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Everything We Know So Far About The Fujifilm X-t5

So far, everything is just a guess, but we have an idea of what the X-T5 might look like – and what we’d like to see!

Fujifilm will almost certainly come out with an X-T5 model at some point. It would be the next logical step in a very successful line of small but powerful semi-professional mirrorless cameras that began with the 16MP X-T1 in 2014.

In 2016, the X-T2 came out with a new 24MP X-Trans sensor. In late 2018, the X-T3 came out with a 26MP X-Trans sensor, and in early 2020, the X-T4 added in-body stabilization. Since the beginning, these have been among the best mirrorless cameras, the best 4K cameras for video, and even the best cameras for professionals.

Fujifilm’s success in the enthusiast/expert/professional market has been built on this line of cameras, so it’s hard to believe Fujifilm won’t make an X-T5. But what will it look like and when will we be able to get it?

What kind of sensor will be inside the Fujifilm X-T5?

We can think of three possible candidates, each of which has a different chance of being right:

Fujifilm’s new X-H2 models are protected by the same 26MP non-stacked sensor that is in the X-T4. This doesn’t seem likely, since it’s hard to see how Fujifilm could improve the X-T4 in a significant way with the same sensor.

The X-T5 and the X-H2S both have the same “stacked” 26MP sensor. This would make the X-T5 much faster, but it might be too similar to the X-H2S, which is why many people think it won’t happen.
The X-T5 has the 40MP sensor that we expect to see in the X-H2 later this year. This sensor is not stacked. There are also arguments against that, but most people who watch Fuji seem to think this is the most likely choice.

Fujifilm X-T5: what we’d like to see

  • Well, the X-T4 is hard to beat, for one thing. As a pro-am camera, its speed and video capabilities don’t need much improvement, so let’s assume Fujifilm goes for the 40MP sensor and leaves the real speed to the X-H2S.
  • If that’s the case, we’d like the body to look the same as the X-T4, and a 40MP sensor with a higher resolution seems like a big enough upgrade on its own.
  • The X-T4 already has everything else we like, like good in-body stabilization, a screen that can be seen from different angles, and powerful 4K video capture.
  • The X-T4 and the one before it was Fujifilm’s best cameras. The Fujifilm X-H1 will just be thought of as a failed experiment. We think that any new X-T5 will be better than the X-T4, but the real tech, power, performance, and feature improvements will be in the X-H2 models.

Will the X-T5 be able to record 8K video?

That depends on how you see 8K. If you think of it as a video with a width of 8,000 pixels, you need a sensor with a 3:2 ratio, which is the same as 42MP. But camera makers define 8K as twice 4K UHD, which is 7,680 pixels wide. Yes, that can be done with a 40MP sensor. In fact, the pixels fit together pretty well, so there’s no need to oversample or crop the image.

Both the upcoming Fujifilm X-H2 and any new X-T5 could stand out because they both have 8K video. We’d like to see an 8K video on the new X-T5, but if it’s even possible, we’ll see it on the X-H2 first, and Fujifilm might keep it for that camera.

How to use the Fujifilm X-T5 and where to use it

The X-H2 might come out in 2022, and the X-T5 might not come out until 2023. If that’s true, it would come out after both X-H2 models had been on the market for a long time. This would make them less likely to win.

Being a smaller, cheaper camera, it’s likely that any X-T5 model with either the stacked 26MP sensor or the 40MP variant would also be a little behind in speed, video features, performance, and other areas. We don’t think Fujifilm would “throttle” the X-T5 on purpose, but there are technical limits to what can be done in a smaller body and at a lower price.

So far, this is all we know about the X-T5. Learn more about the whole Fujifilm line by reading our guide to the best Fujifilm cameras. We also have a list of the top lenses for Fujifilm cameras.

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