This educational photography video is probably going to be the most entertaining one you see all year

If you are practicing photography in a way that does not bring you unadulterated delight, you are doing it completely incorrectly. Rob Cottle and Geraint Radford will demonstrate the proper techniques for taking photographs in natural settings.

There’s no better place you can be than lying in goose poo, on your belly, pointing your camera at critters!

On a sunny and windy day, it might be challenging to capture clear photographs of animals of various sizes. You may learn how to make the best of challenging circumstances by watching this wonderful and genuinely entertaining film. The two Welsh photographers arrange to meet up in order to take some stunning photographs at a pond that is located on the grounds of a huge mansion.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting both Rob and Geraint, and I also conducted an interview with Rob for Fstoppers some time ago. I’ve been preparing to conduct an interview with Geraint for some time now; stay tuned for more information on that.

Both of them are well-known photographers in this country of the United Kingdom. They are just as much of a good time in real life as they are in the short videos that they post on Instagram, which you will know if you’ve watched any of those films because they are hilarious.

They are both skilled photographers who take great pleasure in imparting the knowledge that they have acquired over the years. Rob is a photographer who specializes in wildlife, and Geraint is one who focuses on macro photography.

They are also good friends, and as a result, the educational films they create are far more engaging than the majority of similar products on the market due to the energizing humor they convey in their beautiful Welsh accents.

Rob and Geraint have just created their first video for their new YouTube channel, which they launched just now. In the first episode, they go to a pond that has lighting conditions that are less than perfect for photography.

However, despite this, they are still capable of taking some really good photos and videos. Throughout the entirety of the movie, they provide some excellent advice on how to acquire captivating images of wildlife, particularly in terms of where to position oneself and the camera for the greatest shots in relation to the species they are shooting.

This video is more about the techniques than it is about the equipment, despite the fact that they briefly mention their exposure settings and the kit they use (being OM System Ambassadors, they both use an OM System OM-1, and Rob’s lens is an Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 150-400mm f/4.5 TC1.25X IS PRO).

This is a video that you should really see since it will help you take better photographs of animals and macro subjects.

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