First Flight Review of the DJI Avata by a Drone Pilot

The Avata was just introduced by DJI not too long ago, and already there is a lot of excitement surrounding it. The question is, how did this experienced drone pilot find their first time flying the DJI Avata?

I’m currently looking into purchasing a drone because I believe that, despite their growing popularity, they continue to provide viewers with the opportunity to see landscapes that may be familiar to them from an entirely new vantage point. This is one of the reasons why I’m interested in purchasing one.

Even though drones have been around for a while and the novelty may have worn off for some people, one of the main reasons I want to get one is because there are so many unexplored opportunities for still images, particularly in the area in which I reside.

The vast majority of people who fly drones in our area just record videos, which they then share on platforms like Instagram and others, therefore I believe there is a vast untapped market to investigate. For this reason, I’m currently in the process of investigating each and every drone that’s currently available.

And with that, we get at this fantastic video by Jake Sloan, in which he discusses his initial flight with the recently launched DJI Avata and provides his feedback on the experience. Sloan is a highly skilled drone pilot, so it was fascinating to observe his initial response when he put on the goggles that come standard with the DJI Avata. These goggles are referred to as Goggles 2, and they are included in the package.

To say that his response and overall impression of Goggles 2 was passionate and favorable would be a very modest statement. However, what about his previous encounters in the air? I’ll let you be the judge of that, but if you fly an older model of the DJI FPV drone, you might want to start putting some money down in case you decide to upgrade. Please share any feedback you have on the new DJI Avata.

DJI Avata Price

DJI Avata Drone

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