Fujifilm XF 18mm F2 R Review

The Fujifilm XF 18mm F2 R lens is a prime lens that is both flexible and created exclusively for cameras that use the Fujifilm X-mount. The combination of this lens’s short telephoto focal length and relatively large maximum aperture makes it an excellent choice for a broad range of photographic applications, including landscape, street, and documentary photography.

In this exhaustive review, we will delve into a variety of aspects of the lens, including its performance, autofocus system, build quality, image stabilization, shooting experience, image quality, teleconverter compatibility, comparison with other lenses on the market, pros, and cons, as well as its price and availability.

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Fujinon XF18mmF2 R

Key Specs

  • 18mm focal length (27mm equivalent in 35mm format)
  • Wide-angle lens ideal for landscapes, street, and documentary photography
  • Maximum aperture of F2.0 for low-light shooting and shallow depth of field
  • High-quality construction with 8 elements in 7 groups, including 2 aspherical elements
  • 7-blade rounded diaphragm opening for smooth and pleasing bokeh
  • Focus range: 0.8m to infinity (normal) and 18cm to 2.0m (macro)
  • Maximum magnification of 0.14x
  • Compact and lightweight design, weighing approximately 116g
  • Filter size of ø52mm for adding filters and accessories
  • Angle of view of 76.5° for capturing a wide perspective


Image quality and overall optical performance are both areas in which the XF 18mm F2 R lens excels, delivering remarkable performance in both areas. The lens has a high-quality optical design that consists of 8 components in 7 groups, including two aspherical elements, which help to reduce the amount of aberration and distortion that is produced.

Sharpness and detail are both present in the photographs that this lens produces, along with superb color reproduction and contrast. Even when shooting at its maximum aperture of F2, the lens performs wonderfully, giving a decent balance between the clarity of the foreground and the blurriness of the background. In addition to this, the lens has a low level of chromatic aberration, which results in images that have a high level of clarity and are crisp from edge to edge.

Autofocus System

Because the autofocus technology of the XF 18mm F2 R lens is quick, precise, and trustworthy, it will allow you to take photographs of your subjects with a high degree of accuracy. Because the lens contains an autofocus motor that is housed within and is designed to function discreetly, it is well suited for use while shooting in quiet locations or for filming movies.

Because of how quickly the focus works, you can take pictures of subjects that are moving quickly without missing any important moments. Manual focus override is also supported by the lens, giving you the ability to make fine adjustments to the focus even while autofocus is engaged. In general, the autofocus technology of the XF 18mm F2 R lens is a distinguishing feature since it provides a shooting experience that is smooth and unobstructed.

Vibration Reduction

Because the Fujifilm XF 18mm F2 R lens does not have any built-in optical image stabilization (OIS), it must rely on the sensor-shift image stabilization system of the camera, if one is available, in order to minimize the effects of camera shake. Despite the fact that the lens does not have its own dedicated optical stabilization, it is nevertheless able to produce clear images when used in conjunction with Fujifilm X-mount cameras that feature in-body image stabilization (IBIS).

The efficiency of image stabilization will differ depending on the brand of the camera, but using a lens that is compatible with a camera that has in-body image stabilization (IBIS) may generally produce excellent results in minimizing the negative effects of camera wobble.

Build Quality

As is to be expected with Fujifilm lenses, the build quality of the XF 18mm F2 R lens is exceptional. The lens has a long-lasting metal structure that gives the impression of being well-built and robust. Due to the fact that it is resistant to dust and moisture, it may be used for shooting outside in a variety of environments and climates.

The focus and aperture rings provide a satisfying tactile feel because to their smooth and well-damped design. This allows for fine control over the camera’s focus and exposure settings. As a result of the lens’s small size and lightweight, it is extremely portable and serves as an excellent partner for photography both when traveling and on a day-to-day basis.

Handling and Ergonomics

Because of its small size and well-thought-out ergonomic design, the XF 18mm F2 R lens is a pleasure to work with. The lens is compact and lightweight, meaning that it will add very little additional weight to your camera system and will be very easy to move.

The ring for manually adjusting the focus is conveniently located and has a smooth action, which enables fine control over the focus settings. The aperture ring may be easily moved into position with a satisfying click, which offers a tactile sensation and makes exposure settings easy to understand. Overall, when mounted on Fujifilm X-mount cameras, the lens has a nice, comfortable feel and is well-balanced, which contributes to a pleasant shooting experience.

