Fujifilm XC 35mm F2 Review

The Fujifilm XC 35mm F2 lens is an adaptable prime lens that was created for use with mirrorless cameras from the Fujifilm X-series. This lens is great for general photography, taking portraits, and capturing candid moments on the street since its focal length is similar to 53mm in the 35mm format.

It is the go-to pick for both fans and pros because to its combination of a design that is compact and lightweight as well as optics that perform very well. In this extensive review, we are going to look into a variety of elements of the lens, including its performance, autofocus system, build quality, image stabilization, shooting experience, picture quality, and many more.

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Fujinon XC35mmF2

Key Specs

  • Type: FUJINON XC35mmF2
  • Lens configuration: 9 elements in 6 groups (includes two aspherical elements)
  • Focal length: 35mm (equivalent to 53mm in 35mm format)
  • Angle of view: 44.2°
  • Maximum aperture: F2
  • Minimum aperture: F16
  • Aperture control: 9 rounded diaphragm blades (19 steps in 1/3EV increments)
  • Focus range: 35cm to infinity
  • Maximum magnification: 0.14x
  • External dimensions: Approximately ø58.4mm x 46.5mm
  • Weight: Approximately 130g
  • Filter size: ø43mm
  • Accessories included: Lens cap FLCP-43


The remarkable performance of the Fujifilm XC 35mm F2 lens allows for the capture of photos that are both crisp and detailed throughout the frame. Its optical architecture is made up of nine elements organized into six groups, including two aspherical elements, which work together to eliminate a variety of optical aberrations and distortions efficiently.

Excellent center sharpness and superb edge-to-edge performance are hallmarks of the images produced by this lens even when it is set to its widest aperture setting of f/2. When stopped down, the lens reaches its maximum level of sharpness, which enables it to produce beautiful images across a wide range of photographic subgenres.

Autofocus System

The autofocus function of the lens is both rapid and accurate, allowing for focusing to be done both quickly and precisely. Because it has an internal focusing mechanism, it has very little focus breathing, which makes it an excellent choice for shooting video as well. The lens achieves autofocus with the assistance of a stepping motor (STM), which is not only quiet but also enables smooth and continuous transitions between focus settings.

Because of the remarkable quickness of the focus, even subjects that are moving quickly may be captured with relative ease. In addition, the lens has a face and eye recognition autofocus, which enables perfect focusing on human subjects, which is particularly useful for portrait photography.

Vibration Reduction

The Fujifilm XC 35mm F2 lens does not come equipped with an optical image stabilization (OIS) system as standard equipment. On the other hand, it is compatible with the in-body image stabilization (IBIS) technology that may be found in several Fujifilm X-series cameras. Because the IBIS efficiently compensates for camera shake, it enables longer exposure times to be achieved when shooting handheld, which is particularly useful in low-light situations.

The lens and image stabilization built into the camera work together to ensure that even in low light conditions, you will be able to capture photographs that are clear and unblurred. It is important to keep in mind that in order to reduce the effects of camera wobble while shooting handheld with a camera that does not feature IBIS, you will need to depend on standard shooting techniques.

Build Quality

The lens has a sturdy build quality thanks to the use of a metal lens barrel in conjunction with components made of high-grade plastic. The XC 35mm F2 lens does not make any sacrifices in terms of its build quality despite the fact that it is a member of Fujifilm’s XC lens range, which is famous for its low price point. In the palm of your hand, it has a robust and well-built feel, which makes for a satisfyingly pleasing experience.

The lens has also been weather-sealed at nine separate spots to guard against dust and moisture, which enhances the lens’s endurance and dependability in a wide variety of shooting settings. Its design is both tiny and lightweight, which further adds to its overall ease and mobility, making it a perfect choice for photography both when traveling and on a day-to-day basis.

Handling and Ergonomics

The Fujifilm XC 35mm F2 lens features a smooth and easy-going handling experience in addition to superb ergonomics. Because of its small size and lightweight construction, it is simple to transport, which reduces the amount of strain experienced during extended periods of shooting. When shooting in the manual focus mode, having exact control over the focus is possible because to the well-damped and smooth action provided by the manual focus ring.

