What do you need to know before Buying a Point and Shoot Camera?

Compact digital cameras are such a craze today that almost everyone has to own one. Of all the photographs taken worldwide, up to fifty percent of them come from a compact camera. It represents a brand’s entry-level variant. This is a simple point and shoot camera that is easy to use.

The hallmark of the point and shoot digital camera is its small size. It adds high mobility and the ability to take reasonably excellent still pictures. In other words, they are perfect for the vast majority of enthusiasts that don’t have the budget or skill for a full-frame DSLR camera.

Most people want something that fits in their pockets. And, one which allows one to take photographs whenever they see an opportunity. Additionally, almost all of them are digital, which is very convenient. You can upload your pictures to your computer so that you can view them.

The popularity of digital cameras has overshadowed to near extinction the use of cameras with films. But what is it about digital cameras that make even the professional users go gaga over it?


Unlike ordinary cameras, digital cameras operate without expensive films. Photos are stored in the user’s computer or saved on a flash drive, compact disc, or printed to photo paper. A point-and-shoot camera a good investment. It captures your memories and allows you to save much on film expenses.

Why are Point and Shoot Cameras for everyone?

There are many reasons why you need to acquire a compact digital camera. These camera models have a lot of features that make them user-friendly. They can be used by anyone regardless of whether they have experience with a camera or not. Compact digital cameras are a good choice as they are;

  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Take great pictures with less effort.

Types of point-and-shoot compact digital cameras

There are a variety of point-and-shoot cameras to select from. To help zero in on your options, begin by selecting what kind of digital compact camera you want. Is it one with a mega zoom or a digital camera having advanced controls? The ball is in your hands.

Basic point-and-shoot camera

This kind of point-and-shoot camera is a no-brainer selection for one who needs a camera to have on hand at all times. Most digital cameras can produce 1080p HD video. Their In-camera automated features keep on getting better. It means point and shoot cameras can drive themselves.

These cameras have excellent Auto modes. Further still, point and shoot cameras have scene selections. You can choose the right in-camera settings for your best shots.

Fixed-lens high-zoom compact camera

These mega-zoom cameras don’t give you the same lens-swapping versatility as a DSLR. They are the most adaptable fixed-lens cameras you can find. They’re called “mega zooms” as they offer a mega 20x to 30x optical zoom lens. You’re usually served impressive wide-angle shots at a telephoto reach.

Mega zoom compact cameras offer DSLR for like physical controls for shutter and aperture. They have good image stabilization to help steady full-zoom shots. Their lenses’ versatility makes these point and shoots cameras good for landscape, sports or animal photography.

Advanced Point-and-Shoot compact camera

These compact cameras come with manual control for setting the shutter, aperture, and ISO. It allows fine-tuning, which lets you shoot more granularly than you get with a regular compact.

Advanced compact digital cameras have better image quality. You will not notice distortion seen with high-zoom lenses. These compact cameras do come with wider apertures. You can achieve greater depth of field, and even shooting at high shutter speeds is a breeze.

Rugged Point-and-Shoot camera

These are the ultimate cameras for mountaineers, extreme-sports enthusiasts, or snorkelers. Quite a few weathers and dustproof digital cameras of this model are available. These points and shoot cameras are magnificent when taking underwater shots.

Due to their unique looks and barren features, these compact cameras aren’t the best choice for everyday use. Image quality can be a mixed bag sometimes, and they usually don’t have the biggest sensors. However, they’re long-lasting, which is an appealing trait to some.

Pocket mega-zoom compact camera

Attracted by the mega-zoom camera’s multipurpose fixed lens, a portable pocket mega-zoom is a better choice. The compact digital cameras give you optical zoom ranging from 10x to 15x. They’re usually compacted than full-size DSLRs. Carrying it in a purse is super easy.

A lot of pocket mega-zoom cameras come with physical controls, but not all. It’s a good idea to have a look at the camera specs if you prefer those features. Point and shoot camera models of this nature usually normally have superb optical image stabilization. It helps enhance their high-zoom lenses.

What to look for in a point and shoot camera?

To make it a good investment, buyers of compact digital cameras need to know what they are buying. You have to make sure you are buying a digital camera that suits your requirements.

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Technical features of compact cameras to consider

Sensor resolution

First, you don’t have to worry about the megapixels. All compacts come with more than enough for an A4 printer or larger. Since the sensors are tiny, adding more pixels degrades instead of improving the picture quality.

LCD Screen

The LCD screen should be of a good size. It has to be sharp and bright enough to see the image clearly. It should be possible even in bright sun and from a wide viewing angle. A few higher-priced compact cameras boast a touchscreen and high-resolution screens.

Image stability

An important feature that helps you get sharper images is to reduce the camera. It is a must-have if you have a zoom lens longer than about 5x. There are many types, but Optical or Sensor-based systems are much better than processor-based options.

Nature of the lens

Do you need an extended zoom range? Then look for a longer zoom, but it is also likely to make the point and shoot camera bigger. Think about the wide-angle end of the zoom too. Lenses that have a wider maximum aperture are better when shooting in low light, including indoors.

Viewfinder design

People with visual impairments often struggle with LCD screens, more so in direct sunlight. If you face the same problem, go for a camera with a viewfinder to put your eye to. If you want a small digital camera, look for Canon since it’s the only brand offering them on its pocket cameras.

Shutter Lag

The delay between pressing the button and taking images need to be short. It helps you capture the vital moment. Look out for a compact digital camera with better shutter lag. As a rule, cheaper cameras usually have poor shutter lag.

Other Features Which Might Appeal to Some Buyers

Clever Technologies

A lot of point and shoot digital cameras are now boasting ‘intelligent’ features. These are designed to help you take better pictures. Or simply allowing you to have more fun. Some are worth seeking out, like Intelligent Auto or Smart Auto, to recognize the type of subject and sets up the camera accordingly.

A few digital cameras offer strategies to retain shadow and highlight details in high-contrast scenes. Other points and shoot compact cameras offer ultra-fast burst shooting modes. They offer beauty modes, sweep panoramic modes, and others to cover every conceivable situation.

What kind of batteries does it use?

Most cheaper point and shoot compact cameras use AA batteries. Expensive ones use rechargeable Li-ion batteries, which are smaller and give more shots per charge. AA-based cameras are chunkier but ideal for backpackers heading to areas without electricity.

Rechargeable AAs keep running costs down. You have to invest in a couple of sets. You can alternate them to keep the camera running.

Manual Overriding

If you want to override the camera’s settings when it gets things wrong, look for a point and shoot camera that has this feature. It can be via simple exposure compensation or full manual settings. Make sure this and other controls are easily accessible and user-friendly.

Camera Design

Looks are important to a lot of people when choosing a compact point and shoot camera model. If you’re buying for a young person, it’s likely to be the number one consideration. Many brands come with sleek curves and in various funky colors. Few shops will stock models in every color. So, do your research well.

A camera’s feel in one’s hands is important. Is it comfortable? Are the buttons accessible and easy to press? Is it lightweight? This is very crucial for frequent users who need a model they can use without any inconvenience.

You have to make sure you research before putting forth your hard-earned cash into purchasing a point and shoot digital compact camera. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can always return the camera. It is truly more, especially if you bought it from one of the more reputable online stores.


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