Image Stabilization

As was previously noted, the XF 18mm F2 R lens does not come equipped with an integrated optical image stabilization (OIS) system. However, if it is used in conjunction with Fujifilm X-mount cameras that have in-body image stabilization (IBIS), it is able to significantly cut down on camera shaking and create photos that are exceptionally crisp. IBIS works to increase picture stability by shifting the position of the image sensor within the camera in order to compensate for any little movements that may occur within the camera itself.

It is important to keep in mind that not all Fujifilm X-mount cameras are equipped with IBIS; thus, it is imperative to verify that the lens is compatible with the particular camera type that you own. It is possible for the XF 18mm F2 R lens to benefit from image stabilization and offer crisper photographs when used in conjunction with a camera that is compatible with IBIS. This is especially true in low-light situations or while shooting at slower shutter rates.

Shooting Experience

Because of its high level of responsiveness, small size, and superb picture quality, the XF 18mm F2 R lens makes taking photographs a very enjoyable experience. Because the lens has a wide-angle focal length of 18mm (which is comparable to 27mm in full-frame), it is able to capture a more expansive viewpoint, which makes it an excellent choice for photographing landscapes, buildings, and streets.

The quick maximum aperture of F2 enables photography to be taken in low-light circumstances and offers creative control over the amount of depth of field captured. It doesn’t matter if you’re shooting cityscapes, environmental portraiture, or photographs in the manner of a documentary; the XF 18mm F2 R lens will give you results that are both consistent and attractive.

Image Quality

In terms of picture quality, the XF 18mm F2 R lens performs quite well. It is capable of creating photos that are crisp and detailed, with good color rendering and contrast. The optical design of the lens, which includes two aspherical elements, efficiently minimizes aberrations and distortion, which results in pictures that are very clear and are crisp all the way to the image’s edges.

The lens produces excellent clarity even when stopped down to its maximum aperture, and the bokeh it produces is silky smooth. The color reproduction is vivid and accurate, which is characteristic of Fujifilm lenses. Additionally, the lens performs well in high-contrast settings, keeping details in both the highlights and the shadows. The XF 18mm F2 R lens, in general, is capable of producing photographs that are of exceptional quality on a consistent basis, enabling photographers to precisely and artistically portray their vision.

Teleconverter Compatibility

Because of the fixed focal length of the XF 18mm F2 R lens, it cannot be used in conjunction with teleconverters. Teleconverters are generally used with telephoto lenses so that the focal length of the telephoto lens may be increased while also achieving a higher magnification. There is no possibility of attaching a teleconverter to the XF 18mm F2 R lens since its focal length is permanently set at 18 millimeters.

The lens was developed to provide the best possible performance when used at its natural focal length. As a result, it offers a wide-angle perspective that is adaptable to a number of different types of photography. If you need a greater focal length, you should look into other lenses in the Fujifilm XF lens family that are compatible with teleconverters. You may find these lenses by searching “teleconverter compatible lens.”

Comparison with Competitors

The XF 18mm F2 R lens stands out from its competitors on the market because to its superb build quality, compact size, and superior picture quality. These characteristics make the lens very competitive. The fact that it is made of metal and is designed to be weather-resistant gives it the sense of a quality product and ensures that it will last through a variety of shooting circumstances. Because of its small size, the lens is easy to transport and is therefore well suited for both general usage and photography while traveling.

The XF 18mm F2 R lens produces clear and detailed photos with exceptional color reproduction and contrast, rivaling or even surpassing the capabilities of its competitors operating in the same focal length range. Users of Fujifilm cameras that use the X-mount will find that the XF 18mm F2 R lens provides an appealing mix of performance and value, despite the fact that there are other options available from other manufacturers.