The aperture ring comes equipped with pleasant click stops, which allow for smooth changes while yet preserving a tactile feel. The lens also has a separate aperture ring, which is a signature feature of Fujifilm lenses. This feature makes it possible to make straightforward adjustments to the exposure settings without having to visit the camera’s menus. The lens, in general, offers a user-friendly shooting experience, which enables photographers to concentrate uninhibitedly on seizing the moment and documenting it in their photographs.

Image Stabilization

As was previously stated, the Fujifilm XC 35mm F2 lens does not come equipped with an optical image stabilization system that is built in. On the other hand, it is compatible with the in-body image stabilization (IBIS) technology found in certain Fujifilm X-series cameras and may use it to its advantage. When shooting handheld, photos can be clearer because to the IBIS, which works by rotating the sensor of the camera to correct for blur caused by camera shake.

You will be able to get remarkable stabilization when shooting with the lens mounted to a camera that is compatible with IBIS. This is especially true when shooting in low-light circumstances or when utilizing slower shutter speeds. It is essential to keep in mind that the efficiency of the stabilization may change depending on the type of camera being used since this may be rather variable. Nevertheless, the incorporation of image stabilization features into both the camera and the lens results in a significant expansion of the lens’ applicability across a wider range of photographic contexts.

Shooting Experience

Because of its superior picture quality and user-friendly design, the Fujifilm XC 35mm F2 lens makes taking photographs a pleasurable experience for the photographer. The lens has the ability to capture photos with stunning colors and excellent contrast, both of which are characteristics of lenses manufactured by Fujifilm. Because it has such a large maximum aperture of f/2, the camera is able to create a shallow depth of focus effects, which separate the subject from the background and provide a pleasant bokeh.

The lens has a low level of distortion, which ensures that the viewpoints it captures seem completely realistic. The focal length of 35 millimeters, which is comparable to 53 millimeters in terms of full-frame, is regarded as a versatile option for photographing a wide variety of subjects, such as landscapes, street photography, portraits, and other related topics. This lens provides a varied shooting experience that is able to adapt to a variety of various photographic subgenres and styles, making it suitable for both professional and amateur photographers.

Image Quality

Because of its sophisticated optical design and use of high-quality glass components, the Fujifilm XC 35mm F2 lens produces images of exceptional quality. Even when set at its most open aperture, the lens creates images that are crisp and precise, successfully capturing even the most minute of textures and details. The sharpness in the center is superb, resulting in pictures that are both crisp and have high contrast.

The sharpness of the image will continue to increase as you stop down the lens, achieving its peak performance somewhere in the f/4 to f/8 range. The lens provides efficient control over chromatic aberrations, fringing, and distortion, which ultimately results in photos with correct colors and a low amount of optical flaws. The overall image quality is satisfying, which enables photographers to make images that are powerful and appear to have been taken by professionals.

Teleconverter Compatibility

Teleconverters are not officially compatible with the Fujifilm XC 35mm F2 lens due to a lack of official compatibility. It is a prime lens, which means that it has a predetermined focal length and cannot accommodate any extra optical elements or attachments due to its construction. Although teleconverters may be a helpful tool for increasing the focal length of some lenses, in most cases, they are developed and promoted for use with telephoto zoom lenses.

This is despite the fact that they can be an effective instrument for doing so. If you need a longer focal length. As a result, it is advised that you look into Fujifilm’s array of telephoto lenses or consider using a different lens that is compatible with teleconverters. Another option is to use an extension tube.

Comparison with Competitors

When compared to other lenses in its class, the Fujifilm XC 35mm F2 lens stands out from the crowd thanks to its remarkable image quality, portable design, and reasonable price point. One of its primary rivals is Fujifilm’s higher-end XF lens range, which includes the XF 35mm F2 R WR lens. This lens is one of its primary competitors.

The XF version of the lens has extra features like as weather sealing, an all-metal construction, and a more sophisticated optical design with greater corner sharpness than the other lens, despite the fact that both lenses have the same focal length and maximum aperture. However, these additional characteristics come at a greater cost, making the XC 35mm F2 lens a more budget-friendly alternative without considerably sacrificing on image quality. Because of this, the XC 35mm F2 lens is recommended.


Lens configuration9 elements 6 groups
Focal lengthf=35mm (53mm in 35mm format equivalent)
Angle of view44.2°
Max. apertureF2
Min. apertureF16
Aperture controlNumber of blades: 9 (rounded diaphragm opening)
Step size: 1/3EV (19 steps)
Focus range35cm – ∞
Max. magnification0.14x
External dimensionsDiameter x Length*1 (approx.)
ø58.4mm x 46.5mm
Filter sizeø43mm
Accessories includedLens cap FLCP-43

Pros and Cons

There are a few benefits and a few drawbacks that come packaged with the Fujifilm XC 35mm F2 lens. It has a number of remarkable advantages, the most notable of which are its superb image quality, its compact and lightweight design, its quick and precise autofocus, its comfortable handling, and its cost-effectiveness. The lens creates photographs that are crisp and detailed, as well as having excellent colors and contrast, which makes it perfect for a variety of types of photography.

Because of its small size and lightweight construction, it is extremely portable, making it an excellent choice for photographers who like a minimalist setup or who enjoy taking street photographs. Because the focusing technology of the lens is both rapid and dependable, it will be easy for you to take pictures of subjects that are moving quickly. In addition, because of its reasonable price, it is a good choice for photographers who are working with a limited budget or who are trying to extend their lens collection without going over their financial limit.

Price and Availability

The Fujifilm XC 35mm F2 lens has a price that is comparable to other lenses in its class, making it a good bargain considering its capabilities and characteristics. Within Fujifilm’s collection of lenses, it is marketed as a more reasonably priced alternative, making it available to a diverse audience of photographers.

The lens may be purchased from a wide variety of vendors, including both online and offline establishments that are specifically dedicated to selling photographic gear. It is highly advised that you visit the official Fujifilm website or the websites of authorized dealers in order to obtain the most recent information on prices and availability in your area.

$199.95 4 used from $183.95 7 new from $199.00
in stock
Fujinon XC35mmF2


The Fujifilm XC 35mm F2 lens is a prime lens that can be used for a variety of purposes and combines exceptional image quality, a small design, and an affordable price tag. Due to the fact that it has a focal length that is comparable to 53mm, it may be used for a variety of different types of photography. Even at its most open aperture of f/2, the lens performs really well, producing pictures that are crisp, detailed, and have a satisfying level of contrast.

Its autofocus technology is quick and accurate, ensuring that rapid and exact focusing will be achieved, and its compact and lightweight construction provides outstanding handling and mobility. The lens is not compatible with teleconverters and does not have built-in optical image stabilization, but it makes up for these restrictions with an affordable price tag and overall remarkable performance. You can take your photography to the next level with the help of the Fujifilm XC 35mm F2 lens, which is an excellent option that is suitable for both professional photographers and photography enthusiasts.

Fujifilm XC 35mm F2 FAQs

Q. Is the Fujifilm XC 35mm F2 lens weather-sealed?
A. No, the Fujifilm XC 35mm F2 lens is not weather-sealed. It does not have specific protection against dust and moisture. Therefore, caution should be exercised when using the lens in challenging weather conditions.
Q. Can the Fujifilm XC 35mm F2 lens be used with Fujifilm X-series cameras with in-body image stabilization (IBIS)?
A. Yes, the Fujifilm XC 35mm F2 lens can take advantage of the in-body image stabilization (IBIS) available in select Fujifilm X-series cameras. This allows for effective compensation of camera shake and improves image stabilization, particularly when shooting handheld in low-light conditions.
Q. Does the Fujifilm XC 35mm F2 lens support manual focus override?
A. Yes, the Fujifilm XC 35mm F2 lens supports manual focus override. This means that even when autofocus is engaged, you can manually adjust the focus ring to fine-tune the focus position according to your preference.
Q. Is the Fujifilm XC 35mm F2 lens compatible with teleconverters?
A. No, the Fujifilm XC 35mm F2 lens does not have official compatibility with teleconverters. It is designed as a prime lens with a fixed focal length and does not support additional optical elements or attachments for extending the focal length.
Q. Can the Fujifilm XC 35mm F2 lens produce a shallow depth of field?
A. Yes, the Fujifilm XC 35mm F2 lens has a maximum aperture of F2, allowing for a relatively wide aperture. This enables the lens to create a shallow depth of field, resulting in a blurred background and emphasizing the subject in focus. This makes it a suitable choice for achieving pleasing bokeh and isolating subjects in portrait or close-up photography.

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