold on a sec… This “unique” feature sounds a marvelous lot. Just the way every compact digital camera works. It is, but the addition of a live view LCD to a DSLR camera is not always as good as it sounds.

LCDs are handy, but they also have disadvantages in a design concerning overall performance. This is true if you work with Live View. Its auto-focus begins to go slow. The most important aspect is power consumption, which is significantly increased.

When shooting natural scenery, a DSLR camera with batteries exhausted can act as a real weapon. You can use it against attacks from animals instead of taking their photos back.

Beginner DSLR Camera Optical Stabilization

Minus using a tripod, taking pictures when in low light or with telephoto lenses is quite challenging. Most DSLR cameras get some stabilization. There is a trick you can use. For Canon and Nikon, there’s stabilization inside their lenses. What you need to purchase is an IS lens for Canon and VR lens for Nikon cameras.

Also, Sony, Pentax, and Olympus have the stabilization function in the DSLR camera body. The only difference is simply because you have to buy IS/VR lenses for Canon and Nikon, respectively. It might be quite costly than standard lenses.

For other manufacturers, the stabilization works with any lens. The effectiveness of stabilization seems to be the same in 3-4 stops. Stabilized lenses provide the benefit of you seeing the exactly stabilized image in the optical viewfinder. Stabilized bodies will let you use any lens to get the same effect.

Other Factors to Affect Buying Decision for a DSLR Camera

When choosing the best DSLR camera for beginners, there are a couple of different factors to consider. Price, ease of use, and quality are the top three. I will give a brief review of some of these factors.

First off, the price is a major factor. It is one of the crucial factors in our DSLR camera buying decision making. If you want a good beginner DSLR camera, you’re going to need to spend a little more. Going cheap is not always the best option. There is always an option of buying a used one if you are running on a shoestring budget.

Quality is definitely an issue for you to put into consideration too. Most people will argue that it is usually the number one factor they take into account. People need to know if the best DSLR camera they’re buying is worth every penny they will spend.

Last but not least, we’ll be talking about how easy or hard is the DSLR camera for beginners to use. This is a common complaint with many people that buy DSLR cameras. They feel they should be a lot easier to use.

However, you do not need to be a rocket scientist or know how to split the atom to operate these beginner DSLR cameras.


I tried to keep this guide as neutral as possible. It offers you information to help you make a DSLR camera for beginners buying decisions instead of choosing for you.

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