Lens construction8 elements in 7 groups (includes 2 aspherical elements)
Focal lengthf=18mm (27mm in 35mm format equivalent)
Angle of view76.5°
Max. apertureF2.0
Min. apertureF16
Aperture controlNumber of blades: 7 (rounded diaphragm opening) Stop size: 1/3EV (19 stops)
Focus rangeNormal: 0.8m – ∞
Macro: 18cm – 2.0m
Max. magnification0.14x
External dimensionsDiameter x Length*1 (approx.): ø64.5mm x 33.7mm
Weight*2 (approx.)116g
Filter sizeø52mm

Pros and Cons

Because it has a number of benefits, the Fujifilm XF 18mm F2 R lens is a fantastic option for photographers to go with. Its small size and light weight, in addition to its wide-angle focal length and quick maximum aperture, make it a versatile and convenient camera to use in a variety of shooting circumstances. The lens has great color reproduction and provides photos that are clear and detailed. Additionally, the lens’s image quality is remarkable. The building quality is excellent, including a long-lasting metal structure that is impervious to both dirt and moisture.

Because of the autofocus system’s speed and precision, it is possible to achieve fine focusing even in difficult lighting circumstances. However, it is essential to be aware that the lens does not come with its own optical image stabilization; rather, it depends on the stabilization provided by the camera body itself. In addition, the focal length of 18 millimeters is great for taking photographs with a wide-angle viewpoint; however, it is not necessarily the best choice for photographers who require a more focused or telephoto perspective.

Price and Availability

The pricing of the Fujifilm XF 18mm F2 R lens is quite reasonable, making it an outstanding bargain when considering both its performance and its features. The lens may be purchased from a broad variety of authorized Fujifilm outlets as well as internet shops. The specific price may change depending on the location as well as any ongoing specials or discounts that are being offered.

In order to obtain the pricing information that is the most up to date and correct, it is recommended to check with local merchants as well as trusted internet vendors. Users of Fujifilm X-mount cameras who appreciate a small, high-quality wide-angle lens will find that this lens is an investment that is well worth making when taking into consideration the superb image quality, build quality, and overall performance of the lens.

$548.12 $599.95 29 used from $359.00 4 new from $548.12
in stock
Fujinon XF18mmF2 R


A wonderful lens that provides great performance and image quality is the Fujifilm XF 18mm F2 R lens. This lens is a part of Fujifilm’s XF series. The combination of its short telephoto focal length and large maximum aperture makes it suitable for a broad range of photographic applications, from landscape photography to candid street photography. It is a pleasure to use this lens due to its small size, good build quality, and smooth handling. Additionally, the optical performance of the lens assures that photographs will be crisp, detailed, and correct in color reproduction.

Even though it does not have optical image stabilization built in, it is still able to take use of in-body stabilization on Fujifilm X-mount cameras that are compatible with it. For photographers using Fujifilm X-mount cameras who are looking for a high-quality wide-angle lens, the XF 18mm F2 R lens is an appealing option since it comes at a price point that is comparable to other lenses in its class and has remarkable capabilities.

Fujifilm XF 18mm F2 R FAQs

Q. Is the Fujifilm XF 18mm F2 R lens suitable for low-light photography?
A. Yes, the lens features a maximum aperture of F2.0, which allows for shooting in low-light conditions. The wide aperture enables more light to enter the lens, resulting in brighter and well-exposed images even in challenging lighting situations.
Q. Does the Fujifilm XF 18mm F2 R lens have image stabilization?
A. No, the lens does not have built-in optical image stabilization. However, it can benefit from in-body image stabilization (IBIS) if your Fujifilm X-mount camera is equipped with this feature. IBIS compensates for camera shake by stabilizing the camera’s image sensor, resulting in sharper images.
Q. What is the angle of view provided by the Fujifilm XF 18mm F2 R lens?
A. The lens offers an angle of view of 76.5°, making it a wide-angle lens. This wide perspective is particularly useful for capturing expansive landscapes, architectural shots, or when you want to include more of the scene in your frame.
Q. Is the Fujifilm XF 18mm F2 R lens weather-sealed?
A. Yes, the lens has weather-resistant construction. It is designed to withstand dust and moisture, making it suitable for shooting in various weather conditions. However, it’s important to note that complete weatherproofing is achieved when the lens is paired with a weather-sealed Fujifilm X-mount camera body.
Q. Can the Fujifilm XF 18mm F2 R lens be used for macro photography?
A. While the lens is not specifically designed for macro photography, it does offer a macro focus range of 18cm to 2.0m. This allows for close-up shots and capturing subjects with a larger magnification ratio. However, for dedicated macro photography, lenses with higher magnification and closer focusing distances would be more suitable.

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