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InicioPrimera opciónLas mejores opciones para aventuras submarinas: las mejores cámaras de acción a prueba de agua

Las mejores opciones para aventuras submarinas: las mejores cámaras de acción a prueba de agua

If you’re looking for the best waterproof action cameras, we’ve compiled a list of the top options that won’t break the bank. A compact digital sports camera encased in a waterproof housing and utilized to film and photograph underwater activities is called a waterproof action camera. However, not all action cameras designed for underwater use are the same. Some devices can produce images and movies of higher quality than others. Price also varies a lot.


List of top waterproof action cameras

Dive Deep and Keep Recording: The Top Waterproof Action Cameras
GoPro HERO9 Black

GoPro HERO9 Black

A high-end action camera that is designed for capturing high-quality video and photos in a variety of conditions.

GoPro HERO10 Black

GoPro HERO10 Black

A high-performance, waterproof action camera with advanced features such as HyperSmooth video stabilization and TimeWarp 2.0.

AKASO V50 Elite

AKASO V50 Elite

A budget-friendly action camera with 4K resolution, built-in WiFi, and a variety of shooting modes and accessories.



A budget-friendly action camera with 4K resolution and built-in WiFi.

Dragon Touch 4K

Dragon Touch 4K

A budget-friendly action camera with 4K resolution, built-in WiFi and a variety of shooting modes and accessories.



A high-performance, waterproof action camera with advanced features such as 4K resolution, dual screens, and RockSteady video stabilization.

Dive into our in-depth reviews of the top five underwater action cameras of 2023, along with comparisons of relevant statistics, advantages and weaknesses, and a variety of price points:


GoPro Hero 9

Top waterproof action camera

Peso: 158g | Waterproof: 10m | 5K video: up to 30fps | vídeo 4K: up to 60fps | 2.7K: up to 120fps | 1080: up to 240fps | Stills resolution: 20MP | Batería: 1720mAh

Bueno para
  • Improved battery life
  • 5K video captures lots of detail
  • Front display for vlogging
Necesita Mejoras
  • Slight improvement to the 4K video
  • The rear screen is currently unresponsive

The GoPro HERO9 Black is a high-end action camera built for taking high-quality video and photographs in various environments. Its name comes from the fact that the camera is black. It is waterproof up to 33 feet and has a mount already built in. In addition, it possesses a 20-megapixel camera, a display-oriented toward the front of the device, and HyperSmooth 3.0 video stabilization. In addition, it can record video in 5K resolution, broadcast live content, and a new front-facing display, and it has a bigger battery. This camera is fantastic for use in extreme sports, traveling, and recording any memory, you can think of.


GoPro Hero 10

The only action camera that can record 5.3K/60fps video!

Sensor: 23MP GP2 Chip with Improved Performance | Imagen: 5.3K60/4K120/2.7K240 Video, 23MP Photos | Screen: New Front Display/Rear Touchscreen | Conectividad: Cloud Connected, 1080p Live Streaming | Rendimiento: Enhanced Low-Light Performance | Estabilización de imagen: HyperSmooth 4.0 | Waterproof: 33′ without a Housing | Video Mode: Time-Lapse & Night-Lapse, 8x Slo-Mo | Batería: 1720mAh Capacity

  • Class-leading stabilization
  • Powerful new processor
  • Handy 4K/120p mode
  • Pricier than rivals
  • Same sensor as Hero 9 Black

It may be more expensive than other action cameras; nevertheless, there is no question that its specifications are the greatest!

The GoPro Hero 10 Black is the only action camera to record video in 5.3K at 60 frames per second.

It is equipped with the most recent version of GoPro’s hyper-smooth blast video stabilization technology, which can withstand lens shake incredibly effectively and produce exceptionally smooth footage.

The Hero 10 excels most in its ability to capture high-quality video, but it also has a big 23.6-megapixel sensor that enables it to snap incredibly detailed 20-megapixel images.


Akaso V50 Elite

Affordable yet high performing

Video quality: 4K30, 2.7K30, 2K60 | Battery life: 60 minutes | Impermeable: 40m with case

Bueno para
  • Video stabilization
  • K30 video for less than £100
Necesita Mejoras
  • Battery life could be longer

The high cost of an Akaso action camera, which often includes underwater housing, has helped make the company one of the most successful and widespread suppliers of such devices.

There is a wide variety of Akaso cameras on the market, but the Akaso V50 Elite is the model we recommend the most because it provides the highest quality all around.

The Akaso V50 Elite can record video in full high definition 4K at frame rates of up to an astonishing 60. Additionally, it features three different view angles and built-in video stabilization technology to compensate for shaky hands.

It can with a resolution of 20 megapixels, a digital zoom of 8 times, and integration with Wi-Fi, making it easy to upload both still image videos to social media platforms.


Akaso EK7000

Cheapest underwater camera out there,

Color: Black | Height: 1.5 | Width: 2 | Length: 0.9 | Peso: 0.125

Bueno para
  • Full HD 60p is decent
  • tremendous value
  • Nice, no-frills design
Necesita Mejoras
  • EIS caused a loud noise
  • Angle “modes” are digital crops
  • The app didn’t work

The Akaso EK7000 may be the underwater camera available for the least amount of money, but it packs a strong punch.

It can record video at a level of up to 4K at 30 frames per second and take still photographs at a resolution of 16 megapixels for clear and detailed photos.

In addition to having a manual white balance adjustment option, it also has an electrical video stabilization system of sufficient quality.

The Akaso EK7000 is waterproof to a depth of 98 feet or 30 meters when utilizing the underwater housing with the camera. This is further than the average recreational scuba dive goes.


Dragon Touch Action Cam

Alternate to EK7000

Color: black | Height: 1.968503935 | Width: 1.181102361 | Length: 2.362204722 | Peso: 0.33

Bueno para
  • Waterproof camera
  • 4K Ultra HD recording
  • Control remoto
Necesita Mejoras
  • No app
  • Average battery life
  • 4K recording limited to 30fps

The Dragon Touch is only $10 more expensive than the Akaso EK7000, which is the best-selling camera in this article, making it the second cheapest camera overall.

These cameras are the same size and form, have the same button arrangement, are capable of shooting at up to 4K at 30 frames per second, and can be submerged to a depth of up to 100 feet or 30 meters when housed in their respective underwater housings.

The only discernible difference between both is that the sensor on the Dragon Touch is 16 megapixels, while the Akaso EK7000 is just 12 megapixels. This might result in somewhat more explicit photographs under certain lighting circumstances.

Most of the time, however, the capabilities of both cameras are virtually equal, and most users will have difficulty distinguishing between films and photographs taken by the Dragon Touch and those taken by the Akaso EK7000.


DJI Osmo Action

Excellent action camera for diving photographers and videographers 

Sensor: 1/2.3″ CMOS Sensor, Wide f/2.8 Lens | Video: Up to 4K60 Video, 12MP Still Photos | HDR: Up to 3200 ISO, HDR Support | Dynamic Range: Wide in 4K30

Bueno para
  •  Estabilización de imagen
  •  Built-in Wireless (Wi-fi)
  •  Bluetooth Connectivity
Necesita Mejoras
  •  Sin visor incorporado
  • No Articulating Screen
  •  No External Flash Shoe

If you’re content with its restrictions, the DJI Action 2 may be better than GoPro’s action cameras. Action 2 is a little metal cube you may acquire with one of two extra units (either a standard battery or a battery with a second screen for vlogging). We liked its magnetic installation, which is more accessible than GoPro mounts. It delights gadget lovers.

DJI’s first action camera, the Osmo Action, is now redesigning GoPro’s Hero Session camera. The DJI Action 2 is half the size of a GoPro Hero 10 Black and offers virtually the same functions, but its magnetic locking technology allows for more creative mounting options. The DJI Action 2 appears to compete with the Hero 10 Black, but does it? Discover.

DJI is generally recognized for producing excellent drones and gimble gadgets, but in recent years, they have expanded their product line to include action cameras.

The DJI Osmo is the only action camera that we’ve looked at so far that has three buttons, as opposed to just one or two in the other models we’ve looked at. This is apparent right from the beginning. Because of this, the controls can be scrolled through somewhat more quickly.

For convenience’s sake, the custom mode enables users to save, catalog, and quickly access commonly employed shooting modes and settings. In addition, a button labeled “fast switch” allows you to toggle between different modes and settings swiftly.

When you combine this with the DJI Osmo’s user-friendly UI and its two huge LCDs (one of which is front-facing for framing selfies and the other in the rear), you have an excellent action camera for those who are just starting.


Buying Guide

How to find the best waterproof action camera

When looking for the best waterproof action camera, consider the following factors:

  1. Waterproof rating: Look for a camera that has a high waterproof rating, ideally one that can be used at depths of at least 30ft.
  2. Imagen quality: Consider the resolution and frame rate of the camera, as well as the quality of its lens and sensor.
  3. Stabilization: Look for a camera with good image stabilization to help keep your footage steady and smooth.
  4. Battery life: Make sure the camera has a long battery life, especially if you plan to use it for extended periods.
  5. Additional features: consider other features like live streaming, remote control, or voice commands.
  6. Brand reputation and user reviews: Research the brand reputation of the camera and read user reviews to get an idea of how well it performs in real-world conditions.
  7. Price: Compare the camera’s cost with similar models and ensure it fits your budget.

By considering these factors, you will be able to find the best waterproof action camera that meets your specific needs and preferences.



FAQs for best waterproof action cameras

Which GoPro is best for water? in 40 words

The GoPro HERO9 Black is the best for water activities as it is waterproof up to 33ft and has a built-in mount. It also has a front-facing display, HyperSmooth 3.0 video stabilization, and a 20MP camera.

Can Insta360 go underwater? in 40 words

Yes, Insta360 cameras are waterproof and can be used underwater. However, their waterproof rating is not as high as the GoPro HERO9 Black, which is waterproof up to 33ft. The Insta360 One R and the Insta360 Go are waterproof up to 5m/16ft deep.

How long can a GoPro last underwater? in 40 words

The battery life of a GoPro while underwater will vary depending on the model and the settings used. Generally, a fully charged GoPro HERO9 Black can last up to 75 minutes of continuous recording in 4K resolution at 60fps. However, using the camera in shorter intervals and having extra batteries on hand is recommended.

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