Fujifilm Is Holding A Free Photography Event Called Fujikina In New York City

In September, people who like Fujifilm and photography, in general, will want to go to New York City. Fujifilm has announced a free photography convention with workshops, guest speakers, exhibits, the latest Fujifilm gear, and more.

The event is called “Fujikina New York,” and it will take place on September 10 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Glass House in Manhattan. It will be held in North America for the first time. Before, it was held at the Tokyo office of the company.

There will be a lot of events for photographers that will be fun for everyone, not just Fujifilm users. Some of the best work by photographers on the rise will be shown.

Also, well-known artists will teach hands-on workshops on portraiture, landscape photography, photojournalism, and other topics. People will also be able to try out a wide range of Fujifilm cameras and lenses.

Last but not least, a keynote speech will be given by the well-known photographer Greg Gorman. Victor Ha, who works as the vice president of Electronic Imaging and Optical Devices, said:

“We are excited and honored to host Fujikina in New York City, which has such a rich history of showing Fujifilm’s support and celebration of the arts. We’re excited to make the city a big part of the experience for our guests. Demonstrating Fujifilm’s ongoing commitment to storytelling, Fujikina New York will be part touch-and-try, part education, and part exhibition — truly a festival for the image-making community and anyone interested the art of visual storytelling.

Also, to honor Fujifilm’s popular X mount, there will be a special show at Fujikina with the work of 10 talented women photographers. Fujifilm chose all 10 women and gave them money and help to do a creative project of their choice. The projects were as different as female rock climbers over 40, coming-of-age stories, rites of passage, and more.

Last, people can sign up for Fujifilm experts to lead them on a variety of photo walks. People will be able to borrow equipment and try out a wide range of styles and techniques during these photo walks.

You have to sign up and choose a time slot if you want to go. Seminars, workshops, presentations, and photo walks will also require reservations.

Find out more about the event by clicking here. Find out more about the events and speakers by clicking here. Click here to find out more about the artists being shown. And finally, to sign up, click here.